Disclaimer: I own nothing. Though I did try and control my mind. Obviously, that never worked.

AN: An attempt to get out of my current angst rut.

I tried to hate you.

Really, I did.

Being attracted to a co-worker that I had just met was not something I wanted.

Even more so after I realized that you had no interest in being my friend.

So I tried to hate you.

I tried to hate how you walked.

But the way your hips sway is so damn sexy. That didn't work. Fine.

I tried to hate the way you dressed.

But how could I not enjoy that extra bit of cleavage you displayed? Plan C it was, then.

I tried to hate the way you did your hair.

But it really was impossible. Your hair is perfect. I tried again.

I tried to hate your eyes.

But they were so amazing. They looked into the depths of my soul and made me want to smile. And they made me want to do other things, too. More physical things.

Somewhere along the line, I started to love you. I still clung on to that hate that you seemed to have down so well. But you were just so… you. So perfect.

I denied it. I had to hate you. I couldn't love you. My heart would just end up broken.

I dated Grissom. Not something I'm proud of. I used a close friend so that I could try and hate you.

Looking down at your strawberry blonde tresses covering my shoulder, I smile.

I really did try to hate you. But every day I thank God that I failed.

I don't try to love you. I just do.