A/N: WARNING- MalexMale relationship, very slight fluff.

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Watching from the Distance

You always found training a hassle. Since Team 8 was formed, you were the last one to show up in the training fields. Unfortunately, no one could make you change your mind and you would always end up playing with Akamaru instead of practicing your techniques.

Still, either when you were whining or resting during the training, I was there watching you. Immobile, imperceptible, emotionless. Like a fly watching the scenario, hidden behind dark glasses. That's how I am. At least how you think I am.


Damn, funny how you always get on my nerve. Just sited there, underneath the bloody same tree, with the bloody same old glasses, same turtle-neck and the same old non-existence smile! Two words: Annoying. Wait. 1 word.

Whatever, I just hate when you lay there, looking at I-don't-know-the-hell-what. You're probably looking at Hinata-Chan, yeah, that's it. Looking all innocent but you're probably checking out the girls… Not that I dislike it. Of course not. You should flirt girls, that's how it is, it's good for you! Yeah…

I'm not even envious of it. Tsch, me, jealous of a friend? That would mean I didn't want you to check out girls, and that would mean that I wanted you to check out boys, like… boys like me. And that would be so gay. Soooo gay. Ew.


Later that day Shino and Kiba understood why they found each other so annoying. All was said when they hugged under the moonlight, on the same training fields. All this time they were just watching from the distance, a gap between the two of them… a gap closed when their lips met.

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