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Chapter 3: Enter the Dragonfly

The Regular Army transport coptor hovered carefully over the landing pad, only inches from touching the ground. The pilot carefully descended onto the gigantic circle and after a light 'thump', he shot a thumbs up to the back. "Alright, we're clear." He said over the static headset. The side door slid open and two soldiers, a man and a woman hopped out of the transport. The male was well-built and had short, spiked black hair. He landed with a grunt and got down on one knee, letting his cargo pants touch gently with the structure of the landing pad. The female meanwhile had a petite build and a head of strawberry red hair. Her open pink vest flapped about wildly underneath the rotors, unlike the male's whose blue vest was closed securely around his chest.

"Well, looks like we're here." He said, looking around at the new site. Despite his demeanor, he was nervous to meet his superiors, especially Major Marco Rossi.

"Yeah. Can't wait to get started…" The female said a little more confidently. She closed her pink vest and walked away from the coptor alongside her companion. The two walked away from the coptor, their hands over their ears to prevent them from being damaged by the loud thrashing engine. Once they were on the landing strip, they walked toward a small jeep parked on a side street, where Tarma Roving and Eri Kasumoto waited. Tarma tinkered around with a motorcycle part while Eri polished her revolver for what had to be the fourth time today, but when she looked back and saw the two recruits, she gave her friend a sharp nudge.

"Guess that's them." Eri said as she holstered her pistol.

"Yeah." The two stepped out and walked to the back of the jeep, the two veterans side by side as the new soldiers approached. They watched as they stopped before them and saluted.

"Corporal Walter Ryan reporting for duty sir!" The male said proudly.

"Corporal Tyra Elson reporting for duty sir!" The female said just as proudly.

Tarma and Eri returned the salute, both with serious expressions but smiling inwardly. "At ease." The Sparrow said seriously.

"We'll explain the details during the debriefing, so we got to hurry. Come on, into the jeep." Tarma stated. The two returned with a quiet 'yes sir' and got into the back while Tarma and Eri sat in the driver and passenger sides respectively. With a turn of the engine, they were off to the main building, where Major Marco Rossi, Sergeant Fiolina Germi, and hopefully, Lieutenant Trevor Spacey and Sergeant Nadia Cassel were waiting. The ride went on in silence, neither of the soldiers engaging in conversation. Eri went on cleaning her revolver and examining the rounds while Tarma of course continued driving. Walter and Tyra looked to the sides of the jeep and watched the scenes pass by, the two spotting numerous Regular Army buildings and vehicles. However, despite this silence, all four of them were excited, the veterans in seeing how well these new corporals measured up compared to the rumors, and the greenhorns for their first assignment since their intensive initiation.




Deathly groans rang out as three of Nadia's bullets hit their mark, killing the guardsmen of a local convenience stand. She changed her run to a sidestep, squeezing off the remainder of her rounds into enemy soldiers on the walkways before she took cover behind the shopping stand. Close behind, Trevor fired continuously as he sprinted toward her, his body positioned toward the source of cover while he aimed for the soldiers to the side. After shooting five times, he dove behind the stand, making a slide across the floor and barely avoiding a round aimed for his foot. With his back to the wall he carefully peered to the side, then took aim and took care of another two soldiers. He then pulled his head back and removed his bag from his shoulders.

"So where's that door?" Trevor asked as he began to pull out a second knife and duct tape.

Nadia looked over the stand, careful to avoid being hit by a stray bullet. "You know how the pathways converge near the middle?" She asked. The pathways separated into individual 'left' and 'right' paths at the edges of the mall, but they converged into a small platform near the middle, where customers could normally cross the median to get to a shop on the other side.

Trevor held the knife's hilt in his mouth as he began to cut the duct tape. "Yeah I know." He said muffled.

"We take the right pathway after the two converge again. The door looks like a regular security door, but there's no lock so we should be fine." As she said this, Trevor placed the tape on the knife's hilt and began to wrap it around the heel end of his shoe.

