Chapter 7: Beautiful In My Eyes

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"You're my peace of mind in this crazy/You're everything I tried to find…And my only prayer is that you realize/You'll always be beautiful in my eyes" – Joshua Kadison

"Diana," he murmured softly, tilting her head up so that their lips could meet in a soft kiss. He knew that tonight would consist only of these gentle moments of promise and passion, that the feelings between them were still too new, too raw, too recently revealed for anything other than a hinting promise of what could come, of what could eventually be between them.

Tonight was about the newness of romance and he meant to start off on the right foot, to lead her now with the same determination which she had used to lead him to this room, that same relentless and ruthless determination that characterized her every movement, her every action. Tonight, he would show her what it meant to be romanced, to be cared for and comforted in the best way that he knew how. Tonight, he would be the gentle man who lurked deep beneath his skin, that small optimistic part of him that still dreamed, still wished, still hoped; now, for her.

Tonight, he would look into her eyes and see all the possibilities and take them as they may, as they came. Tomorrow would be soon enough for recriminations and reprisals, if any, but right now, it was only about Bruce and Diana, about leaving everything else outside and focusing on a new beginning, the budding of a relationship cared for by his patient hand.

One step at a time. One night. Tonight.

That night, Batman and Wonder Woman were not heroes but simply a man and a woman, Bruce and Diana, coming together in a declaration of love that would last them until the sun filled the skies of Gotham, until yet another day dawned for the couple – a day of reckoning, a day of truths, and a day of wondering whether or not the things that had whispered to each other in the heat of the night as the stars soaked the sky were murmurs that would last.

Perhaps the words they'd spoken last night, the kisses and caressed that they'd shared would simply fade away as their eyes opened, as they stared at each other across a pillow top, their arms still wrapped around one another and their bodies sated and satisfied.

And perhaps those words would only deepen, their meaning suddenly becoming clearer in the light of dawn, as their eyes cleared and they realized all that had been shared, been said the night before.

They made quite the picture, the two lovers, sheets and limbs entangled, their dark heads tousled from sleep and worshipping one another, their blue eyes gazing at one another, each wondering what thoughts, what concerns were running through the mind of the other.

Neither should have worried.

Their thoughts were rampant with affection, with love, and a wonder that they had come to be in this position, together, because of a witch's actions and a song that still played in both of their minds. Because he had finally taken the step that had led him to her door and had the courage to open it. Because she had understood the strength it had taken him to walk down that hallway and open his heart.

And so, with that thought, a smile lit her face and she let her head slowly move the few inches that it would take for their lips to meet. With a sweetness that stunned both of them, their lips joined and clung, their eyes open and wide as they stared at one another throughout the course of their kiss. This was no early morning dueling of tongues, no passionate razing of each other's mouth, but a simple meeting of lips, filled with sweetness and a love that both of them were able to now openly share.

For Diana, he had managed to step out of the shadows and into her arms.

For Bruce, she had made sure that logic and love went hand in hand.

And thanks to both of their thoughts, each of their actions, they had finally stepped together rather than their usual dancing around one another. They were at the same step at the same time and as their lips drew apart, he lifted a hand and ran it down the curling mass of her ebony hair. "You're beautiful," he said softly, his eyes locked on her, the words coming easier now that she was in his arms, now that they knew where they stood.


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