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Prologue: "Motherhood"
By: Brandon Morgan "Spectre"

The warm sunlight beamed down on the Masaki residence, warming the air that had been surprisingly cool that summer. The cool breeze blew across the plains and rippled the lake resting before the great house. Leaves rustled in the wind and tall grass swayed, giving the scene as soothing natural sound. Birds were singing their beautiful songs in the trees, all was quiet and peaceful.


The serenity was shattered when the blast of Ryoko's stereo shook the trees and nearly scared Ayeka out of her mind! She was tending in the garden when the great blast of sound made a small shockwave, making her flowers sway in its wake. Ayeka clamped her hands over her ears and looked up to where she thought the sound was coming from, 'but that can't be right' she thought to herself, 'it seems to be coming from the roof!'
As Ayeka climbed the stairs to the highest floor of the house she could here the sound growing louder and louder with each step. Pictures shook on their hangers, the walls vibrated, where was it coming from? As she popped her head out of the skylight she saw Ryoko lying on a towel next to the blaring stereo. Ayeka's eyes flared and her teeth clenched as she made her way to the stereo. As she got closer, she saw Ryoko in a skimpy bikini and sunglasses, sunning herself in the sun's warm rays. Ryoko sat up abruptly and threw off her shades as she heard the stereo shut down suddenly.
"What the hell did you do that for?"
"What ARE YOU DOING??!!!! You nearly woke the entire country with this!! What the hell is it anyways??"
"I was TRYING to get some sun in before the storms return if you don't mind! And this happens to be an import from the states**" Ryoko flipped on her headphones and turned onto her stomach. As she turned the music back on Ayeka could still hear the muffled blast of the band. Ayeka went red with rage.
"HOW DARE YOU!!! I'm not finished talking to you Ryoko!!" Ayeka's hands shook in her fury. The only response Ryoko made was the prompt presentation of her middle finger. A vain in Ayeka's head had popped and was now throbbing. Steam seemed to rise up from her head, but just as quick as Ryoko had flipped her off, Ayeka seemed to settle and cool down. With a warm, almost evil smile on her face she calmly walked up to the stereo and threw it off the ledge and sent it crashing down to the ground.

