Kazuma: First Bleach-Sailor Moon Fic! Love me! Praise me! Give me a cookie!

Ichigo: -gives Kazuma a cookie wearing a smile- Here ya go, Kazuma.

Kaz: -big eyes and a big simle- Ichigo-kun gave me a cookie! All bow the Bishi Soul Reaper!

Ichigo: -Looks at Rukia- I like this kid.

Rukia: -scowls at him- on;y because she crushes on every bishounen character in sight.

Kaz: -cookie half hanging out of her mouth- so? what's wrong with that?

Bleach/Sailor Moon

"Soul Reaper Princess"

Ichigo sat cross-legged in front of his mother's grave, just staring at the placid white stone and deep black writing. He missed his mother but the battle with the Grand Fisher King had taken a psychological toll on the deputy Soul Reaper. He didn't know what to do and to avoid anyone ease dropping on his personal thoughts, he kept quiet and just stared off into space.

"If you're not careful, you'll get attacked by a ghoul and lose your soul."

"That's not funny, Ruk-" Ichigo growled turning to hit the Soul Reaper who recruited him but his anger melted away. A girl with shoulder length black hair in a semi ponytail, tied with a scarf, was standing beside him in a white sundress. "Oh, uh, sorry, I thought you were someone else."

"There's this ghoul that's called Grave Lurker. He hangs around cemeteries and such, looking for souls and Soul Reapers." She told him after he turned back to his mother's grave. Ichigo looked up at her as soon as he heard the words "Soul Reapers" come out of her mouth. "He especially likes Soul Reapers. They're his favorite."

Ichigo slowly rose to his feet. "Who are you? How do you know about Soul Reapers?"

The girl just gave him a small smile. "My name's Hotaru and you're Ichigo. Rukia's gonna pay big time for bringing a human into this kinda work." She tapped his nose playfully. "Why do you want to know how I know?"

"Because it's unusual for humans to know about such things." Ichigo grabbed her wrist. "Now, tell me how you know about Soul Reapers."

Hotaru's purple eyes shined behind her glasses as she looked away. "I only know because my Father was a Soul Reaper…" Ichigo slowly released her wrist. "…He was one after my mother died and I had…other responsibilities…it consumed him as much as his work did as a human…you have the same aura marker as he did when he was alive…"

Ichigo suddenly hugged her and held her close to comfort her. Hotaru clutched his shirt front and tears filled her eyes. She buried her face into his chest and her shoulders shook as she broke down completely. Ichigo didn't let her go. He let her cry and get it all off her shoulders.

Hotaru: Wow, I like this Ichigo guy. A real sensitive dude, he is.

Ichigo: -puts arm around Hotaru's shoulders- I like you too, Firefly.

Kazuma: -grabs camera- I so have to capture this moment for my bulleton board -CLICK-