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Chapter One: Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, a man and woman in love had twins. They gave their children regal names, Charlotte and Alexander. They both wanted to give up their dangerous life styles to keep their children's lives safe, but it didn't work out that way.

See, the parents were hunters of the supernatural and that is one job that you can't hide from. They wanted their kids to have a normal life, but it didn't work out that way.

When Charlotte and Alexander were three, their father died on a hunt. Feeling scared for the safety of her children, their mother stopped hunting and raised her children. They started a normal life and the mother was glad, but it didn't work out that way.

Her kids wanted to learn how to hunt. Even though all of her motherly instincts told her no, she started teaching them everything she knew about hunting. She hoped that they would learn but never use the skills, but it didn't work out that way.


It was eight in the evening in a quiet town in North Dakota. The sun had been down for an hour or so though it was still quite warm. In a green and gold toned hotel room, a twenty-four year old woman turned off the shower and stepped out into a steamy room. Her name was Charlotte, though she went by her nickname, Charlie. She was five foot six, with wavy blonde hair cut at her shoulders and dark grey eyes.

Wrapping her hair up in a towel, and then one around her body, Charlie walked out of the bathroom and into the small hotel room. Two twin-sized beds sat in the middle of the room, a nightstand with a lamp between them. There were two wooden chairs and a matching table near the big window next to the door. Charlie's twin brother Alexander sat at the table, a laptop computer in front of him.

Alexander was like his sister; he liked to be called by the shorter version of his name, Alex. He was five foot ten and shared his sister's grey eyes but had short and spiky dark brown hair.

"Turn around," Charlie told him as he turned to look at her coming out of the bathroom, He did what was asked of him and turned his attention back to his computer as his sister started pulling on an outfit. A pair of well-worn blue jeans, black Harley-Davidson biker boots, an army prink tank top and a worn black leather jacket. She pulled the towel off her head and started combing out her hair.

"Refresh my memory," she said to her brother.

Alex sighed and sat back in his chair. "There's a local haunted house that is said to be home to the ghost of the teenage girl who was murdered there and then put into one of the walls. Every ten years, there's a string of murders on the road outside the house. All we have to do is find a wall that doesn't fit the structure and salt and burn the bones. And you know what?" he added, looking over at his sister by the beds.

"What?" she asked.

"You're the one who found this job and you can't even remember what it's about," he told her with a smirk.

"Don't blame me! I've got a lot of stuff going on," she shot back.


Meanwhile, two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, pulled up in front of an old abandoned house in a black '67 Chevy Impala. The two had been in town for two days and Dean was getting sick of the small North Dakota town. With fake ID's and skillful lying, Sam had gotten them two blueprints to the old Duran house. They were searching for a wall that had been added in 1969 when, it's said, Old Man Duran killed teenager Katy Simmon and built a brick wall around her dead body. Using the two blue prints, Sam and Dean found exactly where the wall was. All they had to do was break down the wall, salt and burn the bones, and hope not to get killed in the process.

"This should be pleasant," Dean, the oldest brother, said as he got out of his car. Sam got out as well and joined his brother at the car's trunk. Dean popped it open and held it up with a rifle while he pulled up the floor in the trunk to reveal every single weapon imaginable to hunt the supernatural. He took out a sledgehammer and handed it to Sam.

"I'm guessing I have to break down the wall," Sam stated as Dean grabbed out a can of lighter fluid and salt as well as a shotgun loaded with rocksalt.

"You sure are, Sammy," Dean told his younger brother as he shut the trunk. They then walked up to the forbidding looking house and inside. The wall they were looking for was in the dinning room where an old china cabinet should be pushed up against it. They found it in under a minute. Dean set down the lighter fluid and salt next to Sam on the floor and kept a watchful eye out for Katy Simmon's spirit while Sam broke down the wall.

"She should come soon," Sam told Dean as he stood up to start breaking down the top of the wall. "The noise will attract her."

No sooner had he said that than the spirit showed up. It was a teenage girl with red hair and the clothes she was wearing were torn to pieces. She came up slowly and silently behind Sam just as he broke through the wall to show a skeleton stuffed inside.

Dean lifted the shotgun and yelled, "Sam! Drop!" Sam dropped to his knees and started to pour salt and lighter fluid on the skeleton. As soon as Sam was clear, Dean pulled the trigger and the spirit disappeared, if only for the minute.


"Did you hear that?" Alex asked as he and Charlie entered the house that locals said was haunted.

"Who wouldn't?" Charlie shot at him as she ran down the hall and to the dining room just in time to see a young man on his knees, dropping a match into a cubby in the wall.

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