"Alright. You want to take the left or the right path before we reach the platform?" Trevor asked as he swung his bag onto his shoulders. The two paths were obviously going to be problems because of the sudden influx of soldiers. The Rebellion hadn't expected anybody to come in from a side entrance, and the soldiers positioned by the main entrances had begun to regroup and change position.

As he asked this, Nadia pulled out a piece of strawberry-watermelon flavored gum. "I guess we should take the-"



The two darted their heads up and saw three soldiers hiding amongst the wardrobes in the clothes outlet, armed with the new submachine guns. Bullets rained upon the shopping stand and the two soldiers instinctively lunged to the side, Trevor on the left and Nadia on the right. As Trevor landed with a hard 'oomph' against the polished floor, he grabbed an SMG next to a dead soldier and sprayed at the three in the clothing outlet, killing them quickly. More gunfire hailed on him from behind, and it was at that point that both he and Nadia realized they'll have to go their separate ways.

Nadia quickly got back on her feet and fired her revolver with pinpoint accuracy, all the while advancing across the walkways. Trevor did the same from the left side, but up ahead, he noticed soldiers advancing with riot shields. "Oh great…Nads! I hope you still have that taser!" He shouted across the room.

The French Sparrow shoat a thumbs up and as she took cover behind a wall, she quickly reloaded her gun. She then fished into her pack and pulled out her taser, the melee weapon she preferred over the traditional hatchet for the Sparrows. She recocked her revolver and prepared to move forward, the firearm in one hand and the taser in the other. However, just as she made four steps across the walkway, there was a loud, earth-shattering boom. "Whoooooa!" Nadia lost her balance and fell on her bottom, the walkway shaking uncontrollably. She struggled to get back on her feet but she fell onto the floor once again. The ground felt incredibly unstable, each step making a small crack on the floor.

Trevor felt the shock too, but his wasn't as severe as Nadia's was. As he struggled to maintain his balance, all the while firing rapidly at the oncoming riot soldiers, he saw from his right, down on the first floor, a small, blackish brown tank. One of the pillars supporting a section of the walkway had been shattered completely, and the tank was readjusting its barrel at an adjacent pillar. Oh no… "Nads! Get out of there!" But it was too late. The tank fired once more and destroyed the second pillar. Nadia felt the same shockwave again, but along with it, she heard something give way. Suddenly, she felt a strange sensation, almost as if she was flying. Her feet were still on the walkway but she didn't feel like she was on the ground anymore. That's when the loud 'THUMP' woke her from her daze. As the dust settled and the walkway debris rested, she saw that she was no longer on the second floor…she was on the first. "Shit…" Trevor opened fire on the tank that was just in front of his lover. He deliberately sprayed all over the tank with the enemy weapon, desperate to destroy it before it could fire again. To his left, he noticed the enemy soldiers continuing to close in, and he quickly got behind a wall to avoid the enemy SMG fire. "Damn…" He pulled out a grenade from his pocket and tossed it in their direction, and once he saw the flash of red and orange, the firing stopped. A loud clattering caught his attention and he noticed a titanium shield on the ground. He quickly grabbed it and pulled it over his left arm, just in time to block a few extra shots by the surviving foot soldiers.

Meanwhile, Nadia had recovered from her fall and she watched as the tank, towering above her by several feet, readjusted its barrel toward her. She slowly got up and looked directly at the tank, watching as the barrel locked on her exactly. She gulped and grabbed her revolver, aiming it at the tank with much hesitation. The weapon obviously wasn't going to destroy the tank, but 'you never know until you try' she recalled to herself as the memory of Major Rossi destroying a tank completely with pistol rounds came to mind. Besides, she heard all the submachine gun bullets enter the tank…so there was a chance…a small chance…She gulped and firmly set her hand on the trigger, then with a squeeze, fired a single bullet.


