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Prologue: Prelude of the Blitzkrieg

Marco opened the door to his room while holding a bowl of popcorn in one hand and two cans of coke in another. He walked over to his computer and sat in the tall leather seat, then set the round wooden bowl and the aluminum cans to his side. "Time to get to work…" He said to himself. Unbeknownst to the Regular Army, Marco was an adept computer programmer, and specialized in creating viruses. He loved to upload his virus onto the internet and see how it would fare against other viruses as well as security systems. However, there was one he released unintentionally, and to this day, he is grateful that no one found out he was the one who did it. For now, he doesn't want to explain how he had infiltrated the highest echelons of security, gained top secret information, destroyed the Army's server, and launched a nuclear missile to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

However, Marco Rossi rarely found the time to work on his viruses, or sit in front of his computer for that matter due to the number of wars that broke out. As the leader of the Peregrine Falcons, the Special Forces unit of the Regular Army, Marco and his squad were always sent to the hotspots of each war. He had seen his fair share of battles throughout his employment in the Peregrine Falcons, but all of it was just time consuming. There was never any chance to work on perfecting his viruses, nor was there time to just kick back and relax like any regular citizen. However, with the latest threat by the Ptoletmic Army averted, Marco was glad to find himself sitting in front of the computer and looking over his program, especially after the months of mind-numbingly filling out paperwork after the war had ended.

As he opened the file and looked over his code to refresh his memory, Marco grabbed a handful of popcorn and shoved it into his mouth, chewing noisily in the process. The flaky bits of the food dropped onto his scarlet red vest and his grey pants, but it was nothing that a good swiping could take care of later. He began to type in the next commands, slowly at first then gaining speed as he remembered his plan. Soon, it was only the hum of the computer screen, the incessant typing, and the occasional chewing of popcorn and sipping of soda that filled the room with noise. The blonde-haired major continued to type in the next lines when all of a sudden, the phone rang.

Marco sighed with disgust. "What now?" He pushed the chair away from the desk and headed for the phone hanging on the wall. "Hello?"

"Marco is that you?" A female voice asked.

The major recognized the voice immediately. "Hi Fio."

"Marco, I'm sorry to bother you right now, but I think you have to see this." Fio stated. The major detected a sense of urgency in her voice.

"What is it?"

"I'll tell you once I get there; Eri and I are on the way now."

"Okay, I'll see you then." Marco said, and after a goodbye, he hung up the phone. He returned to his desk and sighed. "So much for free time…" After finishing the remaining popcorn, the blonde-haired major saved his program and turned off his computer. He quickly swiped off the remaining food on his clothes and after composing himself in front of a mirror, walked out of the room, leaving it in complete darkness.

The door slammed as Nadia Cassel walked into her townhouse. In her hands was a small cake and after removing her shoes from her feet, she set it on the nearby table, along with her purse and her keys. "I'm home!" She called, but she received no answer. 'Guess he must've gone out' the pink-haired woman thought. She picked up the cake and brought it to the kitchen, setting it gently on a table while grabbing a plate and a small fork. Nadia popped open the clear-plastic cover and after a moment of eyeing the beautiful sweet, she carefully cut a slice, leaving an empty portion in the once perfect whole. She then cut a piece of the chocolate ice cream cake and took a bite, enjoying the taste on her palette and moaning quietly in response.

Suddenly, two hands came before her face and shielded her eyes, to which Nadia responded with a smile as she swallowed the delicious cake. "Good morning Nadia." A familiar voice said playfully.

Nadia responded with a giggle. "Trevor…" She slapped his hands gently with the fork to which he responded by pulling away. She pulled her head back to see the silver-haired Korean standing behind him, garbed in a simple white shirt and dark blue jeans. Despite his discolored hair, Trevor Spacey was actually in his early twenties, he had dyed his hair long ago upon a friend's suggestion, which to his relief, actually made him look better.

