Naruto and the other three shinobi walked out of the main entrance to see an army of two hundred Oto Nin walking up to the Castle. In front of them, was not Orochimaru, however, but one Uchiha Sasuke. Before the Oto Nin could attack the castle, however, Gaara sent out his most powerful jutsu.

" Sabaku Bakuryu!" He said as he sent forth the wave of sand towards the shinobi when Neji noticed something unusual about the army. Only half of the army was real. The other half were regular bunshin no jutsu.

" Gaara, there are only one hundred shinobi out there-" Neji was cut off by Naruto.

" You guys take out the army, Sasuke's mine." The blonde said as he charged toward the Uchiha. The other three nodded to each other as they charged toward the army of Sound.

Inside the main hall, all of the students watched through the stained glass windows with amazement at what they saw. Some of the students watched in fear as they saw Gaara take down ten of the enemy ninja with his Sabaku Bakuryu while he dodged a wave of kunai with explosive notes attached to the blades.

" Suna Shuriken." Said the redhead as he launched a barrage of sharpened sand toward a group of approaching ninja when he was hit in the side with a wave of sound. Wiping blood from his ear, Gaara looked to his left to see a smirking silver haired traitor.

" Kabuto." He said emotionlessly as he sent his sand to grab the traitor. Kabuto just smirked and used a chakra scalpel to push the sand away.

" Now, now, Gaara-kun." Kabuto taunted. " Why don't you just do me a small favor and die?" Kabuto then performed some hand seals and shouted, " Zankuuha!" (1)

Gaara grunted in pain as the blast of sound passed his sand shield but held his ground and sent another wave of sand towards Kabuto. Kabuto dodged the sand and performed a chakra scalpel and disappeared when he dodged a spike of sand that came from the ground. Kabuto then charged toward Gaara with amazing speed and lunged his right hand into Gaara's back, Chakra scalpel blazing green. He smirked when Gaara screamed in pain, but it disappeared when he heard a voice behind him.

" Sabaku Kyuu (2)." The Gaara in front of him turned a sandy color and covered him with sand. Kabuto tried to escape but was no where near fast enough.

" Sabaku Sou Sou (3)" And with that, the traitor of Konoha died in a rain of blood. Gaara then looked around to see ten more ninjas coming toward him.

" Sabaku Senpuu (4)" He said as he sent a small tornado of sand capturing the ninjas within and ripping them apart. Once he was done, Gaara was on his knees, chunks of his sand armor were falling off of him and he was breathing hard. He had used up too much chakra fighting Kabuto and after using his latest jutsu.


Neji was back to back with Shikamaru with each holding a kunai in each hand. Before them were the bodies of thirty sound Nin with the last twenty-five sound Nin coming toward them. Unfortunately for the sound Nin, they were all genin level and very frightened of the two powerful ninja. Before they could move to attack or retreat however, Shikamaru had caught them in his Kage Mane no jutsu and had Neji attach explosive notes to their fore heads. After removing the shadow bind, the explosive notes had exploded, leaving twenty-five headless bodies on the ground. Neji and Shikamaru quickly took some soldier pills while Neji went to Gaara and gave him a soldier pill. The three shinobi then went to where Naruto and Sasuke were fighting.


Minerva McGonagall looked on in fear as she saw a lone sound Nin charging towards her and the professors of Hogwarts. Apparently, this one had gotten past the Naruto and everyone else and was about to strike her with a kunai, when she heard a shout.

" Stupefy!" And a red beam had connected with the ninja in the chest and he fell down, stunned. McGonagall turned around, to see the former DADA teacher, Remus Lupin appear next to her with his wand out.

" Hello Minerva." Remus said. The Transfiguration Professor gave him a look of relief as she spoke.

" Hello Remus, and thank you. But what are you doing here?" She asked.

" Albus sent for me when he said that the Castle was under attack. We have some Aurors on the way as well." McGonagall nodded as she spoke.

" Yes, well, it seems that we will not need the Aurors as the guards that Albus has sent for have taken care of nearly all of them. They are fighting the last one as we speak, shall we watch what these savages can do?" Remus nodded and went out of the main entrance with all of the professors to watch a gruesome battle take place.


Naruto and Sasuke had not said a word to the other when they had started their fight. Naruto looked at Sasuke as his former teammate began to draw the sword he had on his back. Sasuke was dressed in the same uniform that Kimmimaro was dressed in as he held his sword at the ready. Naruto drew his sword as well.

" I'm gonna make you pay for what you did to me, Sasuke." Naruto said. Sasuke smirked at his former best friend.

" What, Dobe?" He sneered. " You're not going to ask me to come back?" Naruto glared at him.

" No, I'm not gonna give you the luxury of answering me. I'm just gonna beat the shit out of you and drag your sorry ass back to Konoha!" With that he charged toward the Uchiha. Sasuke smirked as he to ran towards Naruto.

" And before you could do that, I'm going to kill you to get the power of the Mangekyou Sharingan! Sharingan!" With his blood line activated, the two exchanged swift blows with their blades.

Sasuke smirked as he went behind Naruto and stabbed the blonde in the back. Naruto screamed in pain for a moment, when he poofed out of existence and made to stab Sasuke in the arm. The Uchiha moved out of the way and kicked Naruto in the head, sending him flying into the ground. Naruto got up and threw his Fuuma Shuriken toward Sasuke who smirked. He did some hand seals and shouted.

" Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu! (5)" Sending a giant fireball, melting the two shuriken. He smirked in time to see Naruto jump into the air and slash down to him, yelling.

