Okay, I know this is mega short, but you get to "meet" the Soul Reaper Princess.

Gin Ichimaru, captain of the 3rd Division, stood by a four poster bed that was draped in gossamer white curtains. On that bed was a beautiful young woman in a white kimono tucked into white bedding. Her unbelievably long light brown hair was carefully braided and delicately piled by a corner of the bed. Her hands were folded on her stomach and her eyes were closed. She looked so peaceful with the white hilt and sheathed sword at her side. She had a circlet around her forehead that bore the crest of the Soul Society.

"Princess, your people need your strength." Gin Ichimaru told the sleeping beauty. "Without you to lead us, Princess, we are falling apart at the seams. Your father and your mother are being overwhelmed. They need you to awaken and take over the Gotei 13 again. We're a mess, my Princess. Oh, how we need you in this dark hour. This is the 2nd invasion of outsiders and we can't locate them. We have added more Soul Reapers to protect your chamber. We can't risk losing you; even in this state, we can't lose you."

She didn't move, not even once. She looked so beautiful in this suspended form. "Please, my Princess, you must awaken. Even my own plots have failed. I wish to put you back into power, back on the throne as you belong." Ichimaru sighed softly. "I will go now, my Princess, but I will return to your side to watch over you again. Until then, sleep peacefully, Princess. I will crush these Ryoka and they will no longer stand as a threat to you. My life for yours, Princess Midoriko. My life for yours."

Wow, the Orochi-macaroon clone actually has loyalties to someone other than himself. Shocker.