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Chapter One

"Another World"

"Magnetic diameter readings are nominal."

"Phase variants are within expected parameters."

"Primary capacitors reaching maximum charge. Neutrino output has increased forty percent and is climbing."

"Magnetic fluctuations reaching critical mass. Primary coolant system reading temperature of one hundred seventy degrees and remaining stable."

"Simulation projections show the system will achieve singularity in approximately twenty-two point eight seconds."

"Gravity waves detected, point two-three-six gravitons and rising."

"Confirmed! Laser spacial distortion detector are reading a deviance of point one-eight of a percent."

"Lowering protective shield doors. Protective wards are in place."

"Magnetic diameter showing abnormal readings!"

"Gravitons rising to three point eight-six-two-nine!"

"Laser spacial distortion detector reading nine-three point one-four percent!"

"We have singularity! I repeat we have singularity!"

"Confirmed! Neutrino output is ninety-nine point three-eight-four-seven!"

"Picking up anomalous readings."

"Getting unusual graviton wave patterns!"

"The magnetic bottle is fluctuating! Stability down to seventy-five percent!"

"What was that flash!?"

"Infrared detecting something in the test chamber!"

"I feel it, its alive! I ... I think its human, unconscious though!"

"We're loosing containment!"

"Detecting immensely elevated levels of chaos energy!"

"Where is it coming from?"

"From inside the test chamber!"

"Magnetic containment dropping to ten percent! We're loosing it!"

"Stop the experiment, power down all systems!"

"We can't, nothing is responding!"

"Evacuate the lab, NOW!"




Tanaka Kojiro rubbed his temples, he was beginning to develop a rather nasty headache. The dean of the school appointed him to investigate what went wrong with an experiment in the university's quantum research lab. He looked around at what was left of testing lab two. The place was a mess, it would take maintenance at least a month to get the place operational again. The grand experiment itself was now off to one side in an area that had been cleared of debris. It had at one time looked like a large ring or donut, but right now it resembled what could be described as a molten pretzel. Even now twelve hours after the explosion, which shattered windows for a mile around campus, the thing was still hot.

"Are you sure? There's no data at all about what went wrong?" he asked one of the people looking the ruined device over.

"No sir, the EMP from the containment field rupture shorted out all of the computers and erased all of the hard drives." a young male student replied. He was waving a Geiger counter over the ruined machine and taking notes of the readings.

"What about backups?" he asked.

The student shook his head and said, "The only backups are from last night. The systems does automatic backups every night at midnight to the main server, its EMP shielded which is why the whole school network didn't crash when this thing went up."

"What ... what about Sakumari-sensei? Is he going to be alright?" another young male student asked.

"He suffered second degree burns to his right side, but the healers say he should be back on his feet by tomorrow." Kojiro replied. Sakumari-sensei was a popular teacher among the boys, he didn't talk down to them like the other sensei did. The loyalty of Sakumari-sensei's students was the subject of much envy among the university staff.

Kojiro looked through the paperwork he had in his hand and said, "You said that before the blast that you detected chaos energy."

The first student nodded and replied, "Hai, right after who ever he is came through the singularity."

"Are you certain that's where he came from?" Kojiro asked.

"The blast doors were closed shut, there's no other way in there." the student replied.

The second student asked, "By the way, Tanaka-sensei, where is that guy anyway?"

"When the prime minister's office got word of his unusual origins they sent a representative to the university hospital and had him transferred to Tokyo General under their custody." Kojiro answered.

"If he came through the singularity that would mean he's ... a Traverser." the first student said in awe.

"We don't know that for certain, and until its determined that he is please don't start spreading around rumors." Kojiro said scolding him.

"Hai, Tanaka-sensei!" the two student replied together.


"His vital signs are stable. Frankly it is a miracle that he is even alive."

Dr. Shiritori Misato, head healer for Tokyo General, looked down at her unconscious patient. Her patient was a he, a very unusual he. He was human, again a very unusual human. But, he was very cute at least.

Rushimoru Ami, representative of the Prime Minister's office looked at the young man with great curiosity. "If the accident report at Tokyo Magitech University is correct then this boy could be a Traverser." she said.

Dr. Shiritori help up a chart and said, "He has an usually high level of chaos magic surrounding him. It appears to be directly linked to his essence."

"Can you sever the link and dissipate the energy?" Ami asked her.