Tenchi was returning from his morning exercises as he headed for the door. He looked up when a dark shadow fell over him and saw a 300yenn stereo crashed down. Tenchi dove into the bushes just before it hit his head and watched it shatter and split as it hit the earth. His heart beat rapidly and sweat poured from his brow, he looked up to the roof where it fell and heard and large scuffle.
When he reached the top of the roof he saw Ryoko pinning Ayeka to the ground and shocking her every three seconds. Sending the purple haired girl screaming with each jolt.
"How you like that, Huh?" Ryoko was laughing evilly as the bolts of energy blasted through Ayeka's body. It hadn't been easy to get to this point, there was a large bump on her head, and her new bikini was torn in many places. At first she was able to easily fool Ayeka by passing through the roof and teleporting behind her, but as the fight continued, Ayeka was able to smoke Ryoko in head with a small hammer.
"Ryoko!! Stop it!!" Tenchi ran towards them and pulled her off the princess. He soon regretted it, for as soon as the jolts stopped Ayeka was throwing punches and kicks everywhere, some landed on Tenchi, others hit nothing but air.
"AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! LET ME GO!! TENCHI, LET ME AT HER!! I'LL RIP HER TO SHREDS...." The treats continued as Tenchi held her back, pinning her arms behind her.
"Com'on Tenchi, you heard her let her go. See how long she lives." Ryoko ignited a ball of electricity in her hand and grinned.
"ABAZUREON'NA!! BAISHUNFU!! AKUREI!!" Tenchi was shocked to here such profanity coming from Ayeka's mouth, this was probably the first time he's ever heard her say such words.
"Com'on you two stop it NOW!!" Tenchi was not about to admit it, but Ayeka was getting hard to hold back now. He could feel the anger rise in her, her arms began to slip from his grip.
"Alright, that's enough!" Washu crossed her arms with the heavy hammer still in her grip. Her appearance surprised everyone, Tenchi didn't even see her at all that morning. She shook her head heavy and sighed. "My, my, Ryoko, what AM I going to do with you?"
"Dammit Washu!! Why the hell did you..." Another bash with the hammer landed on her head.
"That's no way to talk your mother. Besides, you two were even worse then that stereo! A genius needs her sleep you know!!" Through all the commotion Ryoko didn't notice Washu happened to be in her night robes. Her bunny-slippered feet tapped in her disgust. "Honestly Ryoko, I thought my own genes would give you SOME of my characteristics!" Ryoko rolled her eyes and teleported away, but not before sticking her tongue out at Ayeka. Washu then turned to Tenchi, "I think you can let go of her now Tenchi." Tenchi blushed and released the girl, then turned to the short genius standing beside him.
"Sorry Washu-san, I hope you weren't up late."
"Eh, that's ok Tenchi. And how many times do I have to tell you, no Miss nor San, just WASHU!!!"
"Uh, ok Washu, sorry." Embarrassed, and a little intimidated, Tenchi returned downstairs with Ayeka to help Sasami with lunch. It's lunchtime and Washu was still sleeping?? ^-^S Washu watched them disappear downstairs and yawned loudly. The cool breeze felt good flowing through her red hair she lingered on the roof for a minute to soak in the wonderful warm sunrays. She raised her arms in the air and twirled around in the wonderful day, something she hadn't done since she was a little girl. She was then shot with a strong shock flowing through her. It felt as if something had hit her, but no material matter was present. Her entire body tingled and was waved with feeling. This powerful shock was too much for her to handle, her eyes closed and she passed out.
"I forgot my...Washu!!" Ryoko had returned for her shades just as Washu's knees buckled and her body started to topple. Ryoko quickly flew over and scooped her up, "Washu, Washu!! Are you ok? Answer me." Washu didn't respond, her eyelids fluttered and her lips were pursed but didn't move. Her body went cold in Ryoko's arms and her forehead sweat and became hot. "Oh dammit Washu no!!"
Ryoko transported them both to her room and set Washu down on her bed. As her fever rose, her body began to shiver. Not knowing much about medicine, but knowing a little bit about colds and fevers, Ryoko pulled the covers over her creator/mother and placed a moist towel on her forehead. Ryoko felt a swarm of emotion flow over her; she had not felt this in a long time. As the feeling came back to her, she held Washu's hand and stroked it. She lost herself in her thoughts, memories flowing through her mind, old friends, old enemies, and lost forgotten feelings she never thought she'd remember again. Ryoko focused on a part of her mind most beings can never unlock, but Ryoko isn't a normal being! She brought back memories of the night she was "born"; surrounding her was of course Washu, and her assistants Kagato and Yakage among others. But as she watched the assistants leave Washu's eyes teared at the sight of her "daughter" as she took her in her arms and rocked her. Tears poured from her eyes, feeling happier than she has ever in her entire life, since then nothing had ever topped it! As she rocked her she smoothly sung her to sleep with an ancient lullaby sung to royalty of the planet Cirrah. In seeing this, Ryoko for once, felt regret for her actions, she never knew how much she meant to Washu. She didn't exactly show it, but she never really had reason to, Ryoko did disappear for many, many years, this must've torn poor Washu apart. As she returned to reality a cold tear ran down her cheek, "Mom..." Ryoko paused; this was the first time that she could remember that she had willingly called her that, now she wished she'd said it before, "Mom, please don't die!"
Ayeka walked into Ryoko's room ready to give forced apology, urged by Tenchi. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fist as she spoke.
"Listen Ryoko I..." She stopped dead in her tracks; the scene in front of her touched her and shocked her in so many ways. Ryoko's head was now hung low resting on Washu's hand, tears flowing from her golden eyes.
"Please, Mom, don't die! I...I..." Ryoko couldn't finish her sentence, though she repeated it over and over again in her mind, 'I love you!' Ayeka walked up behind her and placed her hand on her shoulder, so not to alarm her.
"What's wrong with her?" Ryoko didn't bother to wipe her tears, her emotion was too strong, and had overflowed.
"I don't know, she just collapsed." Her speech was interrupted with her sobs, still holding Washu's hand in hers. Tenchi had now called Yosho and the rest of them were now crowding outside the door, peering in. Yosho walked up to the bed and looked over her. As he did, for the first time, Ryoko took comfort in Ayeka. As she let go of Washu's hands, Ryoko fell in Ayeka's arms, still sobbing. This took the princess by surprise but she felt warm with Ryoko clasping to her, Ayeka immediately wrapped her arms around her trying to calm her. She had never seen her like this before, for the time she's known her, all the memories she's had included nothing but a cold sad feelings from Ryoko. She had never thought that the once horrible Space Pirate could break down like this. Secretly the Juri princess had always wanted to see Ryoko break down and suffer greatly for her actions, but at this moment, all she felt was great shame and regret of such thoughts.

