Three R's

"Sorry I called you Robin."

"It's alright Nightwing; Batman is too confused about him. But are you sure that he'll show up here?" Robin asked.

"He invited me here" Nightwing told

Another figure appears behind them and Robin turns around and taps Nightwing on the shoulder. They both take a fighting stance and they wait.

"Good you got my invite"

"Why are challenging me, Red Hood?" Nightwing asked

"To see which "son" is the best fighter to the end. I already defeated Robin. So Nightwing, I want to see if you're one of the best like everyone says you areā€¦"

Nightwing springs into action and tries to land a kick on Jason but he block's Dick's kick and Tim runs and tries to punch him but he blocks. Jason grabs Tim and throws him as Dick punches him in the back. Jason gets up and exchanges blows with Dick but he only lands a kick to the leg before Tim gets back up and takes out his staff. Tim hits Jason in the head with the staff once and he does a flip. Dick flips and lands on top of Jason and punches him in the face. Jason wrestles with Dick and they exchange punches and some blood is shed. Tim throws some smoke grenades at them and they stop.

"Cheater!" Jason yelled as he fled across the roof top to another one

Tim got his hook ready but Nightwing stopped him.

"He wants a rematch, without you here"

The building explodes and they both leave by hook.