The room was decorated with hundreds of white and red flowers, from red roses to white carnations, while white ribbons hung from the ceiling, along with white and silver bells. Tables were elegantly decorated in white and silver, each with a Lenox vase, filled with roses in their center.

Both guests and Joes sat, roamed about or stood in the decorated room. A long table was set in the front for the wedding party. Beside the wedding table, was a five foot wedding cake decorated with white roses and carnations. On top of the massive sweet, two miniature versions of Flint and Jaye were stationed on top of a miniature sugar Sky Striker.

Servants walked to and fro in the room with large platters of appetizers for the guests. At the doorway, Jaye and Flint were receiving wedding wishes from Joes, family and guests. The bridesmaids and the Maid of Honor had seated themselves at one of the tables before the reception began. Duke found himself talking with Aunt Brody and Uncle Shawn. Jaye's father and Flint's parents had also seated themselves at the head table, exchanging humorous stories about their children.

Jaye looked over at the table and chuckled. "Should we go rescue Duke from Aunt Brody?"

Flint grinned, "Nahh, let him suffer. Who knows, maybe Aunt Brody can teach him a thing or two."

"Oh, you are so evil," Jaye chuckled as she playfully slapped him just when the DJ announced it was time for the couple's first dance.

"Tell me something I don't know." He smiled down at her, taking her hand and leading her onto the floor. He gently pulled her closer to him, as they slowly swayed to the music. "Have I told you today how much I love you?"

"Not in the last few minutes," Jaye said as she looked deep into his eyes. "So how does it feel?"

"I'll tell you when the fuzzballs are out of my head," Flint teased, then said seriously, "Feels like the beginning of a new chapter in a book. The one that goes, Once Upon a Time..."

"And ends with Happily Ever After?" Jaye asked as she brought up a finger and caressed his cheek.

Suddenly, a lot of chiming sounds came from around them. They looked up to see that Logan Faireborn had begun the glass clicking orchestra, a cue for them to kiss.

"Looks like some people want some action." Flint smiled bending closer to her face. "Shall we give the audience what they want? Mrs. Faireborn?"

"I wouldn't want to disappointment them would you?" Jaye said and their lips met in a passionate kiss.

"Whoooohooooo!!!" Shipwreck called out to the couple. "Now there's some action folks!"

Polly, who had settled himself on Nancy's shoulder started chanting, " Arkk. Encore! Encore! Arkk."

They broke the kiss and Jaye started laughing and leaned her forehead against his chest. "You've made me so happy, Dash."

"Allie, you made me the happiest man alive," He replied, leaning down and kissing her once again, as more whistles surrounded the happy couple.

Cover Girl whistled loudly towards the newlyweds. Nancy, Brenna and Scarlett clapped loudly.

Nancy then turned to see Ace sitting at the other table. "So, are you betting how many times they are going to kiss tonight?" she asked him.

The air pilot's eyes opened wide. "No, but that's a great idea! Thanks!" He quickly stood up and limped towards the other tables.

Scarlett shook her head. "Well, now you done it," she said towards Nancy, who sent her an innocent smile.

"Is he really that bad?" Brenna asked as she rubbed her very pregnant belly.

Scarlett nodded. "You don't want to know the half of it."

"Logan, that son of yers is a bad influence on me daughter," Robert Burnett said with a laugh.

"Don't look at me!" Logan replied, raising his hands in the air. "He takes after his mother," he said, gesturing to his wife, who was sitting next to him, with an 'oh really?' look.

They watched the couple continue to dance on the floor, now with a white spotlight over them.

Robert felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to find Aunt Brody, tissue in hand. "That is truly beautiful, it is," he said, talking about the couple on the dance floor. Then he shouted, "Kiss the lass harder, lad!!"

Jaye chuckled as she felt Flint's hungry kiss strengthen at Aunt Brody's urging.

"And she takes after ye," Robert said to Aunt Brody with a laugh.

"Naturally." Aunt Brody smiled. "Ye can breathe now, lad!" he bellowed at the couple, making the entire room burst into laughter.

Flint shook his head. "This is going to be one wedding nobody will ever forget!" he said to his wife.

"Would you have had it any other way?" Jaye asked as he held her tightly against him.

