Will there be a "The Toast Attack" sequel?

Uh-huh. The title will be "The Ham Attack" and will be updated on Wednesday and or Saturday and will uploaded around the same time as the Mini WTI

Why Supercalifragilisticexpalidocius?

It's my favorite song. :D


He wasn't, actually, and in truth he really didn't but…He won because you thought he wouldn't. He really did lose because he is now permanently afraid of toast and will forever shall be in all of my stories…Yes, event he serious ones.



.I don't like Toast.

-GASP- MEAAANNNIIEEE!!! –throws toast with butter on it at your face-

How long will the sequel be if any?

Hopefully much longer than The Toast Attack and better well planned out, as well as written.

Will the sequel have a sequel (like a trilogy)?

Umm….I have no idea. Perhaps, but I would assume that if I ever did more of it that I would turn to other characters such as Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice….Carlisle….-shifty eyes-

Who's point of view will this be in, Bella's or multiple characters?



.WE'RE STARTING A REVOLUTION PEOPLE NO MORE OMG! YOU MUST SAY OMC. WHY? Because OMC Oh My Carlisle, because Carlisle created the angel Edward, and God (for you religious people) creats Angels, therefore making Carlisle God in Twilight Land. –nodnod-

Kay. That's it because no one really asked a question…SOO I had to emmmprroooviiiiisseee (Improvise)