"Citizens of Oz," Madam Morrible's voice filled the room as she wrote a short speech, "We would like to inform you on what has happened to El- the Wicked Witch of the West."

"No, say her name," Glinda instructed.

"Her name was, no is, Elphaba."

"Good, now tell them she's alive."

"I said 'is' because… she is still alive."

"Maybe you should tell them not to be scared."

"Yes, I should. But don't be afraid, she is not as bad as we've told you."

"Excuse me, 'as bad'?"

"Okay she's not bad at all. Please help us find her, for she's a dear friend of our own Glinda the Good. That is all."

"Perfect! Ooh I hope this works!" Glinda looked down at a letter Elphie and sent her, saying she didn't die, or even melt. "I miss her so, so much."

"I know you do Miss Glinda, I know. I hope this makes up for how badly I treated you two, now that the Wizard has left us, all of Elphaba's dreams came true, and she was right about everything. I just want her to not have to hide during this wonderful time."

"Me too… So tomorrow at five o'clock in the evening?"

"Yes, at the Shiz Meeting Hall."

"Okay, well I'm going to go home and get some rest. See you tomorrow!"

"Goodbye Glinda."