"Never." he answered, slowly swaying with her to the music. "But I think Father Donohue has an appointment with PsycheOut tomorrow."

"What can I say—we've got one heck of a dysfunctional family," she said with a giggle.

"Yes, we never get bored with this family, do we. Remind me to give some Joes and their pets, special PT when we come back from our honeymoon."

"I thought it was cute when Junk kissed you." She laughed as the music started to come to the end.

"Thanks," he replied in a stale tone, still swaying with his wife on the dance floor.

A shout came from his left, "Faireborn! Are you going to stay up there all night, or what?" They turned towards the crowd, who were all watching them still dance, but the music had ended.

"I didn't realize the music ended. Maybe we should get back to the table?" Jaye suggested.

Flint nodded. "As you wish, Lady Faireborn." He bent down to kiss her again and more hoots followed the kiss.

"Get a room!" shouted Roadblock.

"We will, tonight!" Flint called back, causing more laughter.

"You really think you are getting some tonight don't you?" She teased, while they headed back towards the table.

"Me?" He acted confused. "I never even thought about it."

They seated themselves at the table, in between their parents and the maid of honor, but the best man's chair was still vacant.

All eyes were glued to the couple.

Flint fanned his face. "Is it getting hot in here?"

Jaye spotted Nancy slowly get up from her chair and grinned as she edged slowly closer to her husband. "Maybe you should take off your beret?"

Flint turned and looked at her confused. "What? Why?" Then he felt his beret fly off his head. "What the-- NANCY!" his voice boomed. He shot up from his chair and started chasing after his sister, who was now running at top speed around the room, with his beret on her head.

"Conrad! Get her! She's heading your way!" He called out to his best man.

Duke got up from Hawk's table to try to help. They both started running after the youngest Faireborn.

Jaye looked at Scarlett and laughed. "Children."

"Yeah, a lot of Neverland Syndrome around here," Scarlett replied, watching Duke try to tackle Nancy, but miserably failing.

"Nancy! Give me back my beret!!!" Flint yelled, chasing her around some tables, as the rest of the audience sat to enjoy the show. He crashed into one of the servants, sending appetizers flying everywhere. "NANCY!!"

The youngest Faireborn dashed towards the front table and raced behind Jaye and Scarlett. She stopped for a second. "Come on you two, join the fun." She handed Scarlett the beret, then quickly bolted away.

"Shana! My beret!" Flint voice came nearer, watching him run towards their table, Duke in tow.

Scarlett's eyes widened. "I'm dead." She shot up from her own chair and raced after Nancy, who was now trying to get away from Beach Head.

Brenna was laughing so hard her stomach felt tight.

"Get back here, RED!" Flint hollered, from right by the front table.

Jaye immediately stood up and went over to Flint and kissed him passionately.

Flint stood awestruck for a second. "Oh sure, help the women." He shook his head, looking down at her innocent face. He then heard Nancy cry out.

"Let go of me, Jason!" Nancy was struggling to escape Beach Head's grasp.

"This is all we needed! More crazy women on this base!" The drill instructor snarled. "You're not going anywhere!"

Scarlett had run towards the table where Cover Girl sat smirking at the scene and threw her the beret. "Your turn." She raced away, Duke in pursuit.

Hawk shook his head from another table. "I think I need a vacation, a long, long vacation."

Cover Girl gave an 'Oh Crap' look, jumped up from her chair and darted away from the men, passing the front table.

"Hey, got to help my girls you know." Jaye said with a grin at the warrant officer.

"Courtney! You get back here!" Flint scrambled after the tank driver, leaving Jaye laughing her head off.

He ran past Beach Head and Nancy, "Wayne! Look out!" he warned the drill instructor, but it was too late as Scarlett kicked him in the leg.

"Scarlett!" Beach Head snarled and then bellowed another agonizing cry, just after Nancy's heel met his other leg, which released her arm from his death grip.

Cover Girl ran around the room, tripped on her heels and landed on the floor with a thud. Turning her head around, her eyes became huge watching Flint nearing her position. "Shana!" She threw the beret towards the redhead, watching her catch it.

Flint then turned towards Scarlett. "Duke! You go left, I'll go right!"

Duke nodded and they both headed for the counterintelligence agent.