Dr. Shiritori shook her head. "No, the link is too complex. The complexity of the energy patterns are totally beyond my experience. I wouldn't know where to begin."

"How long until he regains consciousnesses?" Ami asked the doctor.

"Believe it or not, most of his wounds were already half way healed on their own when we got him from the university hospital. His body is so super infused with ki that its constantly regenerating and reinvigorating itself at an unheard of rate." Dr. Shiritori explained in an awed tone.

Ami looked at the young patient with awe and asked, "Have you ever seen this kind of thing before, doctor?"

Dr. Shiritori shook her head and answered, "No, never in my entire career have I ever seen this before. Any leads on who he is?"

Ami shook her head this time. "We tried astral pattern matching, DNA matching, scrying and got nothing." she said.

"So, this is what a Traverser looks like." Dr. Shiritori said with a curious smile. "He is kind of cute."

Ami laughed, "And most likely only sixteen years old, assuming the people from his universe age the same way we do."

"Well, he's perfectly human. I can attest to that one hundred percent." Dr. Shiritori replied.

Ami looked at her with surprise. "Nani?"

"Other than the unusually high concentration of ki and the chaos energy surrounding him he's pretty much a normal human male. Well, a very physically fit human male, probably a martial artist from the looks of him." Dr. Shiritori explained. The boy had been dressed in a red silk shirt and a pair of baggy black pants. They were pretty much ruined in the explosion.

"He has no tattoos." Ami said looking at the boy's bare and rather well muscled arms.

"He isn't a Magitech if that's what you're wondering." Dr. Shiritori replied with a smile.

"Yet, he's surrounded by chaos magic." Ami said puzzled by the enigma of this young man.

Dr. Shiritori pursed her lips and said, "Yeah, that's the puzzler in all of this. Boys can't use magic without Magitech enhancement, and they are limited to only the magic of the runes tattooed on their bodies. This boy is saturated in magic yet has no rune tattoos on him at all."

"I have to report all of this to madam prime minster. Please call me if his condition changes or if he wakes up." Ami said as she left the room. Dr. Shiritori looked over the young man laying on the examination table and then over at the complex Magitech devices monitoring his vitals.

"Who are you? And why do I get this feeling that your arrival here will change everything?" she whispered in thought.


"Where am I?"

Saotome Ranma tried to sit up but he was so weak. He'd never felt this weak before, not even when the old freak had used the strength sapping Mokibustion on him. He could barely move. Ranma tried to open his eyes and immediately regretted it. The glare from above was blinding and made a dull ache form in the back of his head.

"Dim the lights, please." he heard someone say. A woman's voice?

"Can you hear me?" the same woman's voice asked.

"W ... w ... were ..." was all he could get out. It was such a struggle to day anything. What the hell happened? What the hell hit him? The last thing he could remember was arguing with Akane and then ... nothing but blinding white light.

"You're in Tokyo General Hospital. I'm Dr. Shiritori, your healer. How do you feel?" the woman asked him.

"W ... we ... weak." he replied, barely. The hospital!? Oh man, the tomboy really musta worked me over good. But, I can't remember her hitting me.

"I'm not surprised, considering what you've been through." Dr. Shiritori said. Would be nice if I knew what that was., Ranma thought to himself.

He felt a pair of hands lift him up from the shoulders and soon he was sitting up. He felt something against his lips, it felt like ... yes ... it felt like a glass or cup. "Drink this, it will help." Dr. Shiritori told him.

Ranma never had any reason to distrust doctors because of his experience with Dr. Tofu. He did his best to drink the liquid. It tasted like demon bile, if in fact that's what demon bile tasted like, but he swallowed it anyway. Almost immediately he started to feel strength returning to his extremities. Pretty soon his hands were up and holding the glass on their own as he downed the last of the nauseating brew.

"That was a fast reaction, normally that potion takes a while to take effect." Dr. Shiritori commented and took some notes down on her notepad. Ranma looked up at his doctor and was taken aback by just how strikingly gorgeous she was. She didn't look like any of his iinazuke, but she was just as pretty. Not that it really mattered to him anyway, he wasn't ready to get married to anything and he was still in training.

"Can you tell me your name?" she asked him.

"Ranma, Saotome Ranma." he replied.

Wild stallion, eh? Well, his parents certainly named him appropriately. Dr. Shiritori blushed when she realized what she was thinking and recovered as quickly as she could. Damn she needed to get laid. She hoped the boy didn't have telepathic abilities where he came from. She's been without a man for way too long.