Nadia braced as the explosion occurred right before her eyes. 'Oh my God, it actually worked!' was the only thought that ran through her head, but as the smoke cleared, she saw Trevor standing on the upper walkway. The submachine gun was in his left hand along with the shield, and in his right, she noticed the football-shaped grenade. A sense of relief and disappointment came over her upon seeing it. He must have thrown a grenade at the tank just before it fired, almost at the exact instant that she fired her revolver.

"You alright?" Trevor asked, lowering the second grenade in his hand, the first one being the one he threw.

Nadia nodded and lowered her revolver. "Yeah I'm fine." She suddenly raised it and squeezed off two rounds, killing a soldier heading toward the Korean Falcon.

Trevor instinctively looked to the left and switched the weapon back to his right hand, using his left hand once again to block the incoming bullets. As he did so, he noticed soldiers beginning to move in on the Sparrow's position, and sprayed the SMG across the floor to the left and right. Nadia's attention changed as well, and she quickly picked off the remaining soldiers that Trevor had missed. The two resumed their rush toward the door, Trevor making his way over the walkways while Nadia pushed through the first floor. The Falcon soon emptied the clip and tossed the SMG to the side. He then sprinted to the new group of riot soldiers and collided into them, using his shield as a ram. The soldiers blocked off his rush with their shields, but none of them were prepared for what he did next.

Trevor saw an opening in the ranks and pulled out his combat knife. He quickly jabbed the unfortunate soldier in his side and then slashed across his face, causing him to fall dead with a groan. The other men prepped their weapons but he prevented them from firing. Upon killing the first man, he moved into the line and gave a strong 'WHAM' to the man on his left. The impact from the shield caused him to drop his weapon and fall onto his fellow soldiers, briefly disarming them. As for the right, Trevor gave a quick elbow to the chest, followed by a slash of his knife over his neck. He then pushed away the dying soldier and swiftly raised his right foot, letting his knife cut vertically over the next soldier's body. Afterward, he swiftly returned his right foot to the ground and pivoted, sending a strong back kick to him and hurtling him down to the first floor. Footsteps caught his attention, and he saw the remaining two soldiers now at the side, where his shield wouldn't protect him from the gunfire. He quickly pulled out his pistol and took care of the first man, while the second man moved in with his machete. The soldier was ballistic. He swung the sword here and there as he attempted to kill the Falcon. However, Trevor dodged and blocked each attack, using the bulletproof shield to bounce off some attacks while he ducked and sidestepped others. Finally, when another vertical attack came in, he pushed against the blade as it impacted his shield. He then turned to the side and swiftly swung his right foot, the blade cutting across the swordsman's chest. Barely a second later, he executed another back kick, sending the soldier across the floor and to death from his chest wound. He quickly grabbed the machete and continued onward, moving over the walkways swiftly toward the escalator across the mall, and closest to the door.

Nadia constantly let rounds fly as she moved across the first floor. She easily killed the first three soldiers that came her way and continued to move across the mall easily. A close range soldier came up out of surprise, but she quickly subdued him with the taser, sending over 600,000 volts into his body. He shuddered and vibrated before falling to the ground, immobile, and the Sparrow took up his weapon, the submachine gun. She suddenly hopped back from ricocheting bullets, the burst barely missing her and looked up at a soldier on the walkway. The soldier aimed but Nadia quickly fired back, easily killing him and causing his lifeless body to fall with a thud onto the floor. The girl continued to move on, taking cover behind various debris and buildings, while picking off soldiers from a distance. However, at one point, a familiar sound made her stop…The engine of a tank. Up ahead, near the escalator and broken stairway, there was that machine of war, the same design of the one that nearly took her life. Though, it looked bigger than before. She squinted and looked hard at the discrepancy, and to her surprise, it was another tank. Two tanks were stationed just before the escalator, and one tank was hard enough to get past alone.