Scarlett bolted towards the front table, heading towards Jaye, but her run was cut short, as she felt two strong arms around her waist, causing her to lose her balance. "Allie!" she yelled, throwing the beret in her friend's direction, before she met the floor.

Jaye was laughing hard, watching several Joes in the room pass the beret until it was thrown to her hands. She grinned towards Flint, who looked up from his spot on the floor on top of both Scarlett and Duke. She kicked off her heels and gently pushed them under the table so no one would trip over them.

"Well Dash, you going to let your woman mess with your favorite beret?" Duke teased, looking up at his friend.

"Hell no." Flint smirked down at his best man.

"Can you two heavy penguins get off of me?" pleaded an out of breath squished Scarlett.

"Well, Conrad, seems that you finally landed a woman," Flint joked standing up, yelling, "JAYE!!! Get back here with that beret!!!"

"I kind of like where I'm at," Duke teased the red head.

Scarlett shook her head on the floor.

Jaye smiled at her husband and took off running, which was quite amusing in her puffy dress.

Flint dashed after her at top speed. "Get back here ye Scottish lass!" he said in a Scottish accent, which made the whole room burst into laughter.

Scarlett glared at Duke. "Don't make me kick you," she threatened, narrowing her eyes at his amused face. "What about regs?" Then glanced towards Hawk, who was drinking champagne with Aunt Brody. "Sir!" She pleaded in his direction.

Hawk turned to Brody. "Hear anything, Aunt Brody?" he asked, taking a sip from his glass.

"Not a thing, Clayton." Aunt Brody smirked at the two on the floor.

Suddenly, the wine glasses started chiming, for the couple on the floor. Scarlett turned her head to see Nancy hitting her wine glass with the spoon. Brenna and Cover Girl were encouraging her. She was going kill them!

"Now my fine Irish girl, you wouldn't want to disappoint the guests, would you?" Duke teased her with a bright grin on his face.

On the other side of the room, Jaye stuck the beret down the front of her sleeveless dress but suddenly stopped to watch. "Dash, look!"

Flint crashed into her, sending both of them to the floor. "Allie, you okay?" he asked her, then turned to look where Jaye kept staring. "Oh boy..." he said, looking at field commander and counterintelligence agent.

The whine glasses kept chiming, louder and faster, echoing in Scarlett's ears. Her face had turned to a slight rose color. Her dark blue eyes stared deep into Duke's crystal blue ones. Her heart pounded faster, her breath quickened, and for a split moment her eyes changed, becoming heartbroken, thinking that this was one of the last moments with Duke, who was still on top of her.

"I guess not." she whispered softly as Duke's tender lips met hers.

The kiss was long and deep, full of passion coming from both their hearts that had been held back for such a long period of time. They barely heard the whistles and the hoots which came from most of the room. Time stopped for both of them, creating a treasured moment, which both wished would never end, but just like anything else, it had too. Their lips parted and Scarlett stared at Duke's features, her hand trailing around his neck, her fingers tickling him with their soft touch.

"Conrad." She whispered his real name, speaking it to him for the first time, a tear sliding down her cheek, knowing that this was one of the last moments that she had with him.

"Shh..." Duke said touching his finger to her lips. "No matter where you go we will still have us."

"Oh, this is going to make me hurl," Cover Girl quibbled.

"I don't believe it," Jaye said in shock.

Flint turned to his bride. "Don't believe what? They kissed at the airstrip! You were there!" he said, making the entire room shift their heads towards them. "What?" he asked at the dropped jaws of most of the Joes.

Then all eyes focused back to the first sergeant and the fiery redhead.

Scarlett closed her eyes, unable to speak. For the first time, she had made a mistake, a terrible mistake, a mistake that cost her-- her friends, her family and the one true person who loved her. She could feel all eyes on them, who knew what would they think if she broke down there and then. "I'm sorry, Conrad," she said softly, trying to hold herself together. "Maybe it's better this way. Maybe it's better that I'm leaving tomorrow."

A hush fell in the room; no-one knew about Scarlett's transfer except for Hawk, Duke and Jaye, who had gotten it out of Hawk.

"Where are you going?" Shipwreck asked, from a nearby table. "Can I come?"

"What the hell?" Flint burst out. "Where the hell is Scarlett going?"