"How do you feel now?" she asked him.

"A lot better, but this stuff tastes awful." he said handing her the glass. Man, and I thought Akane was the only one who could make a noxious brew.

"Well, if it didn't taste like shit it wouldn't be good for you." the doctor replied with a laugh. "That's a little professional humor, cheer up."

Ranma looked around the stark white room and asked, "Has oyagi or anyone from the Tendo Dojo been here to see me?"

The doctor didn't quite know how to answer that one. "Well, you see, about that..." she began but was interrupted by a knock on the door. It opened to reveal Rushimoru Ami and one of the nurses.

"Ah, you're right on time Rushimoru-san. He just woke up," Dr. Shiritori smiled.

"Ara. That's good to hear." Ami said as she walked in. Ranma turned to regard her and nearly fell off the bed. Though she was clearly older than him, perhaps as old as his mom, there was no way he could be mistaken.

"Kasumi?" he asked in an almost helpless tone.

"Uh, that was my mother's name," Ami said in reply looking at him and the doctor rather puzzled.

"Your mother? What's going on? What happened to me?" Ranma began demanding and leapt off the bed. He immediately began to fall flat on his face, but then something incredible happened. He felt an invisible force grab him and carry him back to the bed. When he looked up his doctor was making strange gestures with her hands and mumbling under her breath.

"I wouldn't try to stand up for at least a day, Saotome-san." the doctor told him when she was done.

"How did you do that?" he asked her in awe, his curiosity was beginning to overcome his earlier apprehension.

Ami walked over and sat down on the bed next to him. "There is much to learn, and that is why I'm here. I am Rushimoru Ami from the prime minister's office, but you can call me Ami-san if you like." she said with a friendly smile.

"Prime minister's office?" he asked and wondered what sort of trouble his father got him into this time. "Ok, what did oyagi do this time?"

Ami looked up at the doctor and said, "Ranma, do you remember anything before waking up here in the hospital?" Dr. Shiritori asked him.

Ranma shook his head. "No, its pretty blurry. All I remember is Akane yelling at me for some reason, as if she usually has one, and then there was this bright flash of light and then I'm here in this bed."

"Hmmm." the doctor said while taking notes.

"Thing hard Ranma-san, try to remember what exactly happened at the moment just before you woke up here." Ami said encouragingly.

Ranma strained for a moment to look inward. Getting nowhere that way he reached within and call forth the Soul of Ice. Ami felt a wave of chill air coming from the teenager and stood up suddenly. The doctor looked at them in surprise and began to mutter a few words and wave her hands towards Ranma once again.

"Incredible." Dr. Shiritori gasped when she realized what the boy was doing.

"Akane was yelling at me. I got chased by Shampoo again and she thought I was cheating on her, but I wasn't." he said in an emotionless tone.

"She was about to slap me cause she thought I was lying, but then she screamed. There was a bright flash of light and a whole lot of heat and this really loud boom." he continued. "I'm moving, the house is blown away by something powerful, I can't see it, and I'm moving down what's like some tunnel. Pain, its hurts, it hurts so much. I hear yelling and alarms, and ... I can't remember any more than that."

Ami looks to the doctor with a horror stricken expression. "That's enough Ranma. Don't force yourself." the doctor said calmly though inside she was felt terrified. She let out a breath and could see the moisture condense into a mist like in winter time.

"What happened by my family, to the Tendo's? Where am I!?" he demanded. Ki rushed through his system this time and when he stood he was able to stay on his feet. The agonized look on the boy's face almost brought the two women to tears.

"Ranma, you were found at the site of an accident at a local university," Ami explained. "It was a research lab."

He sat down. Something deep inside told him he wasn't going to like this. "Nani?" he gasped.

"They were experimenting with artificial black holes for generating power." Ami continued. "There was an accident and you were found in the test chamber afterwards severely burned and suffering from radiation exposure."

He only understood some of what she said. Black holes were something he heard about in school and what little he understood hold him they were bad news. So was radiation. "Where ... am ... I?" he asked them slowly in a tone told them he wouldn't accept any other response.

"It is of the opinion that you are a Traverser," the doctor told him. "A person who either intentionally or unintentionally travels from one universe to another."

He looked at her in disbelief, but the gravity of his own blurred memories and his current situation made him believe. "Another universe." he said turning away and looked down at his hands.