An hour had passed and only Yosho and Ryoko were allowed in, except for Ayeka for support. The residence of the Masaki house all waited outside impatiently, wondering and worrying. Like Ayeka, neither of them had ever seen Ryoko like this before, it had taken them by surprise but also worried them. During this time, Tenchi and Sasami had left to the shine to pray for Washu. They had spent almost the whole hour praying when Yosho and Ayeka returned from Ryoko's quarters and slid the door behind him. Noboyuki, Kiyone, and Mihoshi abruptly sat up and approached him anxious for news of good health. Yosho took a deep breath and let it out slowly.
"I can't explain it, she defiantly has a fever, but I'm not sure why she's unconscious."
"Is it ok for us to see her now Dad?" Noboyuki stepped forward. Yosho lowered his head and was about to speak when Ayeka stepped up from behind him and spoke.
"No, I think they need some time alone. Ryoko deserves time alone with Washu, so she can see her daughter as soon as she wakes." Without saying a word, Ayeka moved away to her room and slid the door shut. With the lights off, she kneeled on a cotton mat and lit several scented candles. She was still deeply moved by Ryoko's emotion, her own feelings were brimming, sorrow, worry, and regret. If she had any clue of Ryoko's strong emotion for anyone, she wouldn't be so rough with her. A tear rolled down her cheek and took her by surprise; she never thought she would ever shed a single tear in Ryoko's behalf. But she was glad Washu was ok, for Ryoko's sake. Meanwhile Ryoko had kept her vigil next to her bed, neither eating or drink, barely moving a muscle. Every second she imagined Washu opening her eyes and waking to see her, telling her everything was going to be fine. But as each second went by, nothing happened, and Ryoko kept dreaming, waiting. The sun left the sky and the moon now rose, giving a beautiful shimmer on the lake. The warm sun left and the cold night drifted and fell upon the countryside. The night was taking its toll on Ryoko, on all of them. None of them had eaten a thing since it happened; they were all still piled outside the door, their stomachs aching, but none of them moved. Ryoko's eyes began to feel heavy her cheeks still cold from the tears still flowing from her eyes. Ryo-oh-ki had turned to her human form and was now joining the Masaki family in their vigil after a long day of praying at the shrine, also sobbing for her mother. Just when Ryoko was about to drift to sleep a soft moan came from the cold lips of her mother. Her eyes fluttered and opened, her vision was blurred but as she looked around the room she noticed Ryoko sitting next to her, eyes still tearing.
"R-Ryoko?" Her voice was soft and weak; her whole body was still numb from the unknown force that drove her down. She could barely move, but she could still look around to see her surroundings, out of all of them, the most soothing was Ryoko. Ryoko's head shot up and turned to her, tears flowed even more than before.
"Wash..." Ryoko stopped herself, she almost lost her this time, she wanted to tell her how much she meant to her. "MOM!!" Ryoko collapsed and held her close sobbing uncontrollably. Washu, held her even closer as a tear rolled from her eye. She had longed for this moment for years.
"It's ok Ryoko...It's ok. Mom's fine." She held back a sob herself; she had almost let her emotions get the best of her. But it was hard not to, over five thousand years had past since that day her daughter was "born," and she meant the world to her. Hearing the commotion inside the small room, the rest of the Masaki residence rejoiced with tears and hugs. Ryo-ok-ki danced and cried alongside Sasami while Mihoshi squeezed Kiyone so tight she thought her ribs were going to break. In her own room Ayeka shed a tear of joy and let out a sigh of relief. Her own soul was now lightened and lifted; the bond between her and her own mother was nothing to be spoken of. Now she wished she had gotten closer to her. As night passed, mother and daughter slept in each other's arms, thankful to be together, and alive.

*Sniff* I know, a touchy and sad beginning, but I always wondered what feelings lie deep within Ryoko for Washu. Besides, this event is crucial to the following story.

**= The import happens to be Finger Eleven's album "Tip" also the name of the song playing ^-^A