Duke had not moved from his position, still on top of the counterintelligence agent.

Scarlett sighed and looked at Duke's sad eyes. "I better tell them," she said still holding on to his neck. She turned her head to face all eyes. "Tomorrow I'm going to be--" but her words were cut off by Hawk.

"Scarlett is supposed to be transferred to West Point." Dead silence enveloped the room, then all began to murmur but Hawk raised his hand to silence them. "But there was a problem with her paperwork."

"Sir?" Scarlett asked puzzled—yesterday he had said that everything was in order. "What problem?" All eyes were now on Hawk.

He took a sip from his drink before he spoke again. "The dog ate them," he said, pointing to Junkyard who as if on cue, burped.

Scarlett stared openmouthed, no sound coming out, barely feeling Duke's strong hold on her.

The room burst into cheers.

"Can we eat now?" asked Bazooka, holding his stomach, causing more laughter. " 'Zook wants cake."

Flint stood up and then helped Jaye to her feet. "I second the notion." Then he gave a wink at his best friend. "Guess you two are going to eat on the floor."

"I don't think so buddy," Duke said and stood up before helping the red head up off the floor.

Scarlett giggled. "I second that," she said, still holding on to Duke's hand.

Flint shook his head. "Can I have my beret now?" he asked his wife.

"You'll have to go get it." Jaye grinned pointing at the bodice of her dress.

"Go on Flint! Get the Beret!" Shipwreck called out.

Flint looked around the room; everyone was expecting him to get the beret. He shrugged. "Naw.. I'm not going to get it." He started to walk away, leaving Jaye with an open mouth. Then quick as a wick, he turned, grabbed her from the waist, dipped her and kissed her tenderly, while his hand grabbed the beret, which was falling out of her bodice. His hand rose in the air, holding his trophy- still kissing Jaye!!!

"Someone get Torpedo! We may need a lifeguard STAT!" called out Gung Ho. "These two are gonna drown with their own saliva!"

"Alright you two, everyone is hungry," Hawk said with a laugh.

"Is anybody timing this? Nancy asked, still looking at her brother and his wife.

Scarlett felt Duke's arm around her waist, and she leaned against him, "Don't even think about it!" she warned him.

"Flint! I hope you had a tic-tac before that kiss!" called out Roadblock, making the room fall into fits of laughter.

Finally, the newlywed couple's lips parted. "This is only the appetizer, Mrs. Faireborn." Flint said, staring deep into her green eyes.

"Well then I can't wait until the main course," Jaye said.

"This is nauseating," Cover Girl groaned, rolling her eyes.

Beach Head chuckled, "Barf bag, Courtney?"

"Bag? Hell! give me a five gallon bucket."

The newlyweds, the maid of honor and best man all went back to the table, and seated themselves for the dinner, which was a choice of steak or chicken, with vegetables and potatoes.

After the meal was finished, Duke stood up and tapped the side of his champagne flute to get everyone's attention. "Well as you know, as the Best Man it is my duty—no, my honor—to give one of the toasts to the newlyweds. So here it goes. Dash, my man, I have known you since boot camp and let me tell you, he used to be a wild one. We have worked together off and on since then and I knew I could rely on you to help me control this rowdy bunch of military misfits we have come to call family. As you all can see it didn't help to much with the antics of today." Everyone in the room chuckled.

Duke put his hand on Flint's shoulder. "I never ever thought you would settle down, Dash. All the women you used to date. I admit I was against you and Allie getting together at first, thinking that it would never last. I am pleased for once to admit I was wrong." Duke turned his attention to Jaye. "Allie you have brought the best out in this man you now call your husband. You are the only one that has ever been able to capture his heart and soul and for that I am thankful. He now has a reason not to take stupid or dangerous chances, so I can stop worrying a little bit. You have wormed your way into the hearts of everyone here and have become like an annoying little sister to us all." Everyone chuckled again. Jaye had a few happy tear streaks down her face. "We all love you both. Congratulations you two. May your lives be filled with love, happiness and children that as hard headed and wild as you." He held up his champagne flute as he ended the toast and everyone took a drink.

Scarlett stood up from her own chair, which was next to Duke's. She faked a sigh. "Well, I might as well add some words to our fearless leader's great speech." A few chuckles were heard from the room. "I might as well say that this must be one of the most memorable, not to mention most comical weddings that most of us have attended."