Trevor looked down at Nadia's smiling figure, taking note of her pink t-shirt which had exposed her navel. Since the two had taken leave together, she had been dressing more scantily than usual, obviously due to the hot climate in California and to entertain Trevor as well. They had gotten close to each other after the Amadeus War when the two were reassigned to other duties, Trevor to cyber defense and Nadia to defensive analysis. Since then, the two had been promoted to the rank of lieutenant and sergeant respectively, but that didn't mean they didn't send each other e-mails when they were not busy. Eventually it escalated up to the point where they visited each other without announcement, but by then, no one really cared since the relationship wasn't hidden from the Peregrine Falcons or the Sparrows Intelligence.

The Korean pulled his hands off, but not before running them through the French's strawberry pink hair. "Sorry, you willing to share some of that cake Nads?" he asked politely.

"Well…" she paused…Nadia was hoping Trevor would share it with her, but that didn't mean that she could play a bit. "I could use some help finishing it."

Trevor chuckled and pulled up a seat across from her, along with a plate and fork of his own. He took a slice out of the cake and slowly began eating it while Nadia did the same. "I thought you said you were watching your weight Nads."

Nadia shook her head. "I think after eating nothing but rations for six months I deserve something sweet."

Trevor nodded. "Good point. Those guys at high command really need to get some higher quality food."

"Did you ever try the yogurt? My god…It's like you're eating soup that tastes like sour milk with bits of old cheese." Nadia winced at the thought, glad now that she was actually eating a delicious dairy product.

Trevor chuckled. "You should try the steak next time. I'll bet twenty bucks that they keep them stockpiled for years after a war ends."

Nadia made a grimaced but laughed all the same. She was just glad she finally got away from those horrible rations; in fact she partly believed they were the reason why she had lost some weight while under service. She scooped up another bit of cake but Trevor stopped her. "Hey Nads, you got some cake on your face." Before she could ask, he stood up. "Allow me…" He slowly walked up, leaned toward her face, then planted a small kiss on her cheek and licked it gently.

"That was really corny Trevor." Nadia responded as she reveled in the feeling of his tongue caressing her cheek.

Trevor stopped momentarily. "Is it working?" Nadia quickly answered that with a passionate kiss. Her sudden force caught Trevor by surprise but he quickly returned it with the same fervor. The pink-haired French stood up and pushed her body against the silver-haired Korean's as her arms wrapped around his back and neck. She allowed her tongue to move freely and gently licked his lips, asking for entrance into his mouth. Trevor opened his mouth and Nadia's tongue slipped through, lapping around his mouth and tangling with his own tongue. As the two shared the French kiss, Trevor gently pushed against Nadia, causing her to step back and reach for a support. He stopped when her back hand reached the refrigerator, and then he put more force into the kiss. Their tongues tangoed more fervently than before, then finally broke the kiss and gasped for air.

The two were tinged with a light blush and as they slowly caught their breath, Trevor placed one hand above her head while the other slowly snaked up Nadia's stomach. He then moved upward gradually, enticing a smile on her face. "Aren't you glad we took that week's leave Nadia?" Trevor whispered into her ear as his hand sneaked underneath her shirt.

Nadia elicited a light moan as Trevor teased her upper body, caressing her breasts through her bra under the shirt. "Mmm…yea…" She flexed her back and continued to moan as her lover continued his antics, teasing her through her shirt with his hand. Nadia reached for the ceiling and threw her head back, to which Trevor took the opportunity to dot her neck with light kisses. However, after a few seconds, he stopped. Nadia opened her eyes and watched curiously, still breathing heavily from her arousal.

"What's wrong Trevor?"

The silver-haired Korean was silent. "Nadia…Did you feel that?"

Before Nadia could respond, she felt a small rumble tinge her back, however, to her surprise, it didn't fade like an aftershock. Along with that, she heard what sounded like a motor from outside, it was quiet at first, but it slowly grew louder and louder. Trevor's expression went from suspicion to concern as he pushed away from the wall and walked to the window. Nadia watched him as he scanned from side to side, checking as far as the window would allow him. She noted the rumbling had increased, and the noise had gotten even louder as well, and it sounded all too familiar. "Trevor, what's wrong?"

"Nads, you brought your stuff with you right?"

Nadia nodded. "Yeah, it's upstairs in my room."

"Good. Grab your gun; we gotta get out of here." Trevor said as he watched several men, garbed in a familiar green military uniform carrying carbine rifles, and following behind them, several small grey tanks.

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