Note: From the current Detective Comics form DC, just changed

"These guys they've been chasing me for a while now, and how come they haven't stopped? The snow isn't helping either"

"Robin, in here!"

"I didn't want to get in, but I had to get away"

Robin jumps in the car and the Joker is there with a frozen smile. After a couple of minuets we see Robin tied up and from a roof top we see the Red Hood and he just looks down from they were. After the Joker stops driving he stops at a building and straps Tim to a table and attaches some electrical wires from one object to the table. We see the Red Hood jumping from roof to roof until he sees the light.

"No light related villains here in Gotham…" He thinks

He looks and sees Robin on the table getting tortured, he breaks through the glass and gets a few body shots on the Joker and he frees Robin. Robin begins to pound on the Joker and Jason just watches in amusement.

"Finally things are fair, and this time, someone wasn't late" Jason thought thinking back to his death.