"Damn…" She cursed. She also spotted the normal Rebellion soldiers walking about, but they were of meager concern when compared to the dual tanks. Nadia remained in a crouched position and ran forward, hiding behind every wall, every sign, everything she could find. She didn't want to go through the entire group if she could avoid them, and that's what she was hoping for. Slowly, she made her way to the tanks, and from there, contemplated on her next course of action. Meanwhile, Trevor moved on over the walkways, jumping past fallen soldiers and slicing through the others that have survived. However, as he ran across the walkways, he felt a strong rumble just below his feet.

"Aaa-aaah!" He felt onto the floor and looked to the side. To his right, there were two tanks, both of which were aimed for him. Without hesitation, he pulled a grenade and threw it at one of the tanks, but at that exact moment, the same tank fired at the walkway. Another strong rumble occurred, and the next thing he knew, the floor tilted 45 degrees, causing Trevor to slide off of the destroyed walkway and onto the floor. He dropped the machete and covered his head for oncoming debris, the pieces of the shattered walkway barely missing him. Nadia heard the blast, and noticed all the soldiers' attention turned to Trevor. The tank had been destroyed by the combined blast of the grenade and its artillery fire, so there was only one tank left. She quickly slipped past the guards as they were focused on apprehending her comrade and made it behind the other tank, undetected. 'Just hold on Trevor…'

Trevor slowly got onto his feet but by that time, he was surrounded by enemy soldiers. From all sides they moved in, each of them shouting commands for him to disarm and put his hands in the air. With no other option, the Falcon complied, dropping his shield, his pistol, and his knife. He still had his backpack on, and just as he was about to slip it off of his shoulders, a familiar song began to play from it.

This is the last part of the final chorus movement of the Advent Children mix of 'One Winged Angel' by Nobuo Uematsu.

Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili

(Qui mortem invitavis,)
Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili.
(Poena funesta natus,)
Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili.
(Noli nomen vocare.)

Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili.
(Ille iterum veniet.)

"Sephiroth!" The Rebellion soldiers looked stupidly at their comrade who shouted the word. The single man looked about. "What? It's "One Winged Angel"! You know…DUN DUM DUN DUM DUN DUM!" The song played once again from Trevor's backpack, the same lyrics playing through in a loop. As that was happening, Trevor noticed the tank on his left approaching menacingly, its cannon aimed directly for him. The music seemed to fit eerily with his dilemma. He was surrounded by Rebellion soldiers, and coming to finish him off was the huge tank. What better song to play than the last lines from 'One Winged Angel' for his imminent doom. He looked at the soldiers and slowly, he reached into his bag and pulled out his cell phone, the source of the song. The Final Fantasy ring tone continued, but instead of answering it, Trevor threw it across the ground, proving that it wasn't a bomb or anything. The song continued to play for a few seconds then finally ceased.

The Falcon held his ground with his hands raised, waiting for the inevitable. Suddenly, the tank's bearing changed. It made a 'whir' as the cannon aimed for the multitude of soldiers, catching the soldiers by surprise. What happened next was even more shocking…the tank fired into the middle of the soldiers, killing the majority of them. "What the hell?!" One soldier shouted. He immediately opened fire on the vehicle but he was quickly run over. The tank readjusted its heading once more and fired again, killing the remaining soldiers who attempted to defy it. Once the dust cleared, Trevor Spacey was the only one who was still alive, standing dumbfounded at the tank. He heard his cell phone again, the same ring tone, as well as a 'twist' from the war machine. The hatch from the tank opened, and out popped Nadia, holding her cell phone and looking angrily at the lieutenant.

"Pick up your goddamn phone!" She shouted. The cell phone was still ringing, and Trevor ran over to grab it, along with the rest of his arsenal. He tapped the button and put the phone to his ear.


