A/N: Okay this is set somewhere in season seven. Lorelai and Chris never got together and Lorelai never slept with Christopher. She got mad and went home. Later on Luke and her talked and they made up. They didn't get married but are still together. April is with her mom and will not be appearing. Logan has moved home and is still living with Rory in the apartment.

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"Hello, my beautiful offspring!" Lorelai cheered opening the door.

"Hi mom!" Rory said stepping in the house. She took off her coat and threw it on a chair. She plopped down next to Lorelai on the couch.

"Now are you ready to plan the most awesomely wonderfully spectacularly best Gilmore Christmas ever?" Lorelai asked.

"I am!"

"Okay we just need one more thing!"

"Where?" Rory asked.

"Here!" Lorelai cried, opening the hall closet. Sookie popped out.

"Rory!" she chirped.

"Sookie!" she ran and gave her a hug.

"Aw, sweetie, I missed you! You're always so far away at college!" Sookie said hugging back.

"I'm sorry, Sookie."

"Why? You're at Yale for god's sake!"

Rory laughed. "Okay, time to plan." She pulled out a pen and pad of paper.

"Aww, so organized." Lorelai said sweetly. "Haven't got a clue where she gets it." She gestured to the pencil stub and stack of napkins in front of her. Rory just shook her head.

"Now, we're having Christmas at the Inn, right?" she said reading off her pad of paper.

"Right." Sookie confirmed.

"And you'll be cooking, obviously."

"Luke and I already have the menu planned." Sookie said.

"Okay, now we need to go over the guest list. Sookie?"

Sookie pulled out her own notebook and began to read off names.


"Check!" Lorelai said happily. She was thrilled her boyfriend was spending Christmas with her.

"Obviously you and Rory. Me, Jackson, Davy, and Martha."

"Of course." Rory said.

"Miss Patty-"

"Went to Florida." Lorelai said.


"Out of town."

"Kirk and Lulu-"

"Gone on vacation with Kirk's mom."

"Your parents-"

Lorelai laughed. "Yeah, right." She snorted.

"Lane and Zach-"


"Rory," Sookie said turning to her. "What about you?"

"Well, Logan's coming obviously. He is my boyfriend. His parents are going to France and his sister and brother in law are going on a cruise. So counting Finn, Colin, and Stephanie, thanks by the way for letting me invite them, for me I have 4 people coming."

"Oh my god!" Lorelai cried all of a sudden.

"What?" Sookie cried jumping.

"We forgot someone!"



Rory relaxed. "I'm sorry mom." She got up and kneeled down in front of Paul-Anka, who was sitting in the love seat.

"Paul-Anka, you are here by formally invited to the Sookie and Gilmore Girls Christmas extravaganza at the Dragonfly Inn." She said.

Paul-Anka blinked.

"He says he's in!" Lorelai cheered. She tossed him a sugar-cube.


Rory smiled once the warm air hit her face as she stepped into the Hartford Mall. She had to do her shopping in Hartford, since everyone in Stars Hollow would tell her mom once she bought something. Just then, her side-kick hummed. She opened it.

Ace, you look nice today. Those jeans really work for you. –M.a.C

Rory re-read the message, and typed back:

How would you know? You're not with me. –R

This was true. She had gotten up around ten, and he had already left.

I see you. - M.a.C

How? - R

Turn around and look up. - M.a.C

Rory did so. She saw Logan leaning on the second floor banister, side-kick in hand. He grinned and waved. She tried to mouth something to him, but he made a confused face and mimed typing on the side-kick. She smiled and began to type.

Get down here, you butt faced miscreant! - R

Butt faced miscreant? - M.a.C

Rory sighed and continued to type;

Master and Commander.

"Now that wasn't so hard was it?" Logan said, appearing behind her. She grinned and kissed him. He handed her a to-go cup from Starbucks.

"You know me so well." She kissed him again. "So what are you doing here?"

"Shopping for Christmas presents." He said.

"Me, too."

