Turkey Day with the Cabots

Author: SVURaider1-6

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Olivia/Alex

Disclaimer: SVU: Not mine...but I wish they were! I'm only barrowing them for a little fun

Summary: Alex and Olivia have been dating for about six months and now its Tommye for Olivia to meet the Cabot clan at Thanksgiving. 'Loss' never happened.

"Alex! Are you ready yet?! If we don't get out of here now were gonna hit traffic, then miss our flight, and our whole schedule will be thrown off, and you'll complain." Olivia Benson yelled to her girlfriend from the bottom of the stairs of their two-story house. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" Alex said as she rushed down the stairs. "Ready!" She said cheerily and started towards the door. "Finally." Olivia muttered from behind her while following her out to the car. Olivia slid in to the driver' side of her new Dodge Durango, a gift from Alex on their six month anniversary, while Alex slid into the passenger's side. They settled in and Olivia started the SUV while her girlfriend pulled out their flight information to go over.

"Ok so our flight leaves in about two hours out of gate sixty-four at JFK, then it's about a five hour flight to Dulles in Virginia. So we should get in around 8 o'clock or so tonight." Alex explained as Olivia pulled out of the driveway. "Ok, now are you sure you have everything? Gifts for the kids? The wine you wanted to bring?" Olivia asked and Alex nodded. "Ok then here we go." Liv said as they started towards the airport. When they got to JFK they preceded through the security check, went through all the proper procedure to have Olivia's firearm secured on the plane, and waited for their boarding call. Once they were on the plane, Alex couldn't contain her mild excitement at seeing her family for the first Tommye in two years since her job didn't really permit her to being home with them on Holidays.

Alex and her girlfriend settled in to the plane as the pilot announced their departure. Alex spent the entire flight asleep on Olivia's arm as Liv sat listening to her ipod and flipping though a couple magazines she'd brought along. After five hours in the air the captain announced that they were about to land at Dulles, Olivia gently shook Alex awake and explained that they were there. After they'd gotten of the plane, Olivia and Alex walked to Hertz to rent a car for their stay rather then taking a taxi the two or so hours to Alex's brother's. They walked out to the parking lot of Hertz and over to the two door Saturn Ion that they'd rented. Olivia put their bags in the trunk as Alex climbed into the passenger's side to go back to sleep. Olivia got into the car and looked over at her sleeping girlfriend, a smile formed on her lips when she saw how adorable she looked. Liv started the car and flipped on the satellite radio to a station that was playing rock music, she then turned on the built in GPS and typed in their destination, keeping the music low so not to wake Alex she pulled out of the parking lot and heading in the direction that the GPS was telling her.

Thirty minutes in to the ride Alex woke up, she asked where they were and Olivia explained that they were about an hour and a half away from her brother's. Alex nodded and asked Olivia if they could stop for something to eat real quick, Olivia agreed and pulled of the closest exit. They pulled in to an Arby's and order something to eat; as they were sitting Olivia decided to start up some conversation.

"You know you haven't really told me much about your family. You really want me to go to this dinner without knowing what they're like?" Olivia teasingly asked. Alex realized that she hadn't told Olivia much of anything about her family and what they were. "Well it's really just the rich version of a family that would be on Jerry Springer or something." Alex laughed and sipped her coke before starting her story. "My mother, Laura, was married once before and had my brother, Tommy, my older sister Marylin, and myself. My real dad, Fred, was really absent I guess, he was a mean drunk and treated us poorly. And when I say poorly I mean poorly, I wasn't always the rich little daddy's girl that the squad jokes that I am. I lived a life of poverty when I was a child along with my brother, sister and mother." Alex said softly and Olivia placed a comforting had on her arm.

"After my mom divorced my biological father she moved to Boston where she tried really hard to raise my older brother, sister, and me, she tried to give us everything we asked for and make us happy. It was hard on her we could tell. Then she met John and things started looking up, he loved her and she loved him and he was great with Tommy, Merry and me. John was married once before but his wife, Patricia, past away from cancer, they had three kids together; Angela, John Jr., and Linda. They're my stepsiblings but I don't call them that they're really just like my blood siblings if that makes sense.

Anyway, John became Tommymy, Merry and my real dad. Although he isn't our biological father he's our father in every sense of the word, he gave us everything. A nice house, clothes on our back, nice books for school, and he loved us like his own. We became a family. Eventually, John and my mother got married when I was about five, Merry was seven and Tommy was ten, a few months later my mother had a baby. That baby is my little sister Lucia but don't call her that, her nickname is 'Luca'. Luca's the real daddy's spoiled little girl gets what she wants and all but that's because she's the baby. And well that's my family." Alex concluded while crunching up her garbage to throw out.

