The morning started with a jolt. Kakashi had randomly entered the room and was standing at Naruto's bedpost.

"Naruto, Wake up!"

Naruto squirmed a little. His arm moved suddenly and quickly, knocking Gaara off the bed. Gaara landed on the floor with a loud thud and angry mutters. The mutters were probably his way of a death threat, no matter how cute it sounded.

Kakashi found no way to wake Naruto up. It must have been a hard night for him, or maybe a regular night. Kakashi was fully aware that Naruto could sleep through a hurricane. He left Naruto a note, stuck to his forehead by a piece of tape.


I am taking Gaara to Sakura. She has claimed to have found a

cure. I'm hoping it will work. I couldn't wake you up. I'll

make it up to you with some ramen.


Kakashi left the house quietly.

The morning was dreary. There had been rain pounding the city since the middle of the night. Even if it had stopped before the morning, it still seemed like it was raining. Kakashi let out a deep sigh. He cradled Gaara in his arms as he arrived at Sakura's home.

Sakura opened the door and took Gaara. She darted upstairs to her room where she placed Gaara on a desk. "If this works… You won't be so fluffy anymore."

Gaara meeped cutely. He liked that idea. Get up, no fluff, go home.

Sakura held him down and injected him with a shot.

Gaara squeaked painfully. He squirmed as if he had just been bitten by a snake or a spider. He let out a pathetic whine and passed out.

Hours and hours went by. Gaara had woken up a couple times and swayed drunkenly around the room. Sakura eventually gave him a pill to make him stay still and hopefully cure his pain.

After a couple of hours, he groaned. The groan was not squeaky or cute. It was almost human.


"What did you call me?!" Sakura asked angrily as she turned around and glared at Gaara.

Gaara gulped and scooted into a corner.

"Wait.. You called me a hag."

Gaara nodded. How could she hear his thoughts?

"Say I'm pretty!" She shouted.

Gaara shuddered in fear, but decided to give in to her demands. "You're pretty." He meeped cutely after that.

"You can speak! I wonder if that means it's working?…." Sakura jotted down some notes on a small notepad with cute pink flowers all over it. "Do you hurt?"

"Not anymore, meep." Gaara tried to smile in his cute, still fluffy state.

"Did the shot hurt at all?" She asked curiously as she jotted down more notes.

"Oh yes! It was like hell!" Gaara squeaked.

"I see."

"You see?"

"Yes. I see."

"Well, what do you see?"

Sakura sighed and walked over to him. She picked him up by his front paws. She lifted him slightly until he was on two paws.

"You can walk." She said as she stroked behind his ears.

"I cannot!" Gaara shouted cutely as he started to walk around. He quickly went back to all fours.

"Is it easier to walk on all fours?"

"Yeah.. Myuu." He flopped over on his side.

"Alright. That's all the information I need. I'm afraid you can't go see everyone quite yet. This especially means Kiba and Naruto." She said as she kept jotting down things on her frilly pink notepad.

"Why's that?" He kyuued softly, letting some vibrations soothe his throat.

"Kiba and Naruto both have animal traces in their blood. I've been studying it for quite some time. This could be especially hazardous if you get around Akamaru. What you have is something contagious. I'm sorry Gaara."

"Am I ever going to be human…?" He squeaked out pathetically.

"Yes, but it will take some time. I need to work on an antidote first…."

Gaara interrupted her. "I like speaking, thank you very much!"

"You could still speak, but I just need to keep you from being contagious."

Gaara sighed and crawled into his little cat bed.

"We'll fix you soon enough Gaara.." She sighed as she slammed her notebook to the desk.

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