"I have an appointment. Temperance Brennan."

"Yes. Of course. Dr. Myers will be right with you. Just have a seat."

Temperance studied the waiting room's contents, her gaze settling on the pile of baby magazines on the nearby table. The images of infants and children had up to this point seemed so far removed from her reality. A heaviness settled in her chest as she considered just how huge this decision really was.

The balding Dr. Myers called her name from the door and led her back into the examination room.

Following the physical exam, she joined him in his office, seating herself across from his desk.

"Dr. Brennan, you are in excellent health, as you well know. The blood work and test results will confirm that I'm sure. I would say you are an ideal candidate for in vitro fertilization. Now, do you have a donor in mind?"

Her brows cinched together in confusion. "This is my first visit. I haven't researched the donor logs for a suitable sample."

"What I mean is,….well, many women choose a friend or someone they are familiar with for a sperm donor."


"Well, a number of reasons actually. In case of genetic disorders or illnesses. For reasons of custody in case of death. Or just because of preferred characteristics such as physical features, intelligence, or personality. It's become much more common in recent years."

"I will take that under consideration, but in the meantime, may I see the donor logs?"

"Of course, Dr. Brennan."


Booth and Brennan sat at their usual barstools at Sid's sharing dinner and drinks.

"I'm glad you called, Bones. It's good to see you out of the lab. And you seem like you're feeling better."

"I am. Feeling better." She smiled demurely and ventured to ask the question she'd been waiting all night to ask. "Booth? Would you ever consider having more children?"

His first reaction was to laugh at her surprising question. Then his expression turned curious. "I don't know. Is this hypothetical or invitational?"

Temperance rapidly replied, "Hypothetical…..I mean, you're so great with Parker, I just wondered if you planned on having more one day."

"I'm a man. At least I was the last time I checked. So that doesn't give me a lot of options in that department. But I guess if I were with someone I cared about, then sure, I'd consider it."

"You wouldn't want to get married first? You know to avoid repeating history?"

"Marriage would be nice, but it doesn't guarantee anything. The one thing I learned from my experience is that even though Rebecca and I aren't married, Parker knows he has two parents who love him and would do anything for him. And that's what's really important."

He took a swig of his beer and snuck a sidelong glance at his partner. "What's with all the questions? You starting to feel the ol' 'tick tock'?"

"I don't know what that means."

"Biological clock, Bones. You finally changing your mind about kids?"

"Yeah,….but it's a different kind of clock."

She grew nervous at his shocked expression, but decided to charge forward and be honest about her situation. "I'm going to have a baby."

"You're pregnant?"

"Not exactly."

"Okay,….you lost me, Bones. What's going on?" The concern was evident in his posture as he turned to face her and study her behavior for the subtle psychological indicators he was familiar with.

"I have decided to undergo in vitro fertilization in an attempt to conceive a child that could possibly be a match for Russ. It's a gamble, I know."

"What are the odds?"

"About one in ten."

"So, all those questions before….you want me to….be involved in this?" Tension overtook his body and was apparent in all his features.

They both simultaneously reached for their drinks and laughed at their shared nervousness.

"I'm sorry. It's just something the doctor said about choosing someone you know rather than an anonymous donor. I just thought I'd ask." She shook her head and reached for her coat.

He halted her with a hand on her forearm. "Hey, don't go. I didn't say 'no'."

"But Booth,….you don't have to…" He held a hand up to stop her.

"I'm not saying 'yes' either. I just want you to stay here and talk to me. You need a friend right now. We can figure this out together. We're partners, remember?"

"Thanks, Booth."