Olivia nodded with a grin and ran her hand over her face. "That's it. What does your mom do for a living? Or your dad? C'mon Alex tell me more." Olivia laughed while lacing her fingers with her girlfriends. "You've told me some small things about them but I wanna know more."

"Well my father, John, is a big time Lawyer in the DA's office." Alex said. "Hence why you're a lawyer right?" Olivia asked with a smile. "That's one of the reasons yes. My mother lives at home since my dad can afford for her to be a stay at home mom, you know being rich and all. My brother Tommy, as you know, is a cop in, and married for about ten years with two wonderful kids. Mar just got remarried. She has one little girl from her first marriage and she welcoming another come this spring. Angela is a stay at home mom with two rowdy boys and lives in Long Island. John Jr, or little John as we call him, lives in Texas, is married and a pilot. And my sister, Linda, lives in Oregon State with her husband and two kids. And Luca, the baby, is only eighteen and still attending high school. That's all of them."

"Well at least you have a family to talk about." Olivia said sadly and looked down to study the table. "Liv, you have me and my family, they'll love you I know they will." Alex softly said while taking her girlfriends hand and raising it to her lips for a kiss. "C'mon we should get going." They stood, dumped their trash and headed out to the car. When they got outside Alex pulled Olivia to her for a passionate kiss that the brunette returned ten fold. "I love you." Alex whispered while resting her forehead against Olivia's and looking into the dark brown eyes of her lover. "I love you too." Olivia whispered and brushed her lips against the blonde's again before pulling away to get in the car. They drove the remained of the way to Alex's brother with chitchat and song singing.

When they pulled into the driveway of Alex's brother's house the blonde couldn't wait to get out. Once the car was stopped and turned off she jumped out and walked to Olivia's side. "Excited are we." Olivia teased while Alex dragged her to the door. Just as they were reaching the porch the door opened and Alex's sister-in-law, Lacey, walked out. Alex released Olivia's hand and ran up to hug Lacey; Liv stood back and watched her lover with a content smile on her lips.

"Well come in its too cold out here." Lacey said to Alex, the blonde turned back to Olivia and took her hand. "Come on, Liv, its time to meet the Cabots." They walked in to the large house and were quickly attacked by two little kids.

"Auntie A!" A little boy about seven said rushing up to hug Alex waist. "Hey Bren-Bren. Miss me?" Alex asked as she hugged the boy. "Uh huh." He said while shaking his head fast. "AHHHHH!" The little girl about three yelled at the top of her lungs as she rushed up to hug Alex's legs, the blonde was almost knocked down by the little girls momentum thankfully Olivia was behind her to catch her. "Whoa, Lauren calm down." Alex straightened herself and kneeled down to hug the two cuties. She stood and hugged her mother and father and the rest of her family.

"Alex, who's this that you brought with you?" Alex's mother asked while holding her hand out to Olivia. "Laura Cabot." Olivia softly took the older woman's hand, "Olivia Benson."

"Oh so this is Olivia. Alex hasn't stopped talking about you and I have to say we were all very eager to meet you." Laura said while gently shaking Olivia's hand. "This is my husband, John Cabot." Olivia shook hands with the older man. "Alexandra, introduce Olivia to the rest of the family will you?"

"Yes mother. Come on Liv I'll introduce you to Tommy and everyone." They walked into the large living room where seven of Alex's family members sat talking. "Alex!" Said one of them said and stood up to hug the blonde. "Hey Tom." Alex said while hugging her brother tightly. "Tommy, I want you to meet my girlfriend Olivia. Liv this is my older brother Tommy."

"Nice to meet you, Olivia." Tommy said while holding his hand out. "Nice to meet you." Olivia said while shaking the cop's hand. "This is Lacey's husband, she's the one you met at the door." Alex explained. "And this is my baby sister, Luca." Alex said while hugging a tall curly haired brunette. "She still calls me that even though I'll be going to college next year. Its nice to meet you, Olivia." Luca said with a nod. "And that's Angela, Ralph, Dylan, and William." Alex explained while pointing out two people sitting on the couch and two boys playing on the floor. They all said hello to Olivia who said hello back.

"And this is my sister Marylin and her husband Allen." Alex said after hugging a blonde that looked almost exactly like Alex. "Its nice to meet you, Olivia." Merry said while shaking the brunette's hand. Alex bent down and hugged a little girl that was hiding behind her. "This is Marley. Buggy this is my good friend Olivia. Can you say hi?" The little girl that was about seven waved at Olivia shyly. "Its nice to meet you Marley." Olivia said waving back at the girl.

"Hey, Lex you need help getting your bags?" Luca asked. "You could probably help, Liv if she doesn't mind." Alex looked to Olivia for conformation. "I could use it yes, c'mon there's only a few bags." Olivia said heading towards the door, Luca grabbed her coat and slipped it on to follow Olivia.

