Tsunade was sipping some sake on her break from paper work, when all of a sudden; a great barn owl flew into her window. The owl gave her a letter and flew off. ' Strange...' she thought and looked down at the letter.

Current Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato

Hokage Tower of Konoha o Sato

Fire Country

' Dear Hokage-sama of Konohagakure no Sato,

I, Professor Dumbledore would like to hire your Shinobi to go under cover at my school, Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry, to protect one of m students while we host a tournament. The student that needs protection against unknown forces, is named Harry Potter. I think that somebody that wants revenge on the boy had put his name in a special artifact called the Goblet of Fire, which chooses one student from three chosen schools that are of age. You must be wondering why someone would want revenge on a fourteen year old boy, it is because fourteen years ago, a powerful dark wizard named Voldemort, and his followers called Death eaters attacked many homes, whomever tried to fight him, died. Until fourteen years ago, as Voldemort tried to kill a baby boy, the spell back-fired, destroying his body, making him just a wandering soul. I fear that someone may try to harm the Harry since he was the baby fourteen years ago. If you accept my request, then I will pay you 1,000,000 galleons, which equal to about, 9,876,543,210 ryo.

Professor Ablus Dumbledore'

' P.S., to reply to this message, just write mission accepted, or mission denied. Good day'

After Tsunade read the letter, her eyes bulged at the amount of money that they were offered she immediately called for Shizune, her black haired apprentice. When she came in, Tsunade asked her how many available shinobi were about fourteen. Shizune checked her book and answered.

" Tsunade-sama, their are about three shinobi that are near the age, and they are all genin." she started. Tsunade nodded and motioned for her to continue. " Well, the three shinobi are: Uzumaki Naruto age thirteen, Nara Shikamaru, age thirteen, and Hyuuga Neji, age fourteen." Tsunade frowned, for a mission this big, she needed at least four shinobi to protect this boy. She then remembered that Konoha and Suna were once again, allies, maybe she could request one more Genin to help them. She smirked at the Genin in mind and quickly wrote a note to the elders of Suna. After she sent the letter via carrier pigeon, she turned to Shizune.

" Shizune, contact Naruto, Shikamaru, and Neji. Tell them that they have a mission briefing to come to. Tell them it starts in an hour, and not to be late." she said.

" Hai, Hokage-sama." She said and left to find the three Genin.

With Naruto

Naruto was having a bad day. First, Sakura-chan had once again denied his offer for a date. But this time, she said something that had hurt him.

Flashback-five minutes ago

Naruto was walking down the street, when he saw a familiar head of pink hair. He grinned and quickly ran over to it.

" Sakura-chan!" he yelled, causing said girl to turn around.

" What do you want, Naru-baka? I'm busy today." Sakura asked harshly. She had never truly forgiven him about not rescuing Sasuke.

" Well, I was just going to have lunch, and wondered if you would like to go have some ramen with me?" he asked. Sakura sighed. 'How many times does this baka have to get rejected to get that I don't like him, and never will?!'

" Sorry Naruto, I have to work at he hospital today." she said, not sounding sorry at all. Naruto frowned.

" But Sakura-chan, you work to much, come with me and eat some ramen with me!" he said excitedly. Sakura frowned even deeper.

" Dammit Naruto, I won't go out with you. I don't even like you so stop asking me out! I hate you!" she yelled and jumped away.

End Flashback

" Dammit, I don't feel hungry anymore." Naruto sighed. He was about to leave the ramen shop, when all of a sudden, Shizune appeared in front of him.

" Naruto-kun, Tsunade-sama has a mission for you and two others. Please come immediately." She said and disappeared before Naruto could say anything. Shrugging, Naruto just went toward the Hokage tower, hoping to Kami that Sakura wasn't one of the other two Genin going with them. He quickly ran towards the office, and when he went in, he saw Tsunade talking with Shikamaru and Neji. When Tsunade saw Naruto come in, she nodded to him and told him to sit like Neji and Shikamaru. Once he was sitting, Tsunade began the briefing.

" Ok, what I am about to offer you, is an ongoing A-rank mission in a different country. The country is called England. You three, along with a Genin from Sunagakure no Sato. There, you will protect a fourteen year old boy named Harry Potter. It seems that they are having a tournament, and the target wasn't supposed to be in it, was picked and they think he might have been set up. This will take at least eight months. The only question, is will you accept this?" Tsunade asked. The three genin were deep in thought of what was going on. Naruto then realized that a shinobi from Suna was going to go with them, and that he wouldn't see Sakura-chan anymore.

' Sakura, not Sakura-chan anymore,' he thought to himself. He looked to Tsunade and asked something. " Umm, Baa-chan, who is going to come with us from Suna?" Tsunade was about to answer him, when a pigeon landed on her desk. Reading the letter attached to its leg, the Hokage smirked.

" According to the request acceptance letter, the shinobi coming, is-" she was cut off as a swirl of sand entered the room, and out came genin with red hair, green eyes, a giant gourd, and a tattoo for love on his forehead. " Sabaku no Gaara." she finished. The three Genin's eyes widened and for about a minute, Naruto grinned.

