Safe Keeping


Author's note: Hi! If you like romance, suspense, mystery, and drama this is the story to read! I was inspired by all the stories out there that had teacher and student love. Well I noticed that there aren't many as Syaoran being a teacher and Sakura being the student. So here's Sakura's story of a simple teacher student bond became more then that.

Summary: When Sakura's mother got a promotion, they move to a big city. Now Sakura is going to a school for Geniuses. But there's one little thing weirder than her new school… Her 2-year older teacher! So Sakura is writing about her life with her new teacher.

Chapter 1: A new begging

I, Sakura Kinomoto, do not like arrogant, rude, players, obnoxious, players, selfish, (and did I mention players?) kind of boys. I like sweet, caring, kind, gentle, and selfless boys. Well it's bad enough that I fell in love with someone in the bad category, but what's worse is… he was in love with me too.

I hate to think that if my mom never got that stupid yet perfect promotion, then I would have never met him. I would have probably married a sweet guy. And lived happily ever after right? Well wrong. It's better to do than do nothing at all. At least that's what my mother said. But what does she mean by that?

Well diary, this is my story. The story that I will keep forever in my heart, mind, and soul. Or is it body? Oh well. I'm not perfect. So let's begin the story, shall we?

The story called, "Safe Keepings".

Yours truly,



I could feel the sun burning into my skin, for I was outside. Waiting for my mother to get home. I left my key on my night table and did not remember until I was in school and biting into my sandwich.

I sighed for the thousandth time.

Where is she? She's taking forever! Finally I hear the car drive into the garage. I jump up and run to her. When I see her smiling face, I know something happened. Something that I probably won't like happened.

My mom, Nadeshiko Kinomoto, was smiling like she just won a million dollars. She smiled with grace and opened her arms for a hug. I of course smiled from the reaction and returned the hug. She squeezed me a little bit too tight.

"Sweetie, guess what!" My mother said as she began to take her purse out of the car.

"What?" I ask as I help her bring in the groceries I saw peeking from the back.

"I got a promotion!" My mother squealed so loudly I had to cover my ears.

"Sorry sweetie pie. Let me tell you the story." She said as she fumbled in her purse searching for the house keys. When she finally finds it she opens the door and we both enter. She lays the bags on the counter and begins to put things away.

"Well sweetie, I was at work writing a final for Mr. King, well as soon as I finished, I was called to the top floor. I was thinking 'uh oh, what did I do? I must have done something to make Mr. King mad!' Well I waited outside of Mr. King's office for two whole hours. So I was having the nerves attack me and I wasn't sure if I could contain myself much longer. Than he opened his door and wanted me to come in. He told me to sit and he sat now waiting for something, I suppose. Then he said 'Nadeshiko, I am proud to say that you have been offered a position as my assistant. I am moving my business up a level.' And I was so happy that I was the one he chooses to be his assistant! Me a simple woman with one daughter that is an angel," I couldn't believe she called me an angel! She must really be happy.

"And a son who is away at college. I was overjoyed. I still am! So I took the offer without a second thought. We are moving to Tokyo!" As soon as mom said moving, I snapped.

"Moving?! What do you mean moving?" I demanded as I smacked my hands on top of the counter. Hard.

"We are moving to Tokyo. Don't put up such a fit, Sakura. You always tell me you have no friends here and you hate your classes. You always say Sakura, 'I wish we could move!' Well you finally got your wish." Mom said with a smug smile as she began to put the eggs in the fridge.

"Mom! That was when Dad was still alive!" I shouted. As soon as the words left my mouth, I regretted them. My mom's cheerful composure was turned upside down. Her glistening eyes began bleak with sadness. Her joyful look was replaced with such sadness; it hurt to even look at her.

My mother became really quiet not muttering a word as she gently placed the eggs on the fridge door.

"Mom, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so mean. It's just I grew so used to this life, It'll be hard to not having it anymore." I said quietly. I tucked my long chestnut colored hair behind me ear and stayed quiet.

"Sakura, open your mind to the possibilities! Don't run away from fear, face it and succeed over it." Mom said as she closed the fridge door and turned to look at me. I could see hurt in her eyes and I knew she was not mad at me but hurt for my father dieing.

I walked over and gave her a big hug. She returned it with full force.

"When are we moving?" I ask reluctantly. "In two days." I hear her mutter in my hair.

"Two Days?! How come you didn't say so earlier?" I asked as I then went into packing mode.

My mom began to laugh as she saw me panic. It takes a lot for me to panic. But thinking about all the things that might not come with me, I begin to panic.