Shipwreck's voice shouted from her left, "Yours is going to be even more comical, Red!"

Her cheeks became all rosy, "Nancy? could you--"

"Got it!" Nancy called back, leaning over towards the other table.

"OWW!!!" cried out Shipwreck, rubbing the back of his head.

"As I was saying," Scarlett's voice floated around the room, "We are here today to celebrate the union of two of our friends, Dashiell and Alison. Two different people, from two different worlds, and all they had in common was the desire to kill each other." Laughter sounded all around the room. "But who in their wildest dreams would have thought that these two would fall in love and today become husband and wife. Even Ace would have lost that bet." More laughter erupted. "Dash, you looked behind Allie's book cover and uncovered your missing pages. There is not another person that would make this Scottish lass happy, like you do. From the countless and I mean countless arguments, you have stood by her through the good and the bad. There isn't anyone else I would have my best friend marry than you. Dash, Allie is very fortunate to have found you in her life."

Then Scarlett turned to Jaye. "Allie, what can I say, when we first met each other, we were two peas in a pod, trying to outdo each other and try to kill each other. But who would have thought that an Irish girl and a Scottish lass would become best friends. I think it was the time when we threw each other's weapons out the window that did the trick and we both realized how foolish we were acting. I'm so glad that you were transferred to this Unit, without you, I wouldn't have had such memorable moments, late night fun, and my introduction to Gaelic curses and Virgin Beer. We have been roommates for such a long time, that the suite is going to be very empty without your wisecracks and wild ideas." She glanced quickly to the sailor. "And NO Shipwreck, you can't move in." Then she faced Jaye again. "I'm so happy that you found the person that would make you part of his world as you would make him part of yours. To my closest friends, Dashiell and Allie. May you have a wonderful life together, full of joy, happy memories and little ones that would make your hair curl, just you have made some of ours here." Laughter surrounded Scarlett as raised her glass, and toasted, "To Flint and Lady Jaye!"

"To Flint and Lady Jaye!" echoed the room as they all drank their drinks.

Scarlett sat back down in her chair, and felt Duke's hand squeeze hers from under the table. She sent him a smile and returned his squeeze.

As soon as Scarlett sat down Logan Faireborn stood up. "I guess I would like to say a few words to my son and new daughter-in-law." He cleared his throat. "Dash is my first born and only son. He was always a wild and energetic kid that kept his mother and me on our toes. I remember the day we brought Brenna home from the hospital and he took one look at her and said, 'Mommy, Daddy she's so cute.' He was only four. But then the colic set in and our wonderful son came to us very serious and adult like and told us, 'Can you take Bren back to the hospital. I think she's broken.' " The entire room burst with laughter. "Then Nancy came two years later and the house was never the same. Three rowdy children. Well I'm glad my boy has finally settled down and with a woman that fit right in—after she got used to us and Jeanie here stuffed her like a turkey." Logan looked at Jaye. "Welcome my dear to our family." He lifted up his flute. "To my son and new daughter." He took a sip of champagne and sat back down.

It was then Jean Faireborn's turn to make a toast. "I remember the time when Dashiell was only seven and he ran up to me on the front steps of the farmhouse, his shirt torn, his jeans ripped and a large grin on his face, saying that he had just saved a little kid named Henry from two bullies, and I knew from that moment that he would grow up to accomplish something big. That is when I realized that he would give me gray hairs, when I found out that the two bullies were really two Bulls, and the kid was a baby goat which had gotten into a teasing frenzy with the two large animals." She glanced at her son, who was now pink from embarrassment. "And he indeed grew up to become a fine young man, but instead of chasing cattle, he decided to chase snakes." Laughter erupted in the room. "But his greatest accomplishment, and I know you are all going to agree with me, is finding this young lady, who is sitting beside me." Jean turned to Jaye, smiling down at her. "You, my dear have opened volumes in my son's eyes, maybe added some brain cells in there too. But I don't think there would be anyone in this world that would make him happier that you would. Allie, you are very special in my son's and our family's hearts. I cannot imagine him without your bright face, you have accomplished more than marrying Dashiell, you have found the place you belong, your home." Jean leaned over and hugged Jaye. "Welcome to the family, Alison," she said, wiping Jaye's tears from her cheeks. Then she turned to the room. "That said, I want you all to know that you don't eat enough on this base! You are all skin and bones! Except for Bazooka, he looks fine to me. I should--"

Laughter irrupted from the statement and Jean was gently pulled down on her chair by her husband, whispering something in her ear.

