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:: thirty-seven : the pants reference : kari ::

Lunch in the girls' bathroom is never really very appetizing, especially with the healthy bento boxes my mom always makes. Although we're one of the few schools around that has a cafeteria, she insisted on making my lunch every day – along with Tai's. Eating her stringy tofu with the smell of cleaning fluid as an atmospheric benefit was not the best plan.

But I couldn't help it! I was completely exhausted by Davis' weird behavior lately. I mean, he was acting like we were best friends when we'd hardly known each other that long. I felt bad, but he was just being so… suffocating!

Naturally, Miku and Kaoru were not overly pleased with our location. My tall, blonde friend had contented herself with skipping food to complain that her roots were showing. She stood in front of the mirror, pawing through her light, curled locks, which had darkened just a tiny bit at her scalp.

Kaoru and I were eating at the same time as we squatted with our backs against the wall – basically a competition to see who could stay that way the longest. I lost, but it was probably just due to Mom's terrible cooking! I finally couldn't take it anymore, and slid down the wall to rest on the cold floor. I was wearing tights, so it wasn't really that gross…

"I just freaking dyed my hair! I can't believe I have to bleach it again so soon…?"

I wasn't really focusing on Miku's complaints, and barely consciously, made some kind of sigh. Thinking of Davis, of course. Boy-turned-stalker!

Miku whirled around, taking my tiny sigh to be dissension. "Look, Kari, you're lucky to have such light brown hair! I happen to be cursed with hair that's practically black!"

I didn't see what the big deal was. "It looks better when it's natural anyway…"

"Yeah!" Kaoru chimed in. "The darker look is coming back in!"

Miku rolled her eyes. "You two don't need to tell me about fashions. Dark hair will always be boring! I don't want everyone thinking I'm so serious!"

It's just hair. Don't you care about my problems at all?

I guess I didn't have any problems, really. I was just feeling kind of whiny and grumpy, because I was sick of Davis.

"I don't think anyone will think that!" Kaoru giggled. "Not after the party, anyway…"

Another thing for me to be annoyed about. I kept asking them about what had happened at the party once I'd left, but they'd just look at each other and start laughing. I hated those kinds of inside jokes! What, just cause I'd gotten a tiny bit tipsy and had severe memory loss and had to be taken home meant that I was no longer part of our little group? Miku had been drunk tons of times before. I think. And Kaoru probably drank a little bit too…

"True, true," Miku mused, turning back to the mirror. "Maybe I should go jet-black! I'll be stunning and exotic-looking for when I go visit Europe this winter break…" Lucky! She always said these things so nonchalantly too. It showed her sophistication… Compared to me, of course. The biggest trip I've ever gone on was to Hokkaido with my family. Mom kind of abandoned us to take pictures, and Dad lost all his luggage and had to buy all these weird new clothes. I'd tried to tag along with my mother (who had seemingly turned into a photographer overnight), but she told me to stay with my dad. So Tai and I were forced to tag around after him while he bought new clothes. We barely got to be tourists.

That was the extent of my travels. Very pathetic compared to Miku's…

"Tell me about the party!" I pleaded. "You guys haven't said anything about it so far…"

"Well, you haven't told us much about what happened with you and Davis! Jeez, you really must have seduced him or something to have him acting like your shadow now. I guess you were right, Kaoru, and Davis really did like Kari. Does."

I laughed. "That's not it at all. Yeah… he's gotten a little annoying. But that's just cause we had fun. I guess we never really hung out alone before the party, and because of it we just got to know each other a little better."

"A whole lot better!" Kaoru snickered. Um, what was that supposed to mean? Weird sex joke? A whole lot weirder considering our whole time together was extraordinarily platonic (and I say extraordinarily because I know his track record).

"Anyway, I already told you guys heaps about what happened. It's not that interesting. He walked me home, we went to sleep, he tried to make pancakes in the morning and failed, then he waited for Tai to get home in the afternoon before leaving."

"Where had Tai been all that time anyway?" Miku asked.

"Er… he wouldn't tell me. He looked terrible though." I sighed. Stupid big brother! "He just laughed and said I was better off not knowing. Then he fell asleep for hours. He didn't even say anything about Davis having slept over, or the fact that I was obviously hungover!"

"Wow. That's crazy!" Kaoru cried. "He must have been doing something really important…"

"Or someone really slutty?" Miku suggested. "The only girls that guys love more than their sisters and mothers are hot, easy girls."

"Ew, I really don't want to think about that…" I gagged. Plus I didn't think it was something like that. Tai was so overprotective of me. He wouldn't leave me at some party just to have sex with some girl, would he? "So what happened after I left?" I begged.

Miku and Kaoru both laughed again. Ugh. "Well, I'm sure you heard about the obvious things, like all the most hilarious drunken incidents." I hadn't, but I didn't care so much about those. "Do you mean with us?"


Another shared giggle. "Well! Kaoru was off with the gorgeous Sato-senpai for most of the night."

Kaoru's eyes widened as she turned to me, obviously excited. "He told me to call him Naohiro… But if I wanted, Nao!" she squealed.

"Nao is to Naohiro as TK is to my darling boy," Miku sniffed. "A horrible nickname. Besides, Nao makes him sound like a girl."

"What'd you guys do?" I asked Kaoru, ignoring the fact that Miku had just said 'my darling boy.' I think I recalled her using that name for her cat. I wondered when she'd put a collar around TK's neck.

She blushed. "I thought he'd want to make out or something. I hoped! But it turns out he's actually really shy, so we just sat on Kyo's balcony and talked and talked. I mean, I guess he's not that shy about talking. He was at first, but after I said a lot, he started chiming in with all this stuff! He's so interesting! So different than how he seems he would be, with the soccer team and everything!"

"Yes, well, men usually act very different around other men, as opposed to when they're trying to get in your pants," Miku said wisely.

"Mmm… Yeah… I don't think he was trying to get into my pants, though, cause he definitely could have if he'd wanted to!" Kaoru laughed.

I balked. Thinking of my innocent friend as sexually active was just… wrong! "Kaoru, don't say these kinds of things!" I squeaked. "Whatever happened to you saving yourself for your husband on your wedding night and everything?"

"Well, Nao could always turn out to be my future husband, you never know!"

"Um… wedding night?"

Kaoru sighed. "Kari, don't be so uptight!" Wow. Sounded like a page out of Miku's book of life right there.

"Speaking of getting into someone's pants, you're seeing Takeru in your next class, right?" Miku asked me, wrapping a strand of her blonde hair around her finger.

Although I didn't know what that had to do with the whole pants reference, I nodded. Cautiously.

"Okay, cool. Could you maybe see if he's busy after school tomorrow?"

"Hmm. Tomorrow's Wednesday, right?" I asked, and Kaoru bobbed her head affirmatively. "Yeah, he should be. I mean, I'll check to be sure."

"Thanks!" Miku said gratefully, smiling at me.

It was then that I understood the pants reference. Yeesh.


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