"So my sister says you're a cop in New York City." Luca said starting conversation once they stepped outside. "Yep, I work Manhattan SVU." Olivia popped the trunk and grabbed her bag, she handed it to Luca and grabbed Alex's. "Cool, I'm going to college next year for Criminal Justice and Social Work."

"That's good, I'm sure you'll make a great cop. Any special area you want to go into?" Olivia asked. "Um Special Victims actually." Luca shyly said and pulled the bag up on to her shoulder. "Your sister rubbing off on you?" Olivia teased.

"I hope not! If she was the next thing I know I'd be wearing dresses and that just ain't my thing." Luca laughed and Olivia joined her. "I know how you feel I don't like dresses either but I wear them when I have to." Olivia said while closing the trunk and hefting Alex's bag on to her shoulder. "I'm glad I finally got to meet you, Olivia. I see why you make my sister so happy, you're a great person."

"Awe, thanks kid and please call me Liv."

"Ok Liv, is this everything?" Luca asked while looking into the back seat of the Saturn.

"Yeah, but Luca can I show you something I need some advice on it." Liv hesitantly asked while reaching into her jacket pocket.

"Uh sure Liv I'll see if I can help." Luca said while readjusting the suitcase strap on her shoulder. Liv slowly pulled out a black box and flipped it open, a beautiful diamond engagement ring shined in the light from the porch. "What do you think?"

"Uh WOW! Its beautiful, Liv I'm sure Alex will love it. Does this mean that in a few months I'll be calling you my sister-in-law?" Luca excitedly joked.

"Only if your father allows me Alex's hand, then yes I'll be your sister." Olivia said with a blush. "Don't worry about that, Liv I'm sure he will. You're going for the old fashioned gentleman routine of asking the father for the daughters hand, huh?" Olivia nodded and tucked the box away in her bag. "They'll say yes, Liv I know they will."

"Thanks, Luca." Olivia said while putting her arm around the girls shoulder and walking towards the house. Luca showed Olivia where her and Alex's room was and they dropped their bag off before heading down stairs. When Olivia walked in to the kitchen Alex walked over to her and wrapped her arms around her and kissed her. "I love you." Alex said after the kiss. "I love you too."

"I take it you and Luca got along."

"Yeah she a good kid." Olivia responded.

"Oh C'mon! That's not fair Tommy and you know it!" Luca's voice filtered into the kitchen interrupting Alex and Olivia's moment. "You totally cheated, you told me the wrong button to push! I want a new game!"

"No way I earned that touchdown!" Tommy argued back. Curiously, Alex and Olivia wandered in to the living room to find Tommy and Luca playing Madden 07 on Xbox 360. Apparently Tommy intercepted one of Luca's passes and scored a touchdown that ended the game.

"Fine! Someone else wanna go against me?" Luca asked looking around at each of her family members. "Liv, c'mon why don't you try?" Olivia shrugged, picked up Tommy's paddle and sat down next to Luca. "You ever play before?"

"My partner, Elliot, has a Playstation 2 we've played football on it before I think I can handle this." Olivia said smugly while picking out her team. "Ok you're going down!" Luca said starting the game.

"I got ten bucks on Olivia." Tommy said.

They spent the rest of the evening playing Xbox 360 where Olivia kicked Luca, Tommy, Allen, Dylan, and Alex's asses. While the other adults talked about what they thought should be prepared for Thanksgiving dinner the next night. Everyone turned in around eleven o'clock after the fun of the Xbox games and talking.

Olivia crawled into bed next to Alex and wrapped her arms around the blonde. "I love you." Liv whispered against Alex's neck before placing a soft kiss on the blonde's skin. "Hmm, I love you too." Alex rolled over to face Olivia and kissed her deeply, Liv gently lowered herself onto Alex as the kiss escalated. They broke apart when Olivia felt something jump onto the bed, they looked to the foot of the bed and found two little kittens watching them. "Its only Sarah and Toby." Alex laughed and beckoned the kittens to come to her and the two smoke colored kitties cuddled up between them.

"How can you tell the difference?" Olivia asked while petting the soft kittens.

"Well Toby has softer hair and is more friendlier then his sister, Sarah, whose hair is a little more courser." One of the kittens, Toby, leaned up to sniff Alex's nose before lying down on Alex's chest. Sarah rolled over and cuddled up to Olivia who was scratching her chin. "They like you, Liv."

"Yeah I'm good with victims and animals I've come to realize that." Olivia laughed and picked Sarah up so she could move closer to Alex. The blonde moved her head to rest on Olivia's chest while the kittens slept between them. The two women fell asleep a few minutes later in each other's arms.

End Chapter One, TBC….

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