Her Beloved

Silent Ravencroft


It began in denial

"He is not dead."

She cooed softly

And the child believed.

"Just gone for a while."

A young voice spoke

"Will he come back?"

Her answer was quiet.

"I'm afraid not."

She did not cry

When the child was near

Holding in her tears

When alone

Her tears fell hard

Like a tropical rain

Nightmares haunted both

Pained calls through the night



Again she stood

Went to the child

Told her the same

"You'll see him again."

The youth was calmed

If just for a while

"Where has he gone?"

She stroked her babe's hair

The answer to her was sure

"To heaven with the angels."

The child was satisfied

She turned to leave

"How long?"

From the doorway she muttered

"When life is through."

An answer not fit for a child

But her daughter was calm

Days swept by and

Sprouting wings they flew

Becoming months

Then years

'Til the day when mothers

Both dread and yearn for

The day when their little birds

Leave the nest

On wings they made

Feather by feather

"I'll call you."

She smiled

Bringing her baby into a hug

"I'll wait by the phone."

Tears streamed down her face


The voice was innocent


Then her babe was gone

She was alone

But joyful

Joy, though, is short lived

College Student Killed In Fire

The headline made her cry

Unable to flee the flames

Dove Marie Logan

Burned to death

She stared in shock

Unable to move

Unable to cry

Unable to live

Stumbling to her room

She landed hard

Picked up their pictures

Looked at them both

The similarities

Green eyes stared at her

She choked back tears

Slid out a silver knife

Cut her life away

Her last cry reached the heavens

And she was lifted up

Landing on the perch of heaven

Across from her

A pretty dove

A handsome green hawk

Stepping forward

The raven returned

To her beloved