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Gaara frantically ran out of the cave, clutching his cracked arm. He dove for the closest hole, being a nice roomy fox den that had long been deserted. He somehow managed to slip his slender and broken body to the back of the den, curling up to himself, trying desperately to breath.

The Akatsuki had gotten their way and captured him, tortured him, and nearly killed him… All in an attempt to remove the demon he possessed. The Shukaku.

Shukaku was not the friendly sort. It was a terrible and frightening huge demon with terrible blood lusting eyes. It's tail was strong enough to take down anything it chose, while it's fearsome claws could slice through villages at a time.

Gaara had long had Shukaku in his body, as he was used as a tool for Suna, a tool of war and death. He had been able to control Shukaku, keeping it at bay, as long as Gaara did not sleep. Once asleep, the Shukaku could take over his body completely, destroying any last bit of the person Gaara was… Forever.

The mysterious group of missing nin, the Akatsuki, had claimed Gaara and attempted to extract the rabid demon tanuki from Gaara which would, in the end, kill Gaara.

He had fought with all his might to get free of the Akatsuki, and succeeded, having his chakra being low and almost life threatening. His body was tired and sore. It was falling apart on him. He needed rest. Gaara curled up into a ball, in the darkest corner of the den, and closed his eyes, forcing himself into sleep.

Gaara was awoken the next morning quite suddenly. A strong gust of wind had rustled the leaves and the trees. It was a stormy morning. Gaara's favorite. He crept out of the den and welcomed the morning by stretching out as he yawned. He held his head up in the air to look at the storm clouds as they started to grow darker and darker. It was in his best interest to get back to Suna before it actually started to storm.

He attempted to stand up, but fell back down. He tried doing this again a few times, but kept falling down. He reached to rub his back, but his paw wouldn't reach. Gaara was clueless for a few moments and questioned what was wrong with him… Till he realized that something dreadfully wrong had happened. He was a tanuki! He looked exactly the demon inside him. He had turned a pale tanish color in the skin, forced to walk on all four of his paws, and a long fluffy tail which had looked like a three year old had come up to him and doodled on him with a blue sharpie, not to mention the same was with his ears.

For a moment he stared blankly at his paw, wondering if this was a dream, he scratched himself across the nose. He began to bleed. In an another attempt to wake himself up from what he thought was a nightmare, he ran into the closest tree. He was still a ball of fluff.

Gaara's cute and amazingly innocent eyes widened as he thought to himself. "What.. Happened!?" He wiggled his tail and pawed at it, trying to make sure it was real.

"What.. Am I.. to do!?" He ran down the grassy trail, trying to find his way home.

It began to storm violently. The thunder was loud, the lightning occasionally hit the ground, and the wind was out of control. He wasn't used to the new and more fluffy body, he hadn't the slightly clue of direction or smell either. As his head spun, he fell over, passing out in the open.

He woke up, this time feeling warm and… was he.. Purring!? Yes. He was. He was so comfortable, that he couldn't help but purr. When he was human, he had never felt this pampered, what was the deal?

He sat up slowly and made a soft myuuing noise. He looked around the room. It was a light pink, with pictures decorating it. It was kept fairly warm, and boy did it smell wonderful, almost like flowers. He rubbed his eyes with his paws and looked to what was so soft beneath him. It was a nice fleecy pink blanket on top of a bouncy mattress. He couldn't resist the urge to jump on it to test it's bounciness.

Gaara bounced all over the bed, messing up the blankets, shoving the pillows off the bed, and just having the time of his life, when he heard footsteps outside the closed door.

"How long can we expect him to be like that?" A man's voice questioned.

"I am not sure.. I can't say exactly what's wrong with him.. I'll study him carefully and if all goes well, he'll be back to normal in about three months or so. Maybe longer." A girls voice spoke up. It was gentle and almost soothing to Gaara's tiny shukaku ears.

"We'll come back in three months then.. Just as a check up.. Please take care of our little brother.." A different girl said quietly.

"Alright.. If you want you can say goodbye to him. I'm not sure if he can understand, or if he's easily woken.. But if you want you can." The girl smiled as she open the door. She squeaked slightly at the sight of her blankets all across the floor, the pillows on the other side of the room, and an innocent ball of fluff sitting on the bed, ceasing the bouncing which he had stopped once she opened the door.

The girl stared blankly at him, as he stared back. He recognized her in an instant. The Haruno girl from Konoha.

The man and woman had walked in past Sakura to see the damage that Gaara had done to her sheets and bed. Gaara seemed to recognize these people right off too. His siblings, Kankuro and Temari. They both burst out giggling.

"Good luck with him Sakura!" Kankuro managed to say as he went over to pet his little brother.

"Are you sure you can do this?…." Temari asked as she just stared at the mess that the little shukaku fluff had made.

Sakura nodded as she fought back the urge to cry.

The Suna sibs left their brother in the care of Sakura, the medic who was training under Tsunade-sama herself. Surely she could fix their fluffified brother…


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