After Jean Faireborn sat down, Robert Burnett stood up and cleared his throat as he walked over to stand behind his daughter and new son-in-law. "As ye all know, I'm Allie's Daddy. I raised her by myself since she were just a wee one of only about a three and half." He looked over and caught Aunt Brody's glare. "Alright I did have a wee bit of help from her Aunt Brody and Uncle James." Jaye chuckled. "Well she always was a rough and tumble lass. She preferred to climb trees over dance lessons. She was a very hyper and bright lass, she excelled at everything she learned and I'm very happy that she found a fine young lad that can keep her on her toes and can engage her in intellectual conversation." Robert looked at Flint, who was giving Jaye star struck eyes. "Well, maybe not." Everyone laughed. "I can only say one thing to ye. Hurry up and give me grandbabies." He held up his flute for the toast as everyone laughed, and then after he took a sip with everyone else he kissed his only child's cheek then shook Flint's hand then went to sit back down.

Aunt Brody stood up, a tissue in his hand, and) sniffled. "Ah might as well do a small speech too. It seems only yesterday when Alison was only a little wee one with Aunt Brody bathing her tiny bottom, running in those gardens, giving me heart attacks."

"Was she naked?" Shipwreck's voice floated in the air, making the entire room burst into laughter. Then a cry followed. "Yeahhoow!"

"Thank ye, Lass." Aunt Brody smiled at Nancy, who was now behind Shipwreck's seat, ready to give him more military stars, around his head.

"Got it covered, Aunt Brody." came the young woman's voice.

"Anyways, as Ah was saying, it was only yesterday when I watched Alison grow from a little small bulb and blossoming into this beautiful flower." Tears ran down his cheeks. "And look at her today, married and all.." He started to cry, sniffling. "To this young Lad... Who's now like me own son." His cries now became loud wails echoing in the room. "Ah..canna… Ah canna.."

Flint and Jaye stood up and hugged Aunt Brody from both sides, as the man continued to flood the room with his tears of joy. "Ah love ya, lass and laddie." His voice was barely audible over his happy cries.

"We love you too, Aunt Brody," they said, smiling at the man.

Jaye and Flint walked over to the cake and with the flash of photography bulbs did the traditional cutting of the cake. Now it was time for Flint to feed Jaye a piece of the cake. "You smear it all over my face and you'll sleep alone tonight," she teased.

Flint smirked, and with one finger he scooped up some of the icing and dabbed it on her cheeks. "There," he said with a large grin on his face.

Jaye smirked and took a handful of cake and smashed it into his mouth, covering his nose, lips and chin. She started laughing happily.

"Oh, that's it woman!" Flint smirked, grabbing her by the shoulders and kissing her with all the cake on his face.

Jaye was shocked for a moment but then returned the kiss passionately shocking everyone in the room.

"Some of us want to eat the cake!" Cover Girl shouted, while continuing to film the couple.

Flint ignored the other woman, continuing to kiss his bride.

"Alright ye two we get the picture," Robert laughed.

Flint continued to ignore the rolling eyes and the groans. He dipped his bride lower, pressing his lips harder against hers, while he wrapped his arms around her waist and head to steady her

Someone threw a bouquet of flowers on his head, which bounced off and fell to the ground with a small thud.

Everyone turned to Nancy, who had a innocent look in her eyes. "Stop trying to get into the Guinness Book for the longest kiss!"

"How the hell do they breathe?" asked a perplexed Bazooka.

"I don't want to know that answer!" Alpine retorted.

Duke went over and tapped Flint on the shoulder.

Flint didn't even acknowledge the tapping. His kiss kept sending passionate flames down both their bodies.

"I think I'm going to puke!" Dial Tone stated from his chair.

Scarlett shook her head. "Conrad! Why don't you lick Dash's cheek, that may do it!" she called out, making the Mutt burst into laughter.

