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Summary: Sakura is finally happy. Sasuke is back, Naruto is with Hinata. Nothing could go wrong in her life, right? What happens when a mission leads to a disaster leaving Sakura broken and lost? How will her only loves take the news of her recent kill? How will she live knowing she took something that never belonged to her in the first place??

Sakura X Sasuke X Sakura Naruto X Hinata X Naruto

Other pairings will vary!!!

WARNING: this fic will include a very detailed suicide attempt. This is not for people who have a problem with the material. This fic is for mature readers only.




She took the knife to her wrist, letting it rest there before pushing the blade into her alabaster skin.

Blood flowed softly out of it as she cut across her skin. Making a thin line on her once flawless wrist.

Next, she took the blade from her right hand and put it into her left hand. Mirroring her first movements she cut her right wrist.

Blood now poured out of each of her wrists in a steady flow. She blankly looked at her wrists, no fear in her eyes, nothing but sorrow for what she had, what she lost.

Shakily she stood up to her feet and walked out of her bathroom into the master bedroom of her apartment. She was already beginning to feel lightheaded form the loss of blood.

She sighed as she lay down on her bed. Her soft pillows meeting her head as she closed her eyes.

Looking up at her ceiling she remembered the events of her day leading up to her suicide.

She remembered what happened four years ago, how she last spoke to her brother.

" YOU BITCH!! YOU KILLED HER!!" She tried to touch her brother (Naruto) but he pulled away " DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME!!!" he yelled at her.

She backed away from Naruto, her tears falling rapidly down her cheeks as she tried to reason with him, " Naruto, please!! Listen to me!"


Naruto had been so angry at her four years ago; she could still remember how he looked at her as if she was some sort of disease that if you got to close you would probably die.

Closing her eyes she remembered what had happened between them at Ichiraku's Ramen Bar.

She stood behind him, tears flowing down her cheeks as she watched him eat his ramen as if she wasn't even their, ' I still am nothing to you aren't I Naruto?' she thought as she tried to get the courage to speak to him.

" What do you want?" he asked gruffly.

" Well, I, umm, I-I-ii-I want-wanted t-to"

" Get on with it" he said in an angry voice.

She bowed her head and sighed, this was how it always was. She would try to say something to him and before she could even do anything he would get angry and she would have a panic attack.

A lone tear fell onto the ground as she spoke in a whisper " goodbye Uzumaki-san, be happy."

Before he could turn around he heard her run out, but what really shook the fox, was that he could hear her sobs of pain as she ran out of the restaurant.

A bittersweet smile found its way to her face as she realized that no matter what she tried she would always be scared of the only person she considered a brother

Ironic she thought bitterly.

Looking over at her clock she noticed that it was starting to get late, late just like him.

She had also seen her teacher today.

She stood in front of his apartment door, unable to knock, unable to leave.

Suddenly out of nowhere a hand was on her should, out of panic she turned around and screamed only to see her ex-sensei standing there with a bag of groceries.

A sigh escaped her throat as she realized that it was just he and not someone else.

Kakashi looked down at his fallen student, the two of them he realized, hadn't spoken in at least 2 years.

A minute went by and neither of them said a word until Kakashi broke the silence by asking, " are you just going to stand in my way or are you going to say something?" shit, he inwardly cursed. He hadn't made for it to sound so harsh, but damn she was going to cry again.

She bowed her head as she realized that she couldn't look him in the eye and whispered just loud enough for him to hear, " Sorry, Hatake-san, for being a burden. I just came here to thank you for being my sensei when I became a gennin."

A beat went by and he replied, " I had no choice, you were put on the team that was assigned to me."

Inwardly she felt her heart break into pieces as he said that. ' was that what he had thought, that he only needed to care after me because I was assigned to him?'

" of course, Hatake-san. Sorry for taking up your time, I just wanted to say goodbye."

And with that she hurriedly ran past him. Not stopping until she had gotten to the ramen bar.

Her tears began to fall even harder as she realized that nobody from team 7 ever cared for her, she was just a burden, a problem that got in the way.

'damn' she thought as she began to fall even further into the darkness. She could already feel deaths grip on her and oddly, she found that she couldn't care anymore.

"Sasuke, goodbye" she whispered as she finally closed her eyes, that last thing she saw before the darkness finally took her was the scared face of none other than Uchiha Sasuke at her door.


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Sakura: Sasu-kun?

Sasuke: hmm?

Sakura: I love you.

Sasuke: I love you too.



Shikamaru: the potion said he would tell the person he loves that he loves them, hmm, interesting. Ino, drink this. It's a diet drink.

Ino: really! Why didn't you say that before!!


Naruto: Somebody get this pig off of meeeeee!!!

Ino: I wuv you my naru-kun!!!!


Shika: interesting.

Hinata: yes very interesting.

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