"GET ON THE TANK TREVOR!" The conversation cut off at that moment, the gunshots hailing down on him once more. He returned fire with his Murder and blocked off some attacks with his shield. Nadia fired against the riot soldiers above her and ducked into her tank to avoid some of the shots. She saw Trevor begin to climb up onto the tank toward the hatch, so she ducked down to let him in. Once the lieutenant entered, he closed and locked the hatch, sitting in the back of the rather, spacious vehicle, at least, compared to the Metal Slug tanks. "Hey, I found this in the backseat." Nadia pulled up a machine gun from the floor.

"I gotcha, but provide a cover shot." Nadia nodded and set the tank to reverse. She changed her heading so that the tank now faced the upper walkways on the second floor and fired a single shot. A loud explosion accompanied, along with some rumbling and falling debris. As that occurred, Trevor opened the hatch and set up the machine gun. He pointed upward and shot the weapon in short bursts, aiming at the remaining soldiers on the walkways. The disorientation from Nadia's tank had worked to his advantage, and as the soldiers attempted to get back up and fight, they fell to a flurry of rounds. Trevor turned the gun here and there as Nadia drove closer and closer toward the escalator, almost climbing it at one point with the tank treads. Groans and screams filled the mall as bursts of gunfire echoed through the halls. The lieutenant continued to fire at the soldiers on the walkways, the bullets easily penetrating many of the walls and barriers. The tank had finally stopped, and inside, the Sparrow pulled a red lever and pushed it back in.

"Self-Destruct in five seconds!" She shouted. The two quickly hopped out of the tank and took cover behind a local sitting area. The place was on a lowered level, and the walls provided significant cover from the blast. A few seconds later, an earth-shattering rumble and an ear-piercing blast filled the room. The floor shook for several seconds and red and orange lights were visible over the walls. Trevor and Nadia braced by the wall, both with their backs to the wall and heads to their chests. The shockwave lasted for five seconds, and afterward, all was silent. The two cautiously looked up, and indeed, the mall was in ruins. The gunfire was not present, nor was the hum of the tank's motor. It was completely silent. Nadia sighed as she and Trevor began to make their way to the elevator. "Oh, I loved shopping here."

"They will repair it Nadia." Trevor consoled.

"Yeah, but it's not going to be the same as I remembered." They climbed up the now, broken escalator and headed for the door. Along the way, they both noticed four submachine guns, and for safe keeping, both took two each. They headed for the security door to the side and began the climb to the roof. They ran up the stairwell for several minutes, both of them careful for any lingering resistance. Thankfully, nothing of the sort came, and they reached the door to the roof with no trouble. A loud jet engine was the first thing they heard, and upon opening the door, they could clearly see the war torn city. Buildings and streets were devastated, vehicles lay abandoned and destroyed, and smoke climbed into the air abundantly. Far in the distance, the two could distant gunfire. They looked toward the ocean and saw several Regular Army fighter planes, all of which seeming to hover by the harbor.

"About time backup arrived." Trevor said as he watched.

"Yeah but where's our ride?" Nadia asked. At that moment, they heard the low hum of a helicopter. The two turned around and saw, coming in the distance, a Regular Army transport coptor. With little armament, it made up for its lack of fire with its speed.

"Lieutenant Spacey," The voice boomed over a loudspeaker on the transport. "Sergeant Cassel?" The two gave a wave of their hand, the dual machine guns still in their hands. "Alright, make some space." The coptor approached the middle of the roof and slowly began its descent. The rotors grew louder as it descended, but suddenly, a missile flew in from behind, barely missing the transport by a matter of inches. "Whoa!" The coptor ascended once more and turned to the side. "What the hell was that?" The transport regained altitude and hovered over the rooftop carefully. As for Trevor and Nadia, they heard another helicopter, but it didn't sound like anything they heard before. The 'rotors' sounded more like high frequency waves, and although it was definitely a coptor, it sounded more like a plane. The sound grew louder and louder by the second, and finally, over the edge of the building, they saw four steel wings, 'flapping' rapidly. The vehicle presented itself, dragonfly like in design, with the four steel wings replacing the rotors and accompanied by twin jets on the underside. Underneath the large 'compound eyes' of the coptor was a small minigun, and a little further back, a 'rack' was attached with dual missile launchers. They could faintly see a 'tail' for this dragonfly helicopter, but they had no idea what kind of function it held.