"Dash, get your hands off my wife!!!!!" Duke screamed causing everyone to laugh.

The warrant officer ignored everyone, while he continued the passionate kiss, he tapped Duke on the shoulder with one of his hands and pointed towards the redhead, causing more laughter.

Aunt Brody finally stood up. "Ah'll take care of this!" He rolled his sleeves up and walked over, whispering in the groom's ear. "Lad, Alison has a twin sister, and ye are kissing her!"

Flint broke the kiss and looked up. "What?"

Gung Ho chuckled, sending kissing sounds to the warrant officer.

Jaye started laughing. "Don't listen to him. I don't have a twin."

Duke chuckled.

"It got him to stop!" Ace shouted. "Anyone bid on five minutes?"

"We did!" Cover Girl, Nancy and Brenna Faireborn shouted at once.

"What do we win?" Nancy asked.

Ace smiled. "A date with me!"

Most of the room groaned with rolling eyes.

"Alright!" Nancy smiled, getting up and walking over to Ace, and sitting on his lap, smiling down at his features.

"Ace, you are going to be dead soon!" Gung Ho shouted.

Logan Faireborn walked over to Nancy and Ace. "What are your intentions with my daughter?"

Jaye motioned for Flint to look over towards the couple.

"Oh no Daddy's got the Windex again," Brenna yelled rubbing her back.

Flint looked over. "ACE!" He bellowed.

Ace gulped, then looked at Nancy. "I'm in trouble."

"Retreat?" Nancy asked.

Ace nodded, lifting her from his lap and carrying her out of the room. "JOE RETREAT!"

"Run Ace!!" Alpine hollered, watching the air pilot scramble away.

The music started up again. "Time for the bouquet toss," The DJ announced.

"Go on, Allie!" Scarlett called out remaining in her seat.

The single women stood up from the tables and walked towards the middle of the room.

"Shana! Get over here!" Cover Girl hollered.

"Come on, Shana! I'm not throwing it until you get out here," Jaye warned.

Duke walked over to Scarlett. "Go on, baby."

"I'm telling you, I won't catch it, so why bother?" Scarlett said, crossing her arms.

"Because I'm your best friend and you love me." Jaye pouted.

"Sorry, Allie," Scarlett said, shaking her head. "I'm not going to out there."

"SHANA!" Cover Girl shouted. "Fine! Then I'll catch it!"

"You could try..." Scarlett replied.

"That's it! I'm going to catch it!" Alpine said, standing up and walking over to the single women, making the entire room bursting into laughter.

"Ahhh are you and Bazooka finally planning your wedding?" Jaye teased Alpine.

"Yeah, a Greek Wedding too! He's the Fat part!" Alpine stated seriously, causing roars of laughter.

"Hey! I'm not fat! I'm only big boned." Bazooka replied.

"Allie, throw the bouquet already!" Cover Girl plead, getting ready to catch it.

"Alright, alright," Jaye said and turned her back towards them and tossed the throwing bouquet over her shoulder towards them.

All of the single women, and even Alpine jumped to catch the bouquet but a green object came from nowhere, grabbing hold of the flowers in mid air.

"POLLY!" Cover Girl, Alpine, Brenna, and the rest of the single guests shouted at the green parrot, who flew around the room.

"Arrk! Polly rules! Arrk!" The bird screeched, flying towards the front of the room and dropping the bouquet in the redhead's lap.

Scarlett petted the bird. "Good boy, Polly," she praised, then turned to the first sergeant. "Told you I wouldn't catch it."

Duke looked at her stunned for a moment then smiled proudly. "I love you."

"Arrk, love you too, love you too Arrk!" Polly flew to the first sergeant's shoulder and kissed him on the cheek, causing more laughter around the room.

"So, Conrad, where are you taking the bird on the honeymoon?" Flint asked, walking over to his wife, and wrapping his arm around her waist.

Scarlett kept starring at the field commander in surprise. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened.

Jaye was laughing really hard.

Before Duke could say anything the DJ called out that it was time for the garter toss.

"Someone better grab Polly!" Alpine said, walking again to the middle of the room.

The women looked at each other and shrugged. They stood up too and walked to the middle of the room.

