Chapter 18: Nala's Journey

Adia could not believe her eyes as she saw Tojo lying on the ground, motionless. Adia couldn't take all this. It happened so fast. Sarafina was distraught, for Tojo was honestly the only mate she ever had, that made her feel alive, and now he was dead. Nala saw the whole thing happen as well, she was now the youngest lion living there, none of her friends to play with, but her cubhood ended that day. She had to grow up, and real fast. It was common for the king to try and protect his kingdom, but Zira intervened when she shouldn't have.

Already, Scar had tried to seduce Nala, thinking she was the perfect lioness to bear his cubs, but she wouldn't take that, and she scratched his face, making the scar a bit longer then it used to be. After that, she never talked to Scar, nor did she want to be in his presence. And now, Tojo is dead, no hope for The Pridelands. Something must be done.

Zira scoffed at the scene before her. "Oh, so you try and come to this lion's aid, but not mine?! I thought you to be my friends!" Zira hissed. Sarabi stepped up. "Zira, it's not what you think, Adia and I were caught off guard, not being able to eat, has made us weak, along with our natural born senses. We wouldn't have just let this kind of thing happen to another pride member." said Sarabi. "But you did..." Replied Zira.

Sarabi opened her maw, but said nothing, for Zira was right, and because of Adia and Sarabi's mistake, they made an enemy out of Zira. Zira stood by Scar's side. While this was going on, Nala ran to her mother, and was incredibly sad due to Tojo's death, but mourning had to wait. "Mother, I must leave, there is no hope now, for this land. I must find help, I know times are very grim, but you must have faith in me...Please, I promise to return as soon as possible." Whispered Nala. Sarafina did her best to pay attention, but the death of her mate, was making it hard to think. "Mother!" Nala whispered harshly, but with concern.

Sarafina looked to her daughter. "My sweet Nala, be careful, alright?" Said Sarafina while nuzzling her daughter. After those spoken words, she ran. She somehow knew she wouldn't be followed. "Wait, stop that lioness!" growled Zira. "No, Nala can't do anything if she tried. She's nothing to worry about." Said Scar.

Nala ran, as fast as she could, but due to the lack of food, her ribs were showing, but she had to carry on, while running from her home land she thought: "I'm not sure where the journey will lead me, and how far the winds will take me. This was our home, but I have to go. I have no choice." Nala stopped running, and turned around, tears streamed down her face, but she shook her head, no time for that, and continued her trek. Looking for any ray of hope for the land that she grew up in.

Nala knew of a lion pride some days away, and she would seek it out. Doing so is very dangerous, but she had no choice. These are desperate times, and it calls for desperate measures. Nala's journey has just begun. She already ran a few miles, and grew tired already. She was walking, slowly, and her muscles ached, but she couldn't stop, she with every will power, continued.

While on her trek, she often thought of her life, and what has happened thus far. She never knew her father, or so she thought. Perhaps she would never find out. But Nala has done well with her life so far, with out knowing. And her only friends, have died. A king who cares nothing about the Pridelands, why was this happening? The Great Kings of the Past, must know what they are doing. So she hoped. She had faith in them, often found her self to hating the Kings from up above, but she later let it go, for she reminded her self, that it was an endless circle, kill or be killed. The Circle of Life. Nala stopped, and panted, she couldn't go on with no water, or any meat. She looked around to see if there was any water, there was a small lake, and she lapped up as much as she could. And she managed to find a meerkat. It wasn't enough to satisfy her, but it had to do.

Nala looked to the sky, it was nearing night time, and she shivered lightly. Nala had to remain strong, both physically and mentally, for her journey would take a year...It would take a year to find what she was looking for. Hope. But who she finds it in, she was never expecting.