"Worse of all, the computers used in the experiment were destroyed. There is no data at all on how this happened and so returning you home is pretty much impossible." Ami explained in a sad voice. She wasn't sure how else they could have broke it to the boy. There really wasn't any way to really sugar coat it for him.

"Then I'm alone here. I ain't got no family here." he said forlornly.

"Gomen-neiisai," Ami replied and put a hand on his shoulder. "Gomen-neiisai Ranma-san."


Three weeks went by. They seemed to take forever. Dr. Shiritori gave him a good bill of health and he was allowed to leave the hospital. Ami drove him to a clerk's office where he was given paperwork to sign, apparently he wasn't the first inter-dimensional traveler to come here, and was issued a photo ID card for himself. It was during this time that he found out he was in Japan, but it was a very different Japan. Tokyo had always been a modern city but what he saw while riding in Ami's car was incredible. Tokyo was a gleaming city of silver towers, rail cars that hung underneath their tracks criss-crossed the city, and there were even "flying cars". He was being assigned a government paid apartment until he was able to get situated here in this world and able to live on his own. The apartment was in a slightly less built-up region of the city but still no less impressive looking. Ami spoke with the landlord of the apartment in the living room while Ranma went to the balcony to look out the scenery. Next door there was a building under construction, but it was a very different sort of construction site than what he was used to seeing. There were no cranes, just a few large pieces of equipment, but there was no shortage of manpower.

"Attention, clear the area! Lifting is about to begin!" came a shout over a loud speaker. It was a man's voice. With is keen vision Ranma could see a man carrying a long tube walk out in to the middle of the construction yard. In front of him was a pile of metal I beams. He raised the tube and did something with it. Suddenly a faint blue light emitted from the tube and surrounded the steel beams. With just a little excursion the man began tilting the tube upwards and the metal beams rose into the air.

"No way!" Ranma gasped in surprise. "That's cool!"

The stack of I beams rose higher and higher into the air then the man holding the tube began to move them towards a towering structure across the street that was only half built. Ranma watched in fascination, maybe, he thought to himself, he was going to like it here after all. That was when he heard the giggling.

"Sasami-chan! Sasami-chan! We're going to be so late!"

He turned and looked down at the street but saw nobody. His instincts told him to look up and he boggled at what he saw. A young girl, may only ten or twelve years old, with long dark hair and wearing what looked like a girl's school uniform flew by rising on ... a broom?

"Misao-chan! Wait for me!" came a reply. Not far behind the young girl on a broom was another one, like the first girl she was at least ten years old with long blue hair done up two long pony tails. Like the other girl she was pretty cute for her age and was smiling brightly. She too was dressed like a school girl and riding a broom.

"We're going to be late for Chiyo-chan's party! Come on, Sasami-chan!" the girl named Misao shouted back at the girl named Sasami.

For some reason Ranma's danger sense went to Defcon 1 when they shot past him. His eyes shot to the man working that strange tube and immediately knew he was having trouble. The man was messing with some controls on the tube and yelling something he couldn't hear to one of the foremen. The faint blue beam was wavering and flickering, then suddenly it gave out altogether. Ranma heard the sound of several hundred tons of I beams clanging against one another as they fell. Then he heard the screams! The girls! Without thinking, his instinct taking command, he jumped up onto the railing and leapt into the air! His fight intercepted the two girls and he yanked them both off their brooms and into his arms. They were five stories up but that was nothing for Saotome Ranma. When they landed he started running in the opposite direction but he knew, somehow he knew, they wouldn't get out from under the lethal rain of steel from above. The shadow of the falling beams covered them and the girls cried and buried their faces into his chest. Ranma stopped, huddled over the girls to protect them and hoped that in giving up his life he might save them. In that instant he felt something come to life within him. He felt a strength, a power unlike anything he'd ever felt before. His entire body tingled in a manner similar to when his curse triggered but he was still a "he". Instinctively he raised his hands and called that power forth. It rushed out of him like a geyser surprising him so much that he screamed from its intensity. Ami and the landlord rushed to the balcony in time to see Ranma far blow and the falling beams. Ami screamed then shielded her eyes as an immense blast came from below. The air was filled with a loud deafening explosion that nearly knocked everyone nearby off their feet and blasted them with intense heat.

