Two months have passed, and still no word or appearance from Nala. Sarabi, Adia and Sarafina feared the worst. They figured Nala was either dead, or still looking for help.

Nuka has gotten older, along with Vitani. Zira was showing signs of giving birth to yet another cub. Having multiple cubs in so little a time, wasn't seen well, by the other lioness. Zira had to reside in the den of Pride Rock, due to her pregnancy.

A mile away from Pride Rock, Sarabi, Sarafina and Adia lied near one of the dried up waterholes, with Mheetu close to his mother.

Adia looked to her sister. "Sarafina, I'm sorry...But we can't wait any longer. We can't depend on Nala anymore." said Adia.

Sarafina held Mheetu close to her furry chest, and she felt numb from the most likely truth, coming from her sister. Sarabi dared not to speak, although, not yet. Sarafina opened her maw to speak.

"I...can't give up on my daughter. She was the only one willing to leave and seek out help, even though her chances of finding any, are very slim. Nala is a strong willed lioness. Never taking 'no' for an answer, she's brave and wise. Like...Mufasa." Sarafina said nothing more, while looking down at Mheetu. Sarabi and Adia, weren't sure of what Sarafina was thinking, it was hard to tell.

Sarabi nuzzled her cub hood friend, as reassurance, because there was nothing left to hold on too. Not even hope. Not anymore.

"I meant no disrespect to Nala." Adia said, with regret in ever saying that they can't rely on her anymore.

Sarafina didn't reply, but nodded, as acknowledging she heard her. This was an awkward moment for the three lioness. As if reading each others minds, Sarabi and Adia got up slowly, in no rush at all, and decided to head back to Pride Rock, with Sarafina wanting to stay away from those Hyenas as much as possible, mainly for Mheetu's sake. When the two lioness finally arrived, Scar stood near the promontory of Pride Rock, and yelled: "Sarabi!" His voice echoed.

Moments before, miles away from Pride Rock; Nala has finally arrived in the Shadow Lands, after her long trek, and seeing how ugly the Pride lands has become. She almost missed being in the jungle where Simba lived in, for so long. She saw Simba, and decided to run a little faster, to get to him quicker. Nala slowed down after getting closer.

"Simba, wait up!" She called out to him. Simba turned to her, a forlorn frown upon his maw. "It's awful, isn't it?" She stated.

"I didn't want to believe you." Simba replied, hating to see his home like this.

"What made you come back?" She asked, while standing right beside him.

"I finally got some sense knocked into me, and I've got the bump to prove it." Began simba, motioning to his head. "Besides, this is my kingdom. If I don't fight for it, who will?" He concluded.

"I will." Nala said, softly, but seriously. Simba looked back at her.

"It's going to be dangerous." Said Simba.

Nala smirked, and said jokingly, repeating what Simba said right before the hyenas tried to eat them, when they were cubs. "Danger? Ha! I laugh in the face of danger. Ha ha ha!"

Nala and Simba looked behind them as they heard Timon's voice. Timon and Pumbaa were there.

"I see nothing funny about this" Said the meerkat.

"Timon! Pumbaa! What are you doing here?" Asked Simba.

Pumbaa bowed and replied: "At your service, my liege."

Timon observed what was once known as the Pride Lands, and shook his head once, couldn't believe this is what Simba and Nala wanted to take back from Scar.

"We're going to fight your uncle for this?" Timon asked.

"Yes, Timon. This is my home." Simba replied happily, looking back at his lands as if it has never changed.

"Oh. Talk about your fixer-upper! Well, Simba, if it's important to you, we're with you to the end." Timon said kindly, and Simba smiled warmly down at his friend, then the four of them looked out toward the Shadow Lands. They had to sneak in, with out the hyena's noticing them, and the fight for Pride Rock, was about to begin.

Simba, Nala, Timon and Pumbaa snuck in easily, seeing as the hyenas were all chubby from eating most of the food, and not doing much, and another group of hyena, were lean, and fit for battle. Simba went over a plan with Timon to distract the hyenas. The meerkat wasn't very fond of it, but of course, Pumbaa said he would help be the distraction. They needed a distraction to get past the hyenas, and Simba needed to find his uncle.