" I'm in!" he said excitedly. Neji smirked, the blonde was just too energetic.

" I am in as well, Hokage-sama." the Hyuuga prodigy answered.

" It's troublesome, but I'm in as well." Shikamaru said lazily. Tsunade smirked and continued.

" Good, you start this mission tomorrow. I want you to prepare in the mean time. And Naruto," she started, causing Naruto to stop leaving. " I want you to wear the new outfit I gave you, and I mean no orange. Now leave." The four shinobi left, with Gaara dragging a sobbing Naruto to his home where Gaara was staying for the night. Once the four left, Tsunade went back to the letter and signed ' mission accepted'. Once the letter was signed, smoke gathered in the middle of the floor and out came an old man with a long grey beard, in a purple cloak.

" Who the hell are you?!" she asked alarmed. The man just smiled and pulled out a slender piece of wood. He waved the wood and a chair materialized out of thin air.

" Well, Hokage-sama, my name is Albus Dumbledore, the man that hired you to protect Harry Potter. I came just as you activated the portkey." he explained.

" Portkey?" Tsunade asked confused. They then started to talk more about what the mission was about and how Dumbledore managed to create a portkey. HE told her how magic was just a purer form of chakra.

Next Day

Neji and Shikamaru were sitting in Tsunade's office waiting for Naruto and Gaara. They waited about five more minutes until a swirl of sand appeared and out came Naruto and Gaara. What shocked them was that Gaara had a shocked look on his face. What shocked them even more, was the reason that Gaara was shocked. Naruto wasn't wearing his usual orange attire since Tsunade had told him not to wear it anymore. Instead, he wore a long sleeved net shirt, under a dark blue shirt. He was wearing black cargo pants with many pockets, black shinobi boots, blue forearm guards, and a black cloak. Attached to his sides next to his kunai and shuriken holsters, were two folded fuuma shuriken. On his back, was a katana in an obsidian sheath. Tsunade smiled when she saw him wearing the clothes she bought for him.

" See, Naruto? Those clothes don't look that bad, now do they?" she asked. Naruto just grumbled and sat in a chair. The four shinobi were shocked when they saw Dumbledore poof in front of them.

" Ah, good your here. Now, please grab the Portkey on the count of three." he said motioning towards a kunai embedded in a stool.

" One..." he started.

" Grab the what?" Naruto asked confused.

" Two..."

" Hold on dammit!"

" Three."

" Bye Baa-cha-. Aaaagh!"

And with that the four shinobi and Dumbledore were gone.


Professor McGonagall was waiting for the return of the headmaster and was about to leave to get food, when five people appeared in the office she was in.

" Albus! Finally you are back. The first task begins in a week. Did you bring back the savages?" she asked. At the savages part, Shikamaru stumbled, Neji smirked, and Naruto looked kind of weird to Gaara, while Gaara raised a non existent eye brow. Shikamaru stood in front of the group and started to talk.

" Can we just get the information of what we are protecting this Potter boy from?" he asked. Dumbledore explained to them the Tri-Wizard Tournament and about how Harry's name came out. Shikamaru sighed, this was going to be troublesome. After some thought, the lazy Nara spoke. " Ok, here is what will happen. Dumbledore-san, you will call the other headmasters from Durmstrang and Buexbatons here. One of us will each guard one of the four champions. Is that ok guys?" he asked the genins. The three nodded when two people came into the office. One was a cunning and devious man, while the other was the BIGGEST lady that they had ever seen.

" Shinobi, I would like to introduce you to the other two headmasters, Headmaster Karkaroff, and Madam Maxime. Professor Karkaroff is the headmaster of Durmstrang, and his champion is Victor Krum. Madam Maxime is the headmistress of Buexbatons, with her champion, Fleur Delacour. And for some reason, Hogwarts has two champions, Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory." At this point, Shikamaru started to talk.

" Well, I think the best way to protect the champions from outside dangers and sabotage from other students that are jealous because they couldn't get chosen to be a champion." he explained. At this, Madam Maxime nodded, and Karkaroff was still a little suspicious. But he nodded slightly. " Ok, I think that we should have Neji guard should guard the Potter boy." at this, Neji nodded. " Gaara, you should guard Krum," the sand user nodded, " Naruto, you guard Delacour- it's hard to say her last name, so let's just call her Fleur, and I'll guard Diggory." Naruto nodded.

" Ok, so, what is the first task anyway?" Naruto asked. Dumbledore laughed while Karkaroff narrowed his eyes. Since he was protecting her champion, she explained it to him. His eyes widened when he heard what was going to happen. " What the hell?! You guys have dragons here? I hope this Flu-re girl can protect herself against them."

" Zat's Fleur, Naruto. I 'ope you can protect her against ze dragons if they get out of hand." Maxime said, causing the shinobi to raise their heads. Dumbledore then explained that they would accompany the champions during the tasks. Naruto grinned and started to jump around.

