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::prologue : mixed feelings : multiple pov's::


Ahh, I'm so excited!

Okay, so that was ditzy, but I can't help it. I really am excited about this whole high school thing, and not just because I'm finally enrolled in an actual photography class. No more digital cameras – it's the real thing! With a dark room, and enlargers, and fixer… yeah, okay. I know I talk about photography too much.

Anyway, I'm just excited because there's going to be ALL this stuff you always hear of about high school! Like Homecoming, and Prom, even if, yeah, that's in two years, but oh well, and somewhere along the line I'll get my license… Ugh, and here I am rambling.

Okay, I'm going to try and be mature about this. I will not act like a stereotypical teenage girl who likes pink. I will not shriek and giggle when I see my friends, not that I do anyway.

I'll be leaving to walk to school with my brother, though. Yes! I finally get to go with him! It'll be just like the old days… only better.

Well, here I go!



Okay, I'm all organized and ready, and now it's time for school.

I won't analyze every little thing that happens today, I really won't.

Don't over-think, Ken, for once.

So I'm going now. I can play soccer when I get to school, I always see people playing it before school starts… Now I can.

Let me just double-check to make sure I have everything.

Yup, I do.



I woke up waaaay too early today.

Well, that's a lie. I barely slept last night. I get like that sometimes, like before a big game or something. I just can't go to sleep somehow, I just keep tossing and turning until I get mad and go raiding the medicine cabinet for NyQuil. Not the best sleeping habit, I'm sure, but that's what Matt recommended. Not like he ever gets nervous about anything.

I'm not nervous, really. It's just that…

Okay, yeah, I am nervous.

But can I help it? It's my first day of high school today, and, fuck it, I'm nervous. I don't know anyone except for Matt and some of his friends. Apparently Tai, his best friend, has a little sister my age, but it's not like we're gonna be friends. This school is huge… I'm definitely not used to a big school.

I know, it was my idea to move back here, but I'm kind of regretting it now. I mean, the high school I would've gone to if we hadn't moved was much smaller, and I knew everyone. I had friends and even maybe a girlfriend. I bet we would've gotten together this year if I hadn't wanted to move away.

What a mistake, moving. I mean, was I crazy or what? Yeah, it's nice to live near Matt again, and in Odaiba, but I don't have any friends. It's not like Matt's gonna tolerate me following him around, either. What was I thinking?

Okay, well, I better go. I mean I'm up way too early, but I think I see the sun starting to come up now.

Kill me now, please.



I. Hate. My. Life.



So I've come to the conclusion that my LIFE MAJORLY SUCKS and I'm the STUPIDEST PERSON ON THE FUCKING PLANET.

Yeah, you heard me right before, I FAILED Algebra 1 and English 1. Easy classes. My friends all got A's in them. It's not like they're even HARD. I'm just such a fucking idiot!!!!


So now I have to go back to school as a FRESHMAN. I hate freshmen! I'm not even a man! I'm a WOMAN! Why not call it FRESHPERSON????!!!!!

Oh, right, I know why.


I'm supposed to be a SOPHOMORE. Not a freshman/freshperson! So they're laughing at me and not making it freshperson instead of freshman! To further uninclude me!


Is uninclude a word??? UGGGHHH… I don't even know!

I hate school and freshMEN and my whole life and everything in it and all my teachers and English and algebra!!!

Why is there even a rule that says if you fail two classes and then fail summer school for those two classes that you failed, you have to repeat the whole fucking GRADE?


I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Grandfather told me not to be nervous or scared about starting high school so early, but I can't help it. I'm trying to do the mind-controlling exercises he taught me, but they're not going so well. Meditation doesn't always help, I guess.

I didn't even want to skip two grades. I'm so short… everyone will know I'm not supposed to be there. They'll all realize I'm just supposed to be a seventh-grader and not a ninth-grader at all.

I bet I won't make any friends.

Well, there's a kendo club at school, so maybe I'll meet some people in that, but I'm just so shy around everyone that I doubt anyone will like me. I don't talk enough, and people always think I'm stuck-up when I'm really just shy. And they always say I'm so serious…

I wish I laughed more. Then maybe people would like me.

The kids in my own age group don't even like me, why should high schoolers? I bet they'll beat me up and shove me into lockers and everything. It happens in all the movies.

I'm not even that smart, I don't know why they wanted me to skip so many grades. Well, I skipped third grade, and now they want me to skip eighth.

Why did I say it was okay? Grandfather told me to think it over, and decide if I really wanted to or not. I don't, not anymore.

I don't know how to act, and I don't know who to talk to. I don't know my way around the building or anything. I guess nobody else will, but I bet I'll be more lost than them.

I've tried to memorize my schedule. I'm taking classes like algebra and biology, instead of just math and science. And I have some class called 'Seminar Group'. I asked Grandfather what that meant, but he didn't know.

I guess I'd better get going. I'm going to be lost, so I'd better try and find my way around the place.



Aw, crap!

I'm late again… On my first day of high school. Ugh, I'm such an idiot!

Okay, I have to hurry.

But not too much! I mean, I have to make a good impression on everyone, right? Yeah, okay, meaning the girls.

Aw, screw it, I'm going.

I miss the summer.


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