"Hold on girlie, I have some cardboard boxes you can put your junk in." Mom said as she fished out the cardboard boxes.

"Mom! My stuff is not junk!" I complain as I find them in a bag before she does. I grab two and run up to my room. I then decide I should make a list.

I list all the important things like clothing, hairbrush and accessories, tooth supplies, and shoes.

So I label the first box Necessities- Sakura. I pack up the things and think of a label for the next box.

I began to pack things into the next box. Like CDs, DVDs, make-up, or anything else I could think of or pass by in my bedroom.

"Sakura! Your brother is on the line!" My mother yells from the kitchen. I smile and hurry to the phone in my bedroom.

"Ok mom." As soon as I say that I hear a click.

"Hey Sakura!" Touya said with false enthusiasm.

"Touya!" I said returning the falseness. I could hear a chuckle.

"Oo! Touya you have someone over?" I said with a giggle.

"It's only Kaho." He said defensively. I could tell he was blushing.

"Hi Saku!" Kaho squealed into the phone. "Hi, Ka-oh!" I said as I switched her two last letters. She laughed then said, "You're moving to Tokyo with your mom in two days right?" I nodded then remembered she couldn't see me and said, "Ya, now I'm going to see you!" I said now remembering Touya and Kaho live in Tokyo.

"Hey, you don't sound so happy to be moving. Mom said you went into defense mode." Touya said.

"Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't. Well I have to go. I have lots of things to pack! We only have two more days left of this place!" I said with a sigh.

"Don't sound so glum. You'll be happy here. I have a feeling you'll be happy here. Never doubt your brother." Touya said with a kind tone.

"Ya, ya. Don't go all I'm-the-best on me, now." I said as I sigh.

"Alright see ya later then." Touya said and Kaho squealed, "I can't wait until your arrival! We'll be going shopping together! Oh and don't forget that CD you told me about! I absolutely can't wait to hear it! Tootles, Saku!" Kaho said and before Sakura could say a word you could hear the phone shut off.

Sakura sighed with a smile. That Kaho always in a hurry.

It soon neared dinner time before I knew it. Mom made my favorite; chicken noodle soup.

Mom asked me a bunch of questions like you have to fill out this form for school; do you know where to get it? Or Did you finish packing your junk? And I stated that it wasn't junk. Or Can you help me with the rest of the house?

We stayed up till three o'clock in the morning and I was too tired to take a shower so I washed up and fell asleep on the bed forgetting to put the blanket over me.


Today was the last day I have in this town. I'm going to miss my house. And… well all I'm going to miss is my house. Now that I looked back I noticed mom sort of rubbed the 'not having friends' think in my face, last night.

I spent my day running around trying to help mom with the packing and loading it into the mover truck thing. Mom at eight o'clock ordered a moving truck thing, and was pleased to hear that one would be there by ten in the morning. That gave us two full hours to pack, which we only packed three boxes in those two hours.

I was thankful my mom didn't send me to school on my last day. She said later on she was going to my school to fill out the form and if they gave her any trouble she was going to tell them it was already too late. We're moving tomorrow.

I felt almost happy that we could start over. But it was mainly me who was starting over.

"Sakura, I'm going to your school now, ok? Will you be ok alone?" Mom asked kindly as she searched around for her shoes.

"Sure. I'll continue to pack."

She placed a big kiss on my cheek then took the keys and left.

As I said, I continued to pack the crystal things carefully into a bag instead of a box. When I finally finished mom returned with a frown and motioned me to give her some aspirin.

"Sakura, that school is full of meat brains! They told me it was supposed to be due a week before we moved! A week! I got so mad I by accidentally broke a priceless vase as the principle said. I said I was going to sue this school for horrible arrangement. Well they didn't like that and I was thrown out. I thankfully filled out the paper before I did or broke anything else." Mom said as she drank the two pills and closed her eyes.

"Well, mom I finished the packing and it's all ready to be put into the moving van thing." I said hoping she would feel better and get her happiness back. I guess that was too much to ask for.

She smiled at me. "Sakura, thank you but right now I need to rest. You know what instead I'll call movers to pack the stuff up." Mom dragged herself up and dialed the number.

I escaped to my room and fell asleep. I faintly heard my mom come into the room and put the blankets on me. But I was half asleep. I could have dreamed it. But I never know. Maybe just maybe, if I'm lucky enough, life will be better for me in Tokyo. Then as my brother said, maybe I'll find happiness. Not once has he been wrong about his hunches...


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