Title: Can't You See
Characters: Batman & Wonder Woman
Genres: Romance, BM/WW

Dedicated to BMWWLuv for inspiring me! Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone!

Disclaimer: Still don't own Justice League or Wondy or Bats. Most unfortunate.

"Can't you see, oh, can't you see, what that woman, she been doin' to me …"

-Marshall Tucker Band

"That's not the only important thing," she said and began to walk down the corridor to her room. Staring at her black hair flowing side to side with every movement, he almost didn't catch the strains of music as it floated back to him, the tune hauntingly familiar and bringing a small smile to his lips and dropping his heart into his knees.

She knew.

She knew now that for all he'd guarded his emotions, for all that he tried to fend her off and keep his heart whole and free from anything but vengeance and the need to safeguard his city, she had somehow managed to creep in, piece by piece, inch by inch, until he couldn't remember what his life was like before she'd entered into it other than the darkness that had surrounded him.

She knew that he'd given up his self-respect and done the impossible for her, done something that under no circumstances would he do for anyone else, no matter how dire the situation.

But he'd sang for Diana.

It had occurred to him for a second that perhaps the price was not worth paying, but then he'd thought back to the moment when Circle had turned Diana into a pig, to the emotions that had coursed through him when he'd realized that the witch was using her vendetta against Hippolyta in order to harm Diana, to humiliate her utterly and completely.

And in turn, it was his humiliation that had brought about her freedom, returned her to the form of the beautiful Amazon Princess.

But he didn't consider himself humiliated; it had simply been another weapon in his arsenal to use in order to defeat an enemy and to cower or shun the attention would have only given Circe the satisfaction that she craved so dearly. So, he'd walked calmly and boldly forward and taken the microphone in hand, taken the chance to return Diana back to the woman that had found her way so deeply into his heart.

Regardless of whether or not he'd actually admit that to her. It had been hard enough actually admitting it to himself, even if only in the private depths of his heart had he murmured it, discovered that love existed.

He wasn't sure when it had happened, only that it had. It might have started with a fleeting brush of the lips in Gorilla City, it might have been the first time he'd let her carry him, the first time that they'd paired off together on a mission. Most likely, it was a culmination of these things and of getting to know Diana better with every day that passed.

She was strong, sensual, loyal to the core; a woman who truly valued her friendships and had turned her back on her homeland, had been exiled because she had cared enough to step forward and help both the Amazons and the world. It was that amalgamation of Diana that he had learned to respect and that had slowly crept into his heart.

And his mind. She was more than just a pretty face, and although it hadn't taken him long to realize that beneath the gorgeous exterior lay a faithful heart and a mind of steel, it had taken him time to respect that fully as well. She had a questing mind that caused her to want to know more, to soak in knowledge like a sponge in a way that he not only understood, but appreciated.

Finally pulling his mind from his thoughts, he realized that he was standing in the middle of the hallway like a love struck schoolboy staring after his lady love as she paraded through the halls of school. His knees were still weak and his heart was pounding, although he did his best to conceal it, donning his usual inscrutable and threatening look as he surreptitiously looked around him to make sure that no one else had witnessed the spectacle of Batman staring longingly and loving after Wonder Woman as she walked down the hallway.

He needed to move – he had work down in the Bat-cave that, while not pressing, was certainly something that he could be putting his mind to rather than standing after here like a deer caught in the headlights. But, without almost realizing it, he began to stroll after Diana, his legs cautiously supporting his weight as he followed her footsteps, their echo soft in the corridor ahead of him as she wound her way through the Watchtower to her room.

He heard the soft whoosh of a door and the soft patter of footsteps stopped. He continued walking; pausing just outside her door, unsure of what he wanted to say or even if he wanted to go inside.

Taking that step inside her room might lead to something that he wasn't ready for, a relationship that he still had serious reservations about, concerns that couldn't be changed in the heat of the night, that would be lost the minute he entered her bedroom. He wasn't sure that he could trust himself in that room and the thought scared him; his control was legendary and had been forged from years of training. It was incredibly difficult to admit that Diana played with his control, that she alone had the power to make him question his decisions and make him weak in the knees.

It was that same loss of control that made him want to walk away, made him want to turn around and head back down to the teleporter, to dismiss these feelings and continue life as he knew it, no matter how bleak. He was used to loving Diana from afar and that didn't have to change. He could step back, could walk away and pretend that he hadn't followed her down here, that he didn't want to walk in there and plunder her lips, to lay her down on the bed and have his way with the Amazon princess.

He could walk away with his vaunted control and return to the darkness or he could open that door and fill his soul with the love that had been missing since that bitter day when he was eight years old.

And still, for long moments he stood, feet unable to move, mind unable to wrap itself around the enigma that was Princess Diana and the feelings that she instilled in him. It would be so simple to walk in there and pretend that a relationship between them faced no barriers. Just as it would be simple to turn away, to remember that he was a creature of vengeance and a tool for safety in Gotham, nothing else; a man without the time or the inclination for a relationship no matter how much his human heart might protest otherwise when faced with the raven haired Amazon beauty.

His heart and his mind were pulling him in opposite directions and his feet were like cement, heavy as he stood outside her door, able to hear her humming inside her room. He could imagine her walking around her room, changing for the night, curling up in her little easy chair with a book of classic literature, humming all the while. It was enough to drive a man insane with wanting and wondering.

Even a man as strong as himself.

And with that thought, he made his decision.