Sasami and Misao opened their eyes after several seconds. The handsome young boy who just tried to save them had been standing over them, but now he was falling flat on his back. Sasami put her hands on his chest in concern wondering what was wrong when she heard the loud sound of metal hitting the ground. Chunks of shattered, partially melted steel glowing bright red fell around them, but all of the heavy beams that had been above them were just gone. A wave of intense heat hit them from above and the wind howled as superheated air higher up rushed in every direction. The metal broke up the sidewalk and eventually hit a water main. Water sprayed up everywhere drenching the girls. When Sasami looked back at the boy who saved them he was gone and in his place was a very pretty young teenage girl. People on the street and in the construction yard who witnessed what happened all started running towards them to see if they needed help. In the distance came the shrill cry of an ambulance.

"Oh ... my ... kami-sama." was all Ami said before running for the stairs.


To say that billionairess Masaki Misaki was pissed off, which seemed to be her normal state of being, was an understatement. Rushimoru Ami stood not far from her showing no fear whatsoever. She'd seen the fiery Masaki in one of her rages before and this one time was no different, except this time Misaki could do nothing.

"Never! I will never accept this!" Misaki cried and pounded her fists on the desk in front of her. "I am a member of the Board of Regents and I will not allow this!"

Someone across the room cleared their throat and said, "According to the school charter Masaki-san, the Board of Regents and its members have no say whatsoever in issues concerning student admissions and school curriculum. That is the domain of the head mistress and her staff." The one who spoke was a short woman who like like she might be around twelve years old, but looks could be deceiving. Her wild red hair went in every direction framing her face. It almost looked like the visage of a crab or lobster.

"Washu-sensei spoke correctly. You don't have a say in this decision." Ami added with a self-congratulatory smile.

"The Board of Regents are responsible for handling the financial business side for the school and nothing more. In fact, considering this, why are you here anyway since this doesn't really concern you?" asked another woman lounging in a plush chair. She was beautiful and extremely well endowed, her dress barely contained her assets. Her hair was black and hung down the back of the chair.

"Shut up you! If I want your opinion I'll squeeze them out of those silicon balloons of yours!" Misaki snarled at her.

The women she just offended produced a globe of darkness in her hand and started stand up with an angry expression. "Naga-sensei!" someone else shouted her name and she immediately sat back down and dispelled the orb.

"Head mistress, please be reasonable, you can't go along with this idea. Its ludicrous!" Misaki said to the woman at the desk who had just reined Naga in. She was also beautiful, almost ethereal, with long blue hair that hung down her back as long pony tails. Upon her forehead was a marking composed of two dots.

"We've confirmed the findings at least five times already." Ami said with a sigh.

"BOYS CANNOT USE MAGIC!" Misaki yelled at her.

"This one can," said the woman at the desk. "And I agree with madam prime minister's plan to have him enrolled at our school."

"I don't care if he's some Traverser with magical powers, he's a boy and this is a girl's school!" Misaki retorted. Masaki Misaki's prejudice against men were well known. It had gotten her into trouble in the past and so far she hadn't learned from those mistakes.

"Again, you don't have a say in this Misaki, get over yourself. Ohohohohohohoho!" Naga sighed with a laugh making Misaki cringe.

"He vaporized fifteen tons of metal and unleashed a blast equivalent to twelve Hiroshima bombs all at once. It is too dangerous to let him loose in society without formal training to control that power. He himself isn't a danger, from what I hear from Ami-san he's quite a nice young man." Washu said.

Misaki threw up her hands and said, "I can't believe this! Furinken Academy has been an all girl's school for six hundred years!"

"You may hate men, Misaki, but that doesn't mean we have to put up with your attitude." Naga retorted.

"Besides, he discovered his ability to use magic trying to save two of our students." Washu explained.

The woman at the desk smiled and said, "Oh yes. Poor little Sasami and Misao were so very distraught when he was taken away to the hospital. He saved their lives."

"Well, he did do that. But ..." Misaki tried to retort but there she couldn't come up with a good enough argument.

"For centuries there has been a major rift between the sexes because only girls could use magic and not boys. The Magitech process helped to alleviate that a bit but its effectiveness is limited. The process of drawing magic runes on the human body is a physically and mentally demanding process and not every young man survives it." Washu explained. "If we can find out what is so different about this boy we might be able to make it so all boys can learn to use magic just like girls."

Misaki gaped at her in disbelief. "Make men equal to women? Is that what this is about!?" she shouted.