The distraction worked, and Nala and Simba lowered their bodies, as if hunting, and almost crawled on their bellies to get there. Simba told Nala to rally the other lioness, at least the ones that were on their side. She nodded, and they went their separate ways.

Nala found the other lioness, the one that were on her side. Thankfully. Nala winced lightly as Scar called out to Sarabi, his voice echoed. Nala waited until Sarabi left, which she did, right away. Nala then purred, getting Adia's attention. Adia's ears twitched, and she turned, seeing Nala. A wave of hope washed through Adia and the other lioness. Nala walked closer to them. First Nala asked about her mother, and was told about Mheetu, her little cub brother, and understood why Sarafina wasn't here.

"I came with help. Simba." Nala said, smiling. The lioness were confused, but Nala assured them, to not ask any questions, and to believe her. They did, and soon began to hear Sarabi talk to Scar.

"Sarabi!" Scar yelled, his voice echoing. Sarabi sighed and started walking to Pride Rock, she saw two rows of Hyenas, and she had to walk in the middle of them. As she climbed up Pride Rock, the hyenas snapped at her ankles, knowing full well she wouldn't do anything about it. She stood up tall, and regal, not letting them phase her in the slightest. She finally approached Scar.

"Yes, Scar?" She asked halfheartedly.

"Where is your hunting party? They're not doing their job." Scar asked, walking back and forth, a few times.

"Scar, there is no food. The herds have moved on." Sarabi replied.

"No, you're just not looking hard enough." He replied, anger creeping in his tone.

Sarabi looked to him. "It's over. There is nothing left. We have only one choice." Sarabi stopped, for she knew it was true, of what she was about to say. She and the others couldn't wait any longer for Nala. But Sarabi didn't know Nala has returned.

"We must leave Pride Rock." Sarabi concluded.

Scar glares at her. "We're not going anywhere."

Sarabi pinned her ears back, and felt angry. This was the last straw. "Then you've sentenced us to death!" She said, firmly and loudly.

Scar turned his back on her, holding his head high, thinking of him self, as all important. "I am the King. I can do whatever I want." He replied, his hubris, certainly talking, eyes closed.

"If you were half the king Mufasa was..." Sarabi began, but Scar's eyes opened, full of anger, in the mention of his brother, and clear truth about him, he swung his paw, striking Sarabi across the maw, hard enough to have her fly sideways, and land on her side. "I'm ten times, the king Mufasa was!" Scar roared, while hitting the queen. A clap of thunder, and a roar joined it's booming voice. Simba runs to his mother, going to her aid.

"Mufasa? No. You're dead." Said Scar in confusion, and fear.

Simba gently nudged her neck, and she groaned, opening her eyes, and looking up, seeing a lion that greatly resembles her deceased mate.

"Mufasa?" She asked weakly, hope and need in her voice.

Simba shook his head. "No, it's me."

Sarabi then realized it was her son! "Simba! You're alive? How can that be?" She asked, wanting to know where he has been all this time.

"It doesn't matter. I'm home." He replied softly, and nuzzled her, almost as if he were a cub again. And Sarabi smiled, missing her son ever so much. Simba missed being near her side as well. He missed her dearly.

Meanwhile Nala walked toward Pride rock, with the other lioness's, and they could over hear Scar talking with Simba.

They noticed Sarabi on the ground, and ran to her, nuzzling her gently, hoping she was alright, and Simba inched closer to Scar.

"They think I'm king." Scar told Simba, while pointing to the hyenas.

"Well we don't. Simba's the rightful king." Nala said firmly.

Simba had Scar cornered. "The choice is yours, Scar. Either step down or fight." Was Simba's ultimatum to his uncle.

Scar got off his rump, and walked past Simba, with a crooked grin upon his maw. "Oh. Must this all end in violence. I'd hate to be responsible for the death of a family member. Wouldn't you agree, Simba?" Scar asked.

"That's not going to work, Scar. I've put it behind me." Simba replied, daring not go down that path again.

Scar walked toward Sarabi, Adia, Nala and the other lioness's direction, looking at them. "But what about your faithful subjects? Have they put it behind them?" Scar replied.

Nala and the others were confused now. "Simba, what is he talking about?" Nala asked.