Cover Girl noticed Beach Head sitting in his chair, his fingers tapping on the table. She walked over grabbed him by the arm and dragged him on the floor, causing laughs.

"Courtney!" Beach Head snarled.

"Catch it," she ordered. "Or I'll punish you by making you shower after every PT!"

Duke stood to the right side of the crowd after taking the chair out for Jaye.

Jaye sat down and waited for Flint to remove the garter.

The warrant officer began pacing, staring up at the ceiling, not even going near the bride.

"FLINT!" The room shouted.

"Huh? what?" Flint looked at them playfully. "Oh, am I supposed to do something?" He grinned walking towards his wife. "Well, Allie.. ready for some fingers crawling up your leg?"

"Dash, you know that you can't use your hands." Jaye giggled.

"I can't?" He looked up at her. "Ok, JUNK, come here boy!" He called for the dog. "Wanna play some fetch?"

Most of the Joes roared with laughter.

"Remember, boy!" Mutt called out to his partner. "Use the sharp teeth."

"Oh no, you don't!!!" Jaye exclaimed, holding her dress down.

"Well, then I have to use my hands." He grinned at her face.

"No, you use your teeth," Jaye said grinning at him.

Flint sighed. "Alright." He then turned to the crowd. "Everyone close your eyes! That's an order!"

"Nope, sorry!" Gung Ho shouted.

He grumbled, turning back to his bride. He then kneeled down, and slowly lowered his head underneath her white wedding gown, and began trailing small kisses up her leg, causing her to giggle, until he felt the fabric of the garter, and carefully took it in his teeth, then slowly pulled it down her leg, and off her foot. He rose to his feet, his hand up in the air and the garter dangling from his mouth.

The men cheered, while whistles and hoots surrounded the groom.

"Right here, Flint!!!" Several of the Joes called out.

Jaye stood up next to her new husband giggling still.

Flint took hold of the garter and turned around. "Ready?" He then swung it in the air, flinging it towards the men and in this case, women with, "YO JOE!"

The garter flew in the air, aimed for the middle of the room, and then men reached to grab the white thin fabric but missed it.

"Almost have it!" Beach Head jumped, but crashed into Alpine and they both fell on the floor.

Another green object flew to the middle of the room and grabbed the garter.

"POLLY!" The men shouted, watching the bird fly to the first sergeant and land on his shoulder, and place the garter in his tuxedo pocket.

Scarlett burst out laughing, watching his face with pure surprise, not expecting this. "Tongue tied, Hauser?" she mocked.

Jaye was laughing so hard Flint had to support her.

"You did this, didn't you?" Duke asked Scarlett, still in shock.

"Me?" Scarlett smiled cunningly. "Absolutely not. They did." She pointed towards a silent ninja and a sailor who were sending smiles and thumbs up.

"I knew it was fixed!" Cover Girl stated, crossing her arms.

"Thank goodness!" Beach Head mumbled, walking back to his table.

Jaye kissed her husband. "Ready to go?"

"Not yet." Flint smiled at her, walking over to the front table and reaching underneath it, pulling out one missing bear, named Brutus, who held an envelope in his tuxedo. He walked over to his bride and handed her beloved stuffed animal to her. "Someone missed mommy."

"Brutus!!!" Jaye exclaimed and hugged the bear to her, then noticed the envelope. "What's this?"

Flint wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Open it." He whispered in her ear." Everyone exchanged smiles, knowing what the contents of the envelope were.

Jaye opened it and looked at Flint confused. "It's three thousand dollars."

He grinned. "A certain warrant officer won the betting pool about a certain first sergeant and fiery redhead."

Jaye started laughing then hugged him tightly.

He grabbed her the by waist, lifting her in his arms and headed out the door. "See you all in two months!" He called over his shoulder, laughing, while carrying her to the Joe Jeep, which had been decorated by several Joe members and on the back a sign stated, "JUST CHAINED." He gently placed her in the passenger seat and kissed her tenderly, before getting into the driver's side, starting the engine and riding out of G. I. Joe headquarters into the sunset.


Thank you for reading our GIJOE story. It has been fun writing this. Thank you for your comments. Stay tuned for Holiday with the Faireborns, the continuing story of Wedding 1 and MY BIG FAT GIJOE WEDDING 2- Guess who gets married now!

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