" Kaze no Yaiba! (6)" Sasuke tried to dodge the attack, but found he couldn't move. He looked down to see his shadow connected to Shikamaru's. He quickly sent a pulse of chakra, dispelling the Nara's jutsu, but did not have enough time to dodge Naruto's wind blade.

Sasuke screamed in pain as he saw that his left arm was almost severed off. The only part that did not look like it was going to fall off, was the flame-like pattern of his Cursed Seal. Sasuke felt his arm heal with the power of the Cursed Seal as he looked to Naruto.

" This is beginning to look like the Valley of the End. Naruto, use the power that Itachi wants, use it and let us see who is stronger now." Sasuke sneered. " The power of love," Sasuke then turned into the winged demon like creature that was the level 2 Curse seal. " Or the power of Hatred!" He roared.

Naruto looked at his former best friend with pity in his eyes.

" Sasuke." He said. " All you can think of is the hatred for your brother, and hatred for me for being weak." Naruto had his face shadowed while he talked, so he was unaware that everyone was able to see and hear what he said.

" But you're losing yourself with Orochimaru. He's only going to take your body when you kill your brother. I won't let that happen. So, if you're going to use you hatred," He sent a look to Fleur's face in the window of the Great Hall. " I'll beat your hatred out of you!" He roared as his eyes turned to the red slits of the Kyuubi. A tail of chakra form behind him as red chakra began to cover his body. His nails turned to claws and his whisker marks deepened.

The two titans clashed with a powerful shockwave as their fists met the other. Sasuke then performed some hand seals and yelled.

" Zankuu kyokuha! (7)" He then flapped his hand-like wings, letting loose a massive sonic boom toward the blonde Jinchuuriki. Sasuke smirked when the blast hit the blonde, but frowned when Naruto just stood up again. This time, he had a second tail. In Naruto's hand, was a massive swirling purple ball.

" Oodama Rasengan!" He said as he rushed toward Sasuke. Sasuke made three hand seals and a chirping noise came to life along with a black Chidori.

" Kuroi Chidori! (8)" He yelled as he charged toward Naruto. When there attacks met, a giant explosion was created, sending Gaara, Shikamaru, and Neji, the closest to them, flying backwards. The three crashed to the ground, just a few feet from the shocked Professors, and two hundred feet away from the battle.

Gaara looked to Professor Dumbledore.

" This is what I mean when Naruto loses control, I may not be able to stop him." He said. The old professor nodded in awe of what he was watching. They were brought out of their thoughts when they heard a scream of pain.

The smoke cleared and to the shock of everyone watching, they saw Naruto, with a wound on his arm healing extremely fast. And Sasuke, with one of his wings torn off. Both were standing up but breathing very hard. Naruto looked like he was about to attack, when Sasuke bit his thumb and did some hand seals.

" Kyuichose No Jutsu! (9)" He yelled as he slammed his hand into the ground. Smoke was everywhere and when it cleared, there was Manda. In all of his 200 feet glory. Sasuke looked at Naruto, with victory in his eyes.

" Well, Dobe? What are you going to do? Stop me from killing you, or stop Manda from destroying this castle, along with everyone in it?" With that, Sasuke jumped off of the giant snake as the snake went to the castle. Sasuke the created another Kuroi Chidori and charged toward him. Without thinking, Naruto bit his thumb and performed some hand seals.

" Kyuichose No Jutsu!" And summoned Gamabunta. " Bunta! Get Manda before he gets to the castle!" Naruto yelled. The giant toad nodded and jumped toward the snake with his dagger drawn and caught the snake in the head with his blade. The snake hissed in pain and started to attack the toad.

Because Naruto had wasted the time to summon the toad boss, however, Sasuke had the chance to strike. Naruto gasped in pain as he saw Sasuke's hand come out of his chest. Right where he had struck in the Valley of the End. Sasuke smirked when he heard Naruto gasped, but was shocked to see Naruto disappear in a poof of smoke. He then turned around to see five Naruto's two feet away from him, each with Oodama Rasengans in their hands.

" Oodama Rasengan Yougeki! (10)" They roared and each one of them surrounded the Uchiha and one hit him with the giant Rasengan, knocking him into another Oodama Rasengan, repeating the process until all five were through with him. When the five were done, Sasuke looked worse for wear. His other wing was destroyed, and his arms were pointing in odd angles as were his legs. Naruto looked down upon the broken body of his best friend turned enemy.

" You're going home now, Sasuke." Naruto panted. But before he could do anything else, Sasuke smirked and said one thing.

" Hirameki Hekireki no jutsu...(11)" And with that, a lightning bolt hit the area that was between Naruto and Sasuke, blinding the blonde for a moment. When Naruto opened his eyes, where the body of Sasuke used to be, was an open scroll.

At seeing this, Naruto lost the power of the Kyuubi's chakra and fell to his knees. Tears were streaming down his face as he read the scroll.

" I failed again." He said quietly as he lost consciousness.

On the scroll was a short message that read.

Good Bye, Naruto


Sorry for such a long time for an update, many things were happening and I had hella shit to deal with. I'll still try to update as fast as I can, just don't expect me to update every week, maybe every other week.

1- Air Slicing Blast

2- Desert Coffin

3- Desert Graveyard

4- Desert Whirlwind

5- Fire Style, Grand Fireball

6- Blade of Wind

7- Ultimate Air Slicing Blast

8- Black Two Thousand Birds

9- Summoning

10- Big Spiral Bullet Assault

11- Thunder Flash