I know, this would is just really stupid but, but….I couldn't help it …Heh…I was influenzed by poor sleep deprived people. Okay? Lol. Just for fun and a good laugh. Everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer, except the Toast…

Bella's POV

"No, Edward, I'm fine." I protested as he tried to coax me into sleeping. I was sitting on my bed, cross-legged with my arms folded. I hadn't slept soundly for some time, always worrying about the future.

Edward had grown tired of not hearing me talk in my sleep and my lame excuses for not taking a ticket to dream world. I didn't want to tell him my increasing fear of what would happen at the end of senior year. The vampires and the werewolves had made a treaty many years before I was born, the vampires could stay as long as they didn't bite a human.

And at the end of this school year (which was fast approaching) that treaty would be broken, because of me. I had no doubts about becoming a vampire though (Edward thought I did). I wanted to be 'damned to eternal darkness' more than anything, just so I would be with Edward forever.

So here I sat, racking my mind for another excuse not to sleep with Edward sitting in front of me, staring at me, trying to 'dazzle' me into sleeping.

"You know, Edward, it isn't going to work. I'm not even looking at your face." I pointed out, focusing on my closet door.

"Bella, please, you need your rest. If you don't sleep, I'm going to give you up to Carlisle." He threatened.

I furrowed my eyebrows together, I knew he would. He was beginning to think I had a case of insomnia, and needed medical attention. "That's okay, I'm good." I drummed my fingers on my arm, thinking of what to do. I raised my eyebrows and smiled evilly, oh I knew exactly what to do now.

"Should I be worried about the smile on your face?" Edward asked me, suspiciously.

"Maaaaybbeeeeee….." I gave him an innocent look and got up. "You know what…I'm kind of hungry….I'll be…right...back." I shifted my eyes and snuck downstairs.

I amazingly, only tripped over the rug twice and both times ended up falling on the soft pillows of the couch. I made my way to the kitchen, and once safely there—with no harmful carpet burns or scratches—I ransacked it for the bread.

"Muahaha…." I laughed evilly to myself, I was beginning to think that I was becoming insane with lack of sleep…Or maybe I just thought my evil idea was evilly brilliant.

I paused and stared at the bread. Nope, definitely the insane part.

I pulled out a piece of bread and shoved it in the toaster, when it popped back out, I went back to my room. I almost tripped on the last step, but before I hit anything, Edward had caught me. Good old Edward…

"Hiiiii….." I giggled, dashing into my room.

"Bella…Are you absolutely sure you don't need to see Carlisle?"

"Yeaaaahhh…." I said, feeling a wide smile spreading across my face. I stared at him, plotting, "Hey…Hey, Edward."


I threw the toast I was hiding behind my back at him. It him squarely in the face. "THE TOAST IS COMING TO GET YOU EDWAAARRRDDD! THE TOAST IS COMING TO GEEEEETTT YOUUUU!!" I said, picking up the toast and waving it at him.

Edward dusted the crumbs off his shirt. "Never again. Next time I'm sending you straight to the Hospital." He said as I doubled over laughing.


The Tooast.