The coptor's jet engines turned to the side, and after a loud whine, they came to life. The coptor burst forth with sudden acceleration, the steel wings straightened and ready to slash through the two soldiers. "Get down!" Nadia complied with Trevor's order and the two ducked under the swift steel dragonfly. The wings barely missed them and the dragonfly flew past them. It then executed a U-turn, the engines shifting direction again so that the coptor would hover upon turning. It hovered ominously before them, seemingly watching them with the compound eyes. The two got back onto their feet and eyed the vehicle, their dual machineguns at the ready. "You know what this means Nads…"

"Of course Trev…"

"Fire!" The two unleashed the barrage from their weapons at the coptor. Neither of them cared for burst fire, instead going for an all out spray on the dragonfly helicopter. As the transport coptor flew about cautiously, the enemy vehicle climbed high into the sky. It then changed its orientation to the side, and once again straightened its wings. Sunlight reflected off of the steel apparitions as the dragonfly steadied itself, and as more of the bullets embedded into the structure, the jets once again came to life. "Watch out!" Trevor and Nadia jumped to the side as the coptor zoomed by, the wings leaving an imposing scratch mark across the roof. Once it flew across the roof, it executed a barrel roll and leveled itself off. It flew back toward the roof, all the while taking damage from the four SMGs. The tail end curled downward like a scorpion's, and at the end, the two soldiers could see a large hole at the end of the hollow structure.

A puff of flame was all it took to warn the two soldiers of what's to come. In the second burst, a large, devouring flame came to life and reached across the rooftop. The tail moved from one side to another as it burned everything in its path, the pilot attempting to burn Trevor and Nadia alive. The two continued to fire, all the while moving to the side and jumping over the imposing flame when possible. Neither of them was hurt, save for some slight burns. The tail returned to its original position and the dragonfly flew slightly higher, all the while on the receiving end of numerous bullets. It released a missile barrage, the high-velocity weaponry swiftly closing in on the two soldiers. "Shit!" Nadia aimed for the missiles and took them out as they approached. Meanwhile, Trevor dodged them to the best of his ability, sidestepping, jumping, ducking, and even arching his back close to the ground for the last one approaching. The dragonfly was pulling up again and hovering over the roof, but by this time, it had already taken too much damage. It desperately let loose another barrage of gunfire, but Trevor and Nadia were already busy putting in the last nails to the coffin, and with the sound of an explosion, the dragonfly lost control, and crash landed on the roof. The tail end exploded and a small fire broke out, followed by an even larger explosion.

"Alright, good work." The voice boomed over the megaphone. The transport coptor slowly descended and turned to the side. The two opened the door and hopped into the coptor, and the transport was off. However, the broken dragonfly's engine turned over, but neither Trevor, Nadia, nor the pilot had noticed. Ten seconds into the flight, Trevor suddenly looked up, suddenly unbuckling his seat belt.

"What is it?" Nadia asked, noting his facial expression.

"Do you hear that?"

The Sparrow listened, and heard the high-frequency rotors of the dragonfly. "You've got to be kidding me…"

"What's up?" The pilot asked.

"Go faster." Trevor simply stated.

"Huh?" Suddenly another missile zoomed by, the pilot once again narrowly escaping death. "Whoa! Hold on!" The helicopter banked sharply to the right. Nadia screamed as she tumbled to the side while Trevor grasped two handles and attempted to steady himself. The clattering of equipment slamming into the coptor was harsh on the Falcon and Sparrow's ears, the two wincing as guns, ammo, and maintenance items slammed to the right of the coptor. The transport soon leveled off, and after she got back onto her feet, Nadia opened the side door. Her hair batted wildly as she looked out, spotting the dragonfly helicopter pursuing them. It was heavily damaged, but it still had life in it to pursue via the jet engines and two working wings. Nadia attempted to aim with her revolver, but the sheer force of the wind and the position made it impossible to clearly hit the pursuing vehicle.