Scar then turned his attention off the lioness, and slowly began to circle Simba. "Ah, so you haven't told them your little secret. Well, Simba, now's your chance to tell them. Tell them who's responsible for Mufasa's death." Scar growled lightly, at the end of his words.

Nala and the other lioness stopped looking at Scar, then at Simba. They didn't like where this conversation was going. Simba shook once, although it was almost impossible to tell. He stepped forward, and reluctantly replied with: "I am."

Nala and the others couldn't believe it...Simba...The reason Mufasa was killed? Sarabi walked up to her son, and spoke, great sorrow in her voice. "It's not true. Tell me it's not true."

Simba looked down, not being able to look into his mother's eyes. "It's true." Simba replied ruefully.

Scar stopped walking in his tracks, and looked Simba straight in the eyes.

"You see? He admits it! Murderer!" Scar said with disdain for his nephew.

"No! It was an accident." Simba said, trying to defend him self.

Nala and the others were trying to put together, as to how Simba could of conceived this plan to rid of his father, while Scar and the hyenas were cornering Simba, having him walk backwards unto the promontory, making sure he had no way of escape. Nala couldn't hear what Scar yelled, at Simba, because she was too busy trying to figure out what truly happened.

But as soon Scar yelled, it startled Simba, and Simba fell off the promontory, hanging on with dear life.

"Simba!" Nala yelled out for him. For his safety, she finally came to her senses. A bolt of lightning struck the lower part of Pride Rock, causing the dried up grass to catch fire. Nala and the others must not of seen the rolling in dark clouds. Scar swiftly dug his claws into Simba's fore legs, and had his head lowered, he must have been whispering to Simba.

Simba then roared, while using adrenaline from what he just learned, tackling his uncle, and placing his paw on the dark maned lion."NO! Murderer!" Roared Simba.

"No, Simba, please." Scar pleaded, like a coward.

Simba looked deep in his uncle's eyes, with pain, and anger. How could he kill his brother? Simba's father. How could one kill a family member?

"Tell them the truth!" Simba ordered his uncle.

Nala growled, unsheathing her claws, along with the rest of the lioness, who were on Sarabi's side, ultimately Simba's side.

"Truth? But truth is in the eye of the behold..." Scar began, but Simba wouldn't take this from him. He placed his paw upon his uncles throat, and choked him, Scar gagged, eyes widened from such sudden aggression from his nephew.

"All right." Scar gagged again.

Scar must of whispered again because Simba said: "So they can hear you." Simba hissed.

"I killed Mufasa!" Scar said, finally revealing the truth to the entire pride. The lioness who were on Simba's side, took action right away. The battle for Pride Rock, finally begun. Hyena yelps, lion growls, and the crackling of the fire, rising immensely. Nala roared and started to use her hunting skills, to snare and kill any hyena she could get her paws on. Adia joined in of course, attacking an unfortunate hyena.

Complete utter chaos. Blood spilled, painful yelps and screams, coming from anyone who slipped into the raging inferno below them. Sarabi ran into the den, finding the part of the den where Zira was residing in, she already has given birth to a cub. The cub had a darker fur color then Scar of course, and closely resembled his father.

"Zira...Cover your cub's ears...I...I know you are no longer on my side, but please, for your cub's sake!" Sarabi pleaded. Zira looked up, and had anger in her eyes, anger that clouded her mind. Seeing this in Zira, pained Sarabi greatly.

"No! Let them...let them hear the onslaught that you have brought upon this land!" Zira hissed. Zira roared and lunged at Sarabi, but unsuccessfully, due to her just giving birth to her male cub. Sarabi duck her head easily enough, and had no time to argue. She had to help the others, and quickly ran back out, to join the fight.

"My little Kovu..." Whispered Zira.

Meanwhile outside of the den. The flames grew even more so, the heat almost unbearable to the lioness and hyena. Adia was fighting one of her pride members, she hated that they had to be divided, but things change, and sometimes for the worst. Adia had the upper paw, she could win the fight against her once to be pride member, but frowned, deciding not to strike the final blow. And the lioness, Adia refused to kill, roared and lunged at her.

Nala on the other side of Pride Rock noticed the hyenas were being distracted by Timon and Pumbaa. The rocky floor beneath the hyenas collapsed, much to Nala's surprise, it seems that Timon has recruited two other meerkats, one a bit chubby, and the other with gray fur. Nala could hear the Hyena screaming echo, as they neared the fire, but the three hyenas who terrorized her, when she was a cub, missed the fire.

