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Live Bait

Chapter 7 – A New Life

Lao Shi, Sun and Hailey arrived at the roof of the shop. Looking back towards the sky Hailey strained to see Jake and Rose. The three dragons made there way down the stairs and into the backroom. "Hailey," Lao Shi spoke grabbing the young dragons' attention, "Why don't you go ahead and head back home. Tell Susan that Jake is safe, but he will most likely want to remain here to make sure Rose is okay." Hailey nodded her head in understanding before making her way out the back door and towards home.

"Are you going to contact the Dragon Council?" Sun asked taking a seat opposite of Lao Shi.

"Fu contacted them the moment we left on the rescue mission. He did however make sure not to Hunts girl's true identity. Because she is already eighteen Rose will be able to get along on her own. I do however think I will offer her one of the upstairs bedrooms until she can find a place of her own. What do you think, Sun?" he asked getting a tea pot and starting some tea.

"I think that is quite generous of you," Sun began, "Jake does seem to be quite in love with her."

"Yes, that he does," Lao Shi concluded pouring Sun a cup of tea.

"Who does what?" Jake asked walking down the stairs his arm affixed securely around Rose's waist.

"Ah, young one; we have decided that Rose should stay here until she can find a place on her own. Take her upstairs and show her to one of the empty bedrooms," Lao Shi commanded turning his attention back to Sun and Fu Dog who had just reentered the room. Jake looked down at Rose and smiled then turning in perfect synchronization headed back up the stairs. "Have you heard from the Dragon Council yet?"

Fu took a seat and looked over at the elder dragon, "Yes, they have sent two squads over to capture the remaining Hunts Clan as well as the Hunts Master and numbers eighty-eight and eighty-nine." Lao Shi nodded his head and sipped on his cup of tea.


Number eighty-eight batted his eyes open trying to focus of the scene before him. From his vantage point all he could see was the fallen bodies of his brothers. Painfully he pushed himself up onto his knees holding his head between his hands trying to quell the massive headache that threatened to render him unconscious once again. "Eighty-nine where are you?" he yelled with what little breath he could. A moan of extreme pain returned his call. Reaching for his staff as more of a crutch than a weapon he hoisted himself up and looked around spotting eight-nine lying on his back his jaw shattered.

Eighty-eight wobbled over to his friend and looked down at the damage that had been inflicted on him. "What happened to you?" he asked kneeling down feeling the muscles in his back aching where the staff blasts had contacted. Eighty-nine mumbled out something intelligible followed by pointing back over his shoulder a look of concern on his face. Eighty-eight looked towards the wall that eighty-nine had been pointing. There leaning against the wall with his face plastered against it was the Hunts Master.


Several puffs of smoke filled the area as dragons began appearing followed by elves and other magical creatures. The dragons signaled for the lower creatures to begin binding the Hunts Clan that were still alive. Eighty-eight looked up as three dragons approached. A tall slender dragon with a green body and several tattoos walked towards him and Eighty-nine. "By order of the Dragon Council you are here by bound," he barked reaching over and slamming a pair of magical cuffs on him. Another dragon turned Eighty-nine over pulling his arms behind his back. Two more dragons approached the Hunts Master still seemingly lifeless against the far wall. The two dark red dragons reached down and each grabbed an arm of the Hunts Master easily picking him up. The one on the left pulled identical looking cuffs as was being used around the room slapping them on the Hunts Master with much more force then was needed. "You know that he isn't going to feel anything right?" the dragon on the right chided the dragon on the left.

The remaining Hunts Clan after being bound were pilled into the center of the room. The elves placed four small pillars around the clan and began an Elvin chant. In a puff of smoke the clan members disappeared.

The green dragon looked at the members of the two squads, "Go and search the premises, find out everything that you can and gather all magical items and weapons that you can find. We have five hours before any Clan member out on patrol are due back in and I don't want to leave them anything." With that last part the group broke into several different groups all heading in different directions.


"Mom," Hailey called out as she walked in through the back door. Susan came running down the stairs so fast that she nearly slammed into the young girl standing at the bottom.

"Where is he? Where's Jake?" she screamed causing Hailey to cover her ears and grimace.