She fired twice, but both missed. "Damn it!" She aimed but again, missed. "I can't get a clear shot."

As she continued to fire, Trevor looked down, his feet shuffling on the round hatchway. The hatch was normally used for transporting soldiers to the ground via a rope, but this gave him an idea. He looked on one of the equipment racks and grabbed a pair of goggles and a coil of rope. He hastily put on the safety belt, tied off the rope to a hook, and grabbed a machine gun nearby. He was thankful the pilot was smart enough to arm himself, and after loading the weapon, he walked over and tapped his shoulder. "Hey, open up the hatch."

"What?" He asked.

"Open the hatch!" Trevor shouted.

Nadia looked at Trevor as the hatch was being opened. "Trevor, what are you doing?" As if answering her question he prepared to jump, but suddenly, the coptor swerved again. Another missile zoomed by, barely missing them once more. Nadia screamed as she suddenly found herself almost tumbling out of the helicopter.

"Nads!" Trevor grabbed her hand and held onto the edge, gripping the handle as hard as he could. He held Nadia in one hand while he gripped onto a handle in the other. As Nadia dangled dangerously outside the coptor, it began to level off. She still held onto the revolver in her hand and unleashed the remaining rounds on the coptor, of which only two made their mark. He finally pulled her up and closed the door. "You okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine." She replied.

"Alright." Trevor grasped the machine gun and jumped through the hatchway. The rope tightened after he fell about five feet below the coptor, giving him a clear view of the enemy vehicle. "Chew on this!" He pulled the trigger and let loose a barrage of bullets. The rounds embedded and ricocheted on the weakened coptor, slowly destroying it with each additional hit. The dragonfly lowered itself and aimed with the gun on its nose, the one soldier dangling below the coptor in clear view. It let loose a hail of rounds but Trevor quickly swung himself on the rope, using the techniques he had learned from the last Amadeus mission. He aimed and continued to fire, all the while dodging the bullets from the dragonfly. A short while after, he heard a scream, and the next thing he knew, Nadia was next to him. Her hair was flying as wildly as his own, and she was wearing the same pair of goggles as he was and held a similar machine gun.

"Didn't think you were going to hog all the fun were you?" She asked. Trevor only smiled and resumed fire. Nadia accompanied as well, and the two were swiftly bringing damage to the dragonfly coptor. The enemy attempted another barrage of bullets, but once again, the two dodged by swinging to the side. It fired another two missiles, but the transport pilot had already detected it on the radar. He made another sharp turn, swinging the two soldiers in the process, and the Falcon and the Sparrow destroyed the missiles as they approached. The hail of bullets never let up from the two soldiers, and slowly, the coptor was beginning to die. It was slowing down and having trouble with its elevation, just a little more.

"Now's our chance! Give it all you got!" The two let loose a barrage straight for the compound eyes. They hardly let up as the desperate rounds from the dragonfly whizzed by them. It was almost done, just a little more.


The compound eyes exploded and the dragonfly flew erratically. The steel wings slowly stopped and the jet engines combusted. They watched as the dragonfly descended to the ground, exploding upon impact with the street. For a moment everything was silent, the two just dangling under the coptor from the ropes. They watched the ground down below as they breathed deeply, catching their breath during that harrowing fight.

Trevor slowly started to chuckle. "What's so funny?" Nadia asked, looking over, slowly starting to laugh as well.

"Ah nothing." He said with a sigh. He gave the Sparrow a light kiss. "Good work Nads. Thanks a lot."

"No problem." The ropes slowly started to climb back into the coptor, and once the two reentered the transport, the hatch closed. It flew off swiftly for the base, where the rest of the Peregrine Falcons and the Sparrows would be waiting.


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