Nala then heard roaring on the top of Pride Rock. It was Scar and Simba. She displayed a very worried look, as it seemed Simba would lose, as he was struck by Scar, and Simba landed on his back. It was hard to see that high, but Nala was sure, that Simba used part of the playful flip she was taught by Tojo, and used it to fling Scar off Pride Rock. He hit some protrusions of Pride Rock, and finally hit the bottom, but she saw him get up lightly.

The three hyenas left, licked their maws, and inched closer to Scar. Nala looked away, knowing full well, what happened. Thus, the death of Scar, meant that they won the fight for Pride Rock. And Simba had more lioness on his side, then Scar and Zira did. The lioness on Scar's side, retreated, but stayed close to Pride Rock, trying their best to still avoid the flames.

Then something started to happen...It started to Rain! After so long. It was raining! It started to rain hard enough that it put out the fire, blazing over, and on Pride Rock. The lioness's fur soaked, and they took it in, with welcome paws. They even nuzzled the rain, enjoying it so much. Some even drank the falling rain.

Nala and Sarabi stood near the steps that lead to the den, and noticed that Zira did her best to leave the den, with Nuka and Vitani, and Kovu hanging by the scruff of his neck, by Zira's teeth. She glared at Sarabi, even Nala, but joined her comrades, that retreated.

Nala then looked back, and saw Simba walking down the steps, limping a bit, but he would be just fine. She gently head butted Simba, as a warm greeting, and Simba did the same to his mother, right after. But the nuzzling had to wait, as Rafiki was there, and with out haste, summoned Simba over to him.

On his way to Rafiki, Simba thanked Timon and Pumbaa for helping him, and then finally approached Rafiki. Simba hugged Rafiki, with one fore paw, and Rafiki smiled. Patting Simba's back lightly. "It is time." Rafiki told Simba.

The old baboon then looked to Nala, motioning for her to follow Simba, for with out her, and her help, Simba would not be king. Nala took a deep breath and nodded. This was it, she was about to take her place, as Queen. She walked up the steps, as regally as possible. And then stood behind Simba. Simba walked up first, slowly, and she did the same. Simba had his head down, nervous. The rain pouring over them.

Simba and Nala stood at the end of the promontory, Simba looked up to the sky, Nala soon did the same, and saw that the clouds parted. Revealing the actual sky, for the first time in the Pride Lands. The rain was beginning to wash away Scar's reign, and bring in new ruler's. Simba let out a mighty roar, then Nala followed suit. Reclaiming their land, at long last.

The lioness who stood by their side, soon roared along with them. Zira and the others who joined Scar, saw this as a time to leave, and so they did.

Months have passed and the Pride Lands finally received their rightful name. Grass grew back, water was available, and all the herd returned, after learning that Simba was alive, and took back his kingdom. Nala was in the den, she showed clear signs of being pregnant, and she was resting peacefully. Nala had a paw on her slightly bulgy belly, and caressed it lightly.

"My sweet little cub. I can't wait to show you this land, and teach you about the great Circle of Life." Nala whispered, as if her cub could hear. Somehow she knew that her cub knew what she meant, because it kicked lightly, and she felt over joyed, yet nervous. Hoping to raise this cub, to the best of her abilities.

With Rafiki's help, they could figure out the gender of the cub. The cub was male, and Simba and Nala already decided a name for him. Kopa. Nala looked out the den, and recalled all the events in her life, so far. Those months ago, when they reclaimed the Pride Lands. But of course, with no sacrifice, their can be no victory.

Adia didn't make it. That made Sarafina depressed for days, but Sarabi offered Sarafina to join her on leaving the Pride Lands. And so, Sarafina took Mheetu with her and Sarabi, and they left the Pride Lands. Sarabi felt that Nala and Simba could take much care for the Pride Lands, with out her help.

Nala then returned her gaze to her furry belly, and purred happily. Kopa, her son was next in line to be king...The Circle of Life continued with his birth...His birth was a very welcomed one, by all the animals of the Pride Lands. They cheered, and bowed to their future king. And a new chapter in Simba and Nala's life, was about to begin.