Written on 2/8/05 at 100 fruit on Livejournal for the theme "Kill a Character."

Title: Envy
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Akito, Kureno, Arisa.
Warnings: Character death. (duh) Mild hints at later manga, (i.e. Kureno's existance) but nothing really spoilerish.

Akito's long fingers thread through his hair. "You're the best of the Juunishi."

"Yes, Akito-sama."

Eyes blinded to all else, Kureno sees it over and over. Akito's murderous, victorious scream, and the girl's pale locks hitting the ground half a beat after her body. Her surprised look, dead eyes silently asking for him to save her, while Akito knelt over her like a pale specter, breathless.

He never moved the whole time. Now he will see it forever, the final brand of possession, seared across his vision, for his eyes only.

"And you'll never love anyone but me."

"Yes, Akito-sama."