Authors Note:- Thanks to brynna for betaing.

Chapter 1

"We can discharge him in the morning," Foreman told his boss.

"Excellent. Since you've nothing better to do now, Chase, you get me a Rubin from the cafeteria, Foreman, you can finish the discharge paperwork and Cameron, you can cover my clinic hours this morning."

Chase frowned. "Hey, I'm not your-"

"No questions? Good, get to it."

The doctors rose to leave as House headed from the conference room into his own office.

"Dr, Cameron, a word before you leave."

Cameron followed, wondering what she'd done as Chase and Foreman threw her sympathetic looks.

House was already seated behind his desk as she entered his office. He didn't look happy.

"Sit," he ordered.

She did. "What's wrong?"

House took a deep breath and raised his eyebrows. "There was an empty space beside me when I woke up this morning."

"House! You can't keep bringing me in here to discuss our relationship. They're going to notice."

"They're just glad I'm not riding them. Now, back to the issue at hand."

Cameron learned early on that House had a thing about waking up with the person you went to bed with. Usually she had a change of clothes with her when she stayed over at his home but last night had been unplanned and she hadn't had a chance to get a new outfit from home.

"I had to go home, I didn't have any clean clothes with me. And I left you a note."

"You could have worn something of mine."

"Yeah, 'cos nothing says 'I'm doing my boss' like wearing one of his shirts into work. You were the one who didn't want people knowing."

"And you've broken rule number three. We have not had sex here for nine days."

Cameron couldn't help smiling remembering their previous trysts in his office and she smiled. She enjoyed his teasing. "You said once a week, it's only Wednesday so that gives me two more days to fulfil that requirement."

House gave her an evaluating look. "Just make sure you do."

"Can I go now?" she asked.

"Only if you kiss me first."

Cameron glanced at the open blinds but decided it would be easiest if she just did as he asked. She walked around the desk and bent down to give him a peck. House had other ideas though. Entangling a hand in her hair he held her to him as he deepened the kiss. Cameron tried to pull away at first but soon gave into the passion he so easily invoked in her. When she pulled away a few moments later her face was flushed and her breathing shallow.

"I hate that you can do that so easily," she told him.

"Shall we go straight to rule number three?"

Cameron licked her lips. "Tempting as that is, one of us should show up for your clinic duty."

"Wimp," he told her as she moved out of her reach. She took deep breaths and tried to compose herself.

"If we keep this up, people are going to notice."

House shrugged. "Now get. Lots of lovely clinic patients just waiting for a caring doctor like you."


Cameron entered exam room two and smiled at the man there. He was in his 30's, thin build, dark hair and glasses.

"Mr," she glanced down at the chart. "Williams. I'm Dr, Cameron. What can I do for you today?"

"Call me Hank, please. And no jokes, my parents were huge country fans." He was nervous, wringing his hands.

"OK Hank." She gave him her most reassuring smile. "What seems to be the problem?"

"I… I think I might have cancer."

Cameron sat down. "What makes you think that?"

"I found blood in my…" He was close to tears so Cameron stood up and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "And my dad died of bowel cancer."

"OK," she said kindly. "I'll need a stool sample-"

"I have one." He reached behind himself and brought out a plastic bag with a box in it. "I hope that's OK. Sometimes I can go, sometimes I can't so I thought I would be faster if I…"

Cameron took the bag. "It's fine. Any other symptoms?"

"Stomach ache. And I'm tired a lot."

"OK, I'm going admit you, draw some blood then we may need to do an upper and lower endoscopy."

"Is that the camera thing?"

"Exactly. I'll send this," she gingerly held up the bag, "to the lab, then arrange to have you admitted. Please try not to worry. If it is cancer, and there are a lot of other possibilities, the success rates for bowel cancer are excellent these days."

He gave her a grateful smile as she moved towards the door. "Will you be doing the tests?"

"Someone from Oncology will probably do them." She saw his face fall.

"No, no, of course. You must be very busy. It's just, you've been so kind to me."

Cameron hesitated. She was busy after all but the fear in his eyes softened her resolve. "I can probably arrange to be at the tests with you. I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you."

Cameron smiled reassuringly again and left to arrange his admittance and tests.


"Where are you going?" Chase asked Cameron

"A patient from the clinic is having an endoscopy. He wanted me there."

"To hold his hand?" asked House sarcastically.

"Yes. He's frightened he's got cancer and he asked me to be there."

"It's a dangerous precedent." House told her.

"It's one patient. We don't have any cases, where's the harm?"

Foreman sat down with a fresh cup of coffee. "I'm with Cameron."

"Thank you."

"Well, don't say I didn't warn you." Cameron glared at House for a moment before she left.

House stared thoughtfully after her.

"She'll be fine," Foreman told him.

House didn't answer.

"She's not going to fall for him," Chase offered.

"I'm not worried about her," House told Chase scathingly. "I'm worried about him."

Chase shrugged and turned back to his charts.


A few days later Cameron was laying with her head on House's lap reading a medical journal while he flicked through the TV channels.

"You don't have any of the good channels."

"Then put a movie on."

"Yeah, it's all chick flicks like Four Weddings and a Funeral, or Notting Hill. Have you got a thing for Hugh Grant?"

"They are not all chick flicks, as you put it."

House just frowned and continued searching for something to watch.

"What happened with your cancer man?" he asked casually.

"What?" She lowered the magazine. "Oh, it was nothing serious in the end, gastritis."

House turned the TV off. "Nothing," he declared.

Cameron closed the magazine and threw it onto the floor. "Then we'll just have to find something else to do."

"What did you have in mind?" he asked.

"The kitchen could use a good clean," she teased.

House narrowed his eyes. "I don't clean my own apartment, what makes you think I'll clean yours?"

Cameron looked coyly at him. "I could make it worth your while."

House smirked. "Go on."

"Well, I have this cute little French maid outfit. I could-"

The phone rang. Cameron groaned. "Hold that thought," she told him, reaching for the handset. "Hello?" She sat up. "Hello?"

House watched her closely as her features tensed up. After a few more seconds she hung up.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. I've been getting these silent calls the last day or so."


Cameron thought. "About 6 in the last 2 days."

"Have you tried star 69?"

"Number withheld."

"You reported it?"

"It's only been 2 days. It could be a fault on the line or something."

"I called you earlier, there was no fault."

"Greg, I don't want to cause a fuss over nothing. It's probably kids or something. They'll get board and stop."

House wasn't so sure, but he didn't press the issue.