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Live Bait

Chapter 1 – Roof Top Date

Jake sat on the top of the Empire State building, looking West over the roof tops of New York City. The sun was just about to set when Jake sensed a familiar presence behind him. Trying to be as stealthy as possible, Jake formed his tail in an attempt to trip the assailant sneaking up behind him. Within a spilt second, Jake found himself flying through the air, landing harshly on the ground with a Hunts Clan spear leveled at his throat. Jake was too startled to notice the snickering ninja on the other side of the spear. The offending weapon fell to the ground as the ninja grabbed a hold of her sides, trying to quell the pain from laughing so hard.

"Y-Y-You should have seen your face," Rose said, laughing so hard that she could barely stand up. "God, I wish that I had a camera on the end of this thing," she giggled as she began to calm down. Rose reached up to pull off her Hunt's Clan mask and leaned her staff against the side of the building.

"I knew that it was you the entire time," Jake huffed as he straightened him self up and tried to look the cool guy once again. "I could have seriously hurt you," he said, semi-lecturing her. "I might have even killed you." He rose up to his full height to tower over her.

"If this had been three years ago; I would have actually slain my first dragon," she laughed.

Jake walked over to Rose and grabbed her in his arms, pulling her close and covering her lips with his. After they parted Rose leaned her head against Jakes chest and sighed with contentment.

"Whatever, you could never slay the American Dragon," Jake said, leaning down and kissing the top of Rose's head.

His tail snaked around the corner of the building and brought out a bag filled with food and a blanket. Jake laid down the blanket and motioned for Rose to join him. She sat down next to Jake and rested her head on his shoulder, reaching into the basket to pull out one of the already prepared sandwiches.

The pair of lovers had decided during one of their dream dates that they would like to start meeting in person and experience a real date at least once a month. From that point on they would make sure that numbers eighty-eight and eighty-nine were off chasing phantom items or trying to catch some poor magical creature (that Jake had paid). This had been going on for the better part of a year, and it appeared that the Hunts Master was none the wiser.

Jake and Rose ate their respective foods and watched as the sun set over the horizon. Just as the sun was falling behind the skylines, Jake leaned over and brushed his lips gently against Rose's, pulling back at the last moment. A soft whine escaped from her throat. Jake pulled far enough back to get a look at her, smiled, then leaned in again and pressed his lips firmly yet softly against hers, slightly nibbling on her lower lip requesting entrance to her mouth.

Rose slowly opened her mouth, letting his long, dragon tongue roam free. After a moment her tongue mingled with his, transpiring into a battle for dominance. The two parted after a moment to catch their breaths.

"Looks like the Hunts Girl is completely under the Am Drag's control," Jake said in a mocking voice.

"No, I think that it's the Hunts Girl who has tamed the American Dragon," Rose shot back.

Jake scuffed at the comment and said, "Keep on dreaming girl." With that Jake squeezed her tight against him and softly kissed the top and her head, then down to her ear, and on to her lips.

They rejoined the war; battles and skirmishes raging for several hours. Eventually the two wore themselves out and Rose collapsed onto Jake's lap, letting the rise and fall of his belly and the rhythmic beat of his heart lull her to sleep. Jake could see her small frame shiver slightly. Being the gentleman that he was, Jake used his tail to grab his jacket that lay on the ledge and pulled it up over Rose to keep the nighttime chill away from her still body. Closing his own eyes, Jake allowed himself to drift in to a peaceful slumber.

As the couple slept cuddled in each others arms the sky transformed from a brilliant inferno of red and orange in to a peaceful black. The couple continued to sleep bathed in the soft light of the full moon.

The couple was awoken by Rose's staff creating an awful racket. Rose shot up with lightning speed, grabbing her mask and hurriedly pulling it on her face. She walked over to the other side of the building away from Jake and answered the Hunts Masters call. "Yes Hunts Master, I am here," Rose responded in her Hunts Girl tone.

"Hunts Girl, I want a full report on your activities this evening. Have you located the American Dragon?" the Hunts Master inquired.

Rose shot a quick glance in Jake's direction and then back at Hunts Master. "No Hunts Master, I have not been able to locate the American Dragon nor his Master. I have been staking out the Old Man's shop, however no one has neither come nor left the building since around twenty-one hundred, Sir," Rose said, trying to sound convincing.

"Very well Hunts Girl, report back to the head quarters immediately." with that the Hunts Master disappeared and the staff stopped glowing.

"Well, I guess this is the end to our date tonight," Jake sighed, walking over to Rose and once again encircling his arms around her waist, burring his face in her hair and kissing the side of her neck.

A moan of pleasure escaped Rose's lips as Jake continued to plant gentle kisses along her jaw line, removing her mask in the process. Jake continued to kiss her along her neck until he ending up at her lips. "Jake, you do realize that I have to go now," Rose cooed, her voice escaping her at the moment.

"Yeah, but I just love the taste of you, and I know that you can't get enough of the Am Drag" said Jake as he kissed her lips again; allowing his arms to snake their way around her waist pulling her flush up against him.

Rose pulled back and looked Jake in the eyes. She smiled. "What makes you think that I can't get enough of the American Dragon, Huh? Dragon boy," Rose said as she picked up her staff and slinked over to the edge of the building. Once she reached the edge she stopped transforming the staff in to a hover board.

"Now what makes you think that you can leave without giving the Am Drag another kiss," Jake said, strutting over to where Rose was standing on the hover board.

"Oh, does the tough dragon need a kiss," Rose teased, looking Jake straight in the eye.

"No, I think that the hot ninja needs a kiss," Jake said, closing the distance between them. His lips melted onto hers, sending a tingle down his spine. He could never get tired of kissing those lips. Too bad he wasn't allowed to kiss them in public.

Just as Jake and Rose were finishing their kiss two sets of eyes were glued to binoculars from a building across the way. The two continued to take notes and photos as the couple parted. They watched as one took off on a hover board and the other transformed in to a dragon and headed off in to the night time sky.

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