"Shall we join forces?" he said, offering her his arm.

"Since I already have your gift, I say we shall." She said, accepting it.

The couple had a great time for the rest of the day, picking out Christmas presents. They got the easy presents done first. Cologne and perfume for Emily, Richard, Elias, Shira, and Mitchum. Fancy, but simple to get. Then they got Lane and Zach $20 gift cards to CD Heaven. ("THE best place to get music." Lane had once told Rory.) Finn was the easiest. They just bought a bottle of scotch. They got Colin a bottle of brandy, and Steph a pair of shoes Rory said she would like. Paris got a journal. (Rory had over-heard Terrance telling her she needed one, but she said she didn't have the money.) For Honor, they found a bracelet with the word "sister" engraved in it. For Josh, a tie. Davy and Martha got baby toys, and Sookie got an apron with the words "Pamper the Cook" on the front. Rory reluctantly bought Christopher a tie and GiGi a Barbie. She still wasn't fond of her father, having caused her mother and Luke's break-ups. But after all, they were family. And it was Christmas. Luke got a gold pen with the word "DAD" on it. As well as a matching pad of paper. Rory thought this was appropriate, since she had always thought of Luke as her father figure. And as of last June 3rd, that had been made permanent. And last, they had Lorelai. Rory decided to make her mother a gift basket. She included a pink t-shirt with the words "Queen Caffeine" on the front; a new coffee mug with a picture of a dog, who looked exactly like Paul-Anka, on the front; and some chocolate.

"Oh my god." Logan said dropping down into a chair at the food court. "I've never done that much shopping in my life."

Rory sat down next to him. "Are you kidding? That was nothing!" she said cheerfully.

"Nothing? Ace, we've just shopped for nearly four hours."

"And I say again, are you kidding? That was nothing."

"How was that nothing?"

"My mom and I have done way more shopping than that, easily."

"Ace, you amaze me."

"I know." She stood up and grabbed some bags. "Now let's go home and wrap these babies!"

"Why would we wrap them?" Logan said picking up the remaining bags.

Rory looked at him and began to speak slowly, as if talking to a toddler. "We wrap the presents" she gestured to the bags, "so people" she pointed to herself and Logan "can open them" she pretended to open something "on Christmas." She pointed to a Christmas tree in the center of the mall.

Logan laughed. "I know that part, Ace. But my family always hired someone to do that for us."

Rory gasped. "Why? That's part of the fun! Wrapping the presents crappy and making fun of the other crappy wrapped presents!"

Logan shrugged. "We've always hired someone."

"Well not this year, mister. We're going home and wrapping these ourselves. And we need to get packed. We leave for the Dragonfly at eight tomorrow morning, sharp."

"Eight a.m.?"

"Duh. We have to enjoy Stars Hollow on Christmas Eve Day. My mom, Sookie, and I have everything planned." She put her bags in the trunk of the car.

Logan followed suit and got into the car. "Okay, Ace. So tell me this wonderful plan of yours." He began to drive.

"Well, we get to the Inn at nine. There I will help mom, Michel, and Sookie get everyone settled in to their rooms. Around eleven, we will have brunch. Then we will have the rest of the day for fun. Lunch is at two, dinner at six. At four, we will bake Christmas cookies with Sookie, if desired. After dinner we will go caroling then go for sleigh rides with hot chocolate. Then we will each open one present only. Christmas morning we wake up anytime we want, but everything starts at nine. We open presents around the tree then have breakfast. Then we all just sit around and enjoy our gifts and talk. Lunch is at two again, dinner once again at six. In between we can pretty much do anything. Christmas night we will all gather round for a reading of "A Christmas Carol" read-slash- acted out by my mother, Luke, and anyone else wishing to participate. How she got him to agree to that, I have no clue. Then we will watch "A Christmas Story, Mickey's once upon a Christmas, and Miracle on 34th Street. By then it will be late into the night so we will all have once last cup of cocoa and hit the sack." She finished proudly.

"Wow. You really do have everything planned out."



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