"Not just that. Its about putting the world back into balance, baka!" Naga told her in an irritated tone.

"Ever since the Great War a thousand years ago the feminine and masculine furies of the Earth have been out of balance. It is written in the ancient texts that once men and women were able to use magic equally." the head mistress explained.

Misaki turned on her and exclaimed, "They lost that power because men grew greedy! They tapped into powers no mortal was meant to control!"

The head mistress nodded and replied, "Some acted in greed yes, but most did it to save humanity from the Thrawl. Yes, they tapped into powers never meant to be used by mortals but they did it to save the future of our race."

"For the past thirty years census reports have been painting a disturbing picture. Fewer and fewer boys are being born with each successive generation." Ami explained.

Washu then said, "Its our belief that the imbalance in the furies is the cause of this. It is also our belief that Ranma is the key to solving this problem somehow. This is an opportunity we cannot pass up."

"The UN department of world health estimates that the male population of the earth will drop below what is necessary to maintain a viable gene pool in less than eighty years." Ami said to Misaki. Misaki blanched at this info and quickly sat down in an empty chair. Despite how she felt about men she knew that the race didn't stand a chance of surviving without them. Cloning, even magical cloning, was still an inexact science.

Ami look to the head mistress and said, "Ranma is recovering in the hospital. Dr. Shiritori says he should be able to leave tomorrow, head mistress Tsunami."

Tsunami stood up from her desk. She was dressed in a traditional kimono and was often seen walking around campus in it. The student all loved her, she was a fair disciplinarian, and treated her students with loving kindness and understanding. Tsunami was respected around the world and was often visited by dignitaries from around the world. Because of her leadership Furinken Academy was not only the top school of magic in Japan but the top most recognized school of magic in the entire world.

"There's more, I shouldn't really say this, but ... we're been hearing scattered reports of Thrawl sightings in the North American wastelands." Ami said.

Washu replied, "I'm not surprised. According to the ancient accounts of the war its believed that a few Thrawl did survive the destruction, and considering the fact that they're A sexual ... well you put two and two together."

Tsunami looked at Misaki and said, "So you see, this more than just admitting a boy to Furinken Academy. The fact of our world may be in that young man's hands."


Sometime after Misaki had dismissed herself from Tsunami's office the remaining women looked at one another. The gravity of what they had just discussed was still weighing heavily upon them. Ami was the first to speak up.

"Do you think maybe we should have told her about his curse?" Ami asked them.

Naga laughed and shook her head. "Not a chance. If you think this pissed her off, learning about a boy that can turn into a girl would have sent her into orbit." she replied laughing.

"Its bad enough Ayeka attends this school and is the senior class president," Washu said. "She's exactly like her mother, a boy hater and grade A certified mega-bitch."

Naga laughed and said, "Oh, but Ranma will be very popular with the Cutie Squad."

Tsunami sighed, "Who came up with that ridiculous name for them?"

"I think it was that clumsy Usagi girl from the Sailor Senshi ROTC." Naga surmised.

Tsunami walked around the desk and said, "We have much to do. Ranma will be enrolled here tomorrow and we all know its going to be a very long day indeed."

"No duh! At least madam prime minster had the foresight to keep his existence a secret from the media." Washu said with a nod towards Ami.

Naga stretched alluringly before getting up. "Well, I guess we're done for today. I hope this Ranma is as cute as I've heard he is." she said.

Ami smiled and replied with a blush, "Naga-sensei, you will not be disappointed."


To be continued ...

Author's Notes

This story is partially inspired by the Anime series "Maburaho", but when I finally worked out all of the details of the story and the world its set in it became something totally different. I have so many different characters from so many different Anime making cameo and regular appearances in this fic that it will be a challenge to keep things in proper perspective. Jim Robert Bader's "A Tale of Two Wallets" proves that someone can do a fan fic with hordes of characters and not get the story lines mixed up.

The premise of Ranma being thrown into another universe and starting a new life is not new. There are only so many genuinely new plot ideas out there. Most fan fics and commercially produced books and movies are in their own way rehashes of preexisting plots. This in itself isn't wrong, or bad. Making your idea seem more original to any other is the key. My goal here is to make this story more original, or so I hope. So please sit back and enjoy this new tale I've thrown together. C & C is always welcome and don't forget to visit my website. You'll find the URL in my author profile on this site.