"He's fine, mom. He is over at Grandpa's shop. Grandpa told me to tell you that Jake will most likely be staying over there. But don't worry mom he's fine," Hailey said looking into her mothers eyes.

"Why is he staying over there?" Susan questioned sitting Hailey down in a chair at the kitchen table.

"My guess would be because of Hunts girl," Hailey snickered looking at the confused look on her mothers face.

"Hunts girl," Susan exclaimed momentarily forgetting the connection between Rose and Hunts girl.

Hailey couldn't contain her laugher any longer and the worried expression on her mothers face only fueled the laughter. "Mo… Mom," she exclaimed grabbing her mother from her thoughts, "Rose is Hunts girl. Jake just wants to make sure she is alright."

Understanding washed through Susan's body as the connection between the two girls registered. Right, Jake's greatest enemy is also his girlfriend. Susan sighed finally noticing Hailey nearly falling out of her chair with uncontrollable laughter. "It can't be that funny."

"You should have seen your face," Hailey said in between fits of laughter. "I'm going to go to bed though," she finished pushing away from the table and making her way towards the stairs. At the top of the first turn she looked down at her mom still sitting at the table. "Don't worry mom. Jake really is okay and Grandpa and Sun are there too." With that she disappeared from the top of the stairs.


Once Jake and Rose had cleared the top of the stairs he spun her around in his arms pinning her against the wall. She was shocked by the sudden action, but quickly forgot her confusion as Jake's lips met hers in a passionate kiss. "That is because Hunts Chump interrupted our date," he mumbled into her mouth. Rose smiled into the kiss deepening it as she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer. The kiss only lasted a moment before the two parted and continued their way down the hall towards the spare bedroom.

Jake took Rose's bag and set it in the closet while Rose walked towards the bathroom. Jake collapsed onto the bed running his hand through his messy hair. What now? He wondered as he turned his head towards the bathroom door the sound of running water hitting his ears. Jake looked down at his sweat soaked clothes and stood up making his way over to the bathroom in the hallway.

Rose laid her head against the side of the shower just enjoying the feeling of warm water beat down on her back and shoulders. Rose ran her hand gently across her neck trying to find traces of that knife that had slit her throat. To her joy she couldn't detect any defect in the skin around her neck. Wow that stuff really worked. Guess I will have to get some of that stuff from Haley. Rose reached down turning the water off grabbing a towel hanging on the rack quickly drying her self off. She cracked open the door into the room to find Jake missing. Reaching into the closet she changed into a loose fitting shirt and pair of pants she had gotten from Jake one of few times she had dared go over to his house.

After changing Rose headed towards the room she knew Jake would be staying in. She could hear Jake in the shower across the hall from the room. Carefully Rose opened the door and let herself in. She laid down on the bed and let out an unintentional yawn. Quickly Rose drifted off into a sound slumber.


"So tell me," Sun began setting her cup of tea down on the table between them. "What have you told the counsel about Hunts girl and the American Dragon being romantically involved?"

Lao Shi mimicked Suns action placing his tea cup down beside hers. "I have told them that Hunts girl has been aiding the American Dragon for several years now. That she helped in the take down of the Hunts Clan this evening. That is all they need to know," he spoke with finality that Sun understood and accepted.


Jake smiled at the though of finally being down with the Hunts Clan. Finally I can spend all the time with Rose I want to. Jake reached over and turned off the water drying off with one of the guest towels. He had put Rose in the room he normally stayed in because the bed was much more comfortable. He pulled on a pair of grey sweat pants and an old t-shirt and headed off to bed hoping to salvage some of their dream date.

Jake's eyes went wide at the sight before him. Lying on the bed was Rose wearing some of his old clothes with a pillow pulled tightly to her. He carefully walked over towards the edge of the bed taking his time he didn't want to wake her just yet. After turning off the light Jake positioned himself directly behind her pulling her as close as she held the pillow to her.

Jake buried his face in her golden locks inhaling the scent that was only Rose. "I love you," he whispered into her ear. After a few moments of being saturated by her warmth and smell Jake drifted off to sleep.