I know that not everyone likes sister fics but I do lol. This is my first time writing a story for Supernatural so hopefully it will go well.

Summary: Dean and Sam have a sister. Isabel is a year and a half younger then Dean. The three of them have been hunting together their whole lives until recently when Sam went to Stanford.

Oh and just to let you all know Isabel looks like Summer Glau from the Firefly/Serenity series. (She played River Tam)

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Chapter 1

"Dean you better got out of that shower before there's no hot water left for me." Isabel shouted through the bathroom door.

"Don't worry you pansy I'll make sure you have five minutes worth."

"Five minutes Dean that's barely enough time to shave my legs."

"Well then I guess you should have gotten up earlier." Dean said smirking as he opened the door.

"You are such a pain in the ass." Isabel said slamming the door and locking it.

Wow someone must be PMSing Dean thought as he flopped down on the bed.

Isabel was enjoying the feel of the hot water on her skin when she remembered that she had to make it quick since her brother was an ass and used almost all of it. You can never depend on the motel shower to stay warm after all.

Isabel got out of the shower and went out into the room.

"So have you found anything for us to hunt or is it another day of sleeping, eating, and you watching Oprah."

"Ok look I do not watch Oprah it was just that one time."

"Sure it was Dean." Isabel said laughing at the look on his face.

"You better watch it little sister." Dean warned.

"Or what you'll psycho analyze me?" Isabel countered her brother.

"That's it I'm gonna kick your ass." Dean said as he launched himself from his bed to hers.

"Not if I kick yours first." Isabel said throwing a pillow at him.

"A pillow. I don't think that's gonna cut it." Dean said throwing her over his shoulder and locking her outside.

"Dean let me back in. Please. Come on my hairs wet I'm gonna catch a cold out here." Isabel said making her teeth chatter.

"You'll be just fine." Dean said not buying into it.

"Fine then I'm just going to go to the bar and see if I can find some nice guy to bring me to his nice warm place."

With that the door flew open and Dean dragged her back in.

"No guy is even going to look at my baby sister."

"Oh that sweet of you to be so protective but I'm 24 I don't think that I need my brother to keep the guys away anymore."

"You're not dating until your 30 young lady and that is final." Dean said in his best fatherly tone.

"Oh my god you actually sounded like him that was so funny. So why did you really pull me inside."

Dean just smirked at her. "What you thought I was going to let you go to the bar without me no way."

"So does this mean I get to drive?" Isabel pouted.

"Put that lip back away you're not driving her ever again."

"Dean I didn't hurt your precious car."

"No but you would have if you hit something going 110 down the freakin highway."

"I wasn't going to hit anything I don't drive like you."

"Oh really huh." Dean said stepping down on the gas.

"Dean slow down we both know that I have better reflexes then you."

The two insulted and made jabs at one other the rest of the way there. They were about to go in when Isabel's phone rang. "Go ahead Dean I'll be in once I'm done."

"Hey little brother how are you." Isabel asked.

"I'm good I just thought that should give you a call its been a really long time." Sam answered.

"Way to long so how is that girlfriend of yours you two still together."

"Yeah we are. I really think that she might be the one Is I mean I think that I could marry her."

Hearing this made Isabel smile all that she wanted was for her brothers to be happy. And if it meant Sam going to Stanford and giving up the family business then so be it.

"I'm so happy for you Sammy I really am. How are you doing in school?"

"Really good I have a 4.0 and I actually have an interview for law school in a couple of days."

"OH my god Sammy that is awesome. I am so proud of you. I can't wait to tell Dean." Isabel gushed.

"NO no no don't tell Dean. Please don't" Sam begged.

"Sammy why not. He would be so proud of you too. I know that you guys had a bit of a falling out when you left for school but Sam he really is proud."

"Is just promise me that you won't say anything too him." Sam pleaded.

"Fine Sam I promise. Just make sure that you give me a call and let me know how the interview goes got it little brother."

"Yeah I got it. Well I need to get going Jess and I are going out to dinner."

"Alright I will talk to you soon. Make sure you wrap it we don't need any little genius Sammy's running around."

"Oh aren't you just so funny."

"Bye Sammy I love you."

"I love you too Is."

Isabel stayed outside for awhile just thinking. She was so proud of Sam for everything that he had accomplished but she couldn't help but miss her little brother. There was no one there to pick on and go to when Dean was being an ass. But at least Sam still talked to her. He hadn't spoken to their dad or Dean since he had left for Stanford.


"I got in. Oh my god I can't believe I got in." Sammy said bursting through her door.

"Sam what the hell are you talking about." Isabel asked annoyed. She had been trying to write a new song.

"I got into Stanford. And that's not all I got a full ride Is a full ride." Sam said with a huge smile.

Isabel just engulfed him in a hug. "Sammy that is so awesome. I am so proud of you. I'm going to miss you but you deserve this. You deserve to get away and have a normal life."

Sammy pulled away. "You know you could have it too. I know that you got into Duke with a music scholarship."

"Ok first of all don't go through my things and second of all I don't want to leave Sam. Dad and Dean need me. I mean I'm the only thing keeping them from killing each other sometimes."

"Is their grownups they should be able to be civil without a middle man….sorry woman." Sam laughed.

"Oh aren't you just so clever. Look Sam I know that you mean well but I don't have to go to college to have music in my life. Now you you need college for your dreams."

"How am I going to tell Dean and Dad?" Sam asked sitting on the side of her bed.

"I don't know but no matter what happens I have your back little brother. There is nothing that you could ever do that would change that." Isabel said looking him right in the eyes.

"I know and same goes for you. If they ever get to be to much you can always come and see me."

"Oh you can bet that I will come and visit either way. So when are you going to tell them?"

"Well I leave in a week so pretty soon."

"What you leave in a week?"


"Ok well how about we tell them together huh."

"That sounds perfect." Sam said with a huge smile.

Isabel was shaken out of her thoughts when she felt someone touch her arm.

"You've been out here forever who was on the phone." Dean asked

"Oh just an old friend that I haven't talked to in awhile. Sorry I guess that I must have spaced out a little."

"A little you looked like a zombie. Wait your not possessed are you."

"No I'm not possessed."

"Cristo." Dean said ready for anything.

"You're a real dick sometimes you know that." Isabel said punching him in the arm.

"Ow that hurt you whore."

"Yeah well then blame yourself since you taught me how to throw a punch."

"Alright well you ready to go inside." Dean asked motioning to the door.

"Actually I kinda don't feel like a drink anymore. I think I'm just going to walk back to the motel."

"No way you're not walking. Here take my car."

"What I thought you just told me that I was never driving it again." Isabel said with a smirk.

"Don't test me Is just take the car and I'll walk back ok."

"No way. I'm going to drive back and give me a call when you done and I will come and pick you up. No way that I am letting your drunken ass walk back that's just asking for a demonic attack."

"True. Fine I'll give you a call later then. And be careful with my baby."

"Oh Dean I didn't know that you cared so much about me."

"I meant the car." Dean said smugly.

"I know you ass I was being sarcastic." Isabel said shooting him a look as she got in the


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