" All right! But don't you think we should meet the champions?" the blonde asked. The three headmasters nodded and took them to the champions. Dumbledore stepped into the dining hall where all of the students of Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Buexbatons were eating. The students all quieted down when they saw the three headmasters and four kids as young as third and fourth years go up t the teacher's table. Dumbledore then spoke.

" Students. These four people beside me are here to help with the Tri-Wizard Tournament. They will be partnered with each of the champions. Cedric Diggory, please come up." As he said that, a sixteen year-old boy with curly hair walked up to the center. Shikamaru walked down and stood in front of the boy. " Cedric, I'd like to introduce you to Shikamaru Nara. He will be your partner."

" Pleasure." The boy said.

" Tch, menduske.( troublesome) Nara Shikamaru."

Shikamaru followed Cedric back to the Hufflepuff Table. At this, the table clapped while the hall erupted in murmuring. A fourteen year old boy with dark brown hair, glasses, green eyes, and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead was talking to a bushy haired brunet.

" Harry," the girl said to the dark haired boy. " Now you will get someone to help you against the dragons."

" Yeah, but I still want to know how my name got into the Goblet of Fire in the first place Hermione-" he was interrupted when his name was announced, meaning him to walk up to the table. A boy with pale eyes, making Harry think he was blind, walked in front of him.

" Hyuuga Neji. I hope you are as good as they claim you to be." Neji said, smirking.

" I hope you can help me in the tournament." Harry shot back. They both walked toward the Gryffindor Table. Karkaroff stood up and spoke.

" Victor, please stand." And Victor Krum stood up. He was a big seventeen years old and walked toward the table. Gaara walked toward Krum and spoke in a monotone.

" Make sure that you do your very best."

" Don't wury. I will."

Madam Maxime then stood up.

" Fleur dear, vould you please come up?" she asked. At this, a sixteen year old girl with waist length silver-ish hair, bright blue eyes and in a blue uniform, walked up to the table. Naruto cursed is luck. He still hadn't gotten over the hurt that Sakura put on him, and seeing a beautiful girl, he might be tempted to act stupid and get attached to her, like all of the people he had to protect. Naruto walked in front of her and bowed slightly.

Fleur walked up to the table and saw a boy with golden spiky hair, deep blue eyes, wearing a nice suit of black and blue, with a sword on his back( his fuuma shuriken are concealed.) She was slightly surprised when the boy bowed to her, even though it wasn't a low one. The boy then spoke to her.

" Uzumaki Naruto, at your service." he said, gaining a raised brow from Gaara, Neji, and Shikamaru. Gaara, the only one close enough was about to speak, when Fleur spoke.

" It is a pleasure, Naruto. My name is Fleur." she said, looking him over. " Vould you mind if I did something to your uniform?" she asked. Naruto looked confused but shook his head, still wondering why they were still standing where everyone could see them. Fleur took out her wand and gave it a flick, all of a sudden, Naruto's outfit changed colors. All of the things that were black, were now blue, and all tat were blue, are now black. Except for his obsidian katana sheathe. Naruto looked at his clothes and sad one thing.

" Cool." again, the shinobi's eyes were raised. Gaara then decided to speak.

" Naruto." he said in his monotone. " Can I speak with you in private?" Naruto nodded and left with him out side while Neji and Shikamaru followed. Once the four were outside, Neji asked the question.

" Alright Naruto, what's wrong with you? You quieted down when you saw who you were going to protect, and when she transformed your clothes, you didn't explode like you would have done. What's wrong?" he asked. Naruto grinned his fake grin.

" What are you guys talking about? I-" he was cut off by Gaara.

" Don't try to lie to us Naruto, your fake smiles can't fool us." he said. Shikamaru agreed. His shadow suddenly went out and grabbed Naruto.

" If you don't tell us, then I won't let you go eat the ramen they have." he tried to threaten him. Naruto sighed.

" Fine." he gave up. Naruto then told them about what had happened with Sakura. After he had finished, the three sighed.

" Sorry Naruto." Shikamaru started, but Naruto just nodded and went back into the hall. Once they were about to go in, they heard Naruto yell.

" WHAT THE HELL?" The three ran in to see a red faced Naruto and Fleur, and some shocked students.

" What the hell are you yelling about?" Neji asked. But by the look of Naruto's face and Fleur's, he figured it out. " Let me guess," he sighed " we have to sleep in the same rooms as our champions?" Madam Maxime nodded, not liking it one bit. Shikamaru smirked.

" Don't worry Maxime-sama, Naruto is probably the best one to sleep in the same room as Fleur." he snickered. " Naruto, after all, created the anti-pervert jutsu." At this, Madam Maxime perked up, while Naruto grinned.

" Didn't you say that that jutsu was a waste of time?" he asked.

" But it still told all of the women who were perverts or not. Even if Sakura and Ino thought it was stupid." Neji said, but immediately wished he hadn't said anything when he saw Naruto flinch. " Sorry, it came out wrong, Naruto."

" Yeah whatever." Naruto said coldly. He then sat down next to Fleur and ate very little. The three sighed, but went to their tables.

I hope you guys like it. And expect Legends Unfold newly written up soon.