Prologue: Kakashi the Man Whore

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Kakashi has a problem.

Yes, the one and only Kakashi Hatake.

He has a problem. A big one.

You want to know his problem?

Well, his problem is…

He's a man whore.

And not just any man whore.

He's a man whore for girls.

Not women, girls.

16 year old girls to be specific.

Rookie nine nins to be detailed.

Hinata, Ino and Sakura to be exact.

Now he has consequences to pay for, but we'll get to that later.

First…I'll tell you how he got into this.


His first victim…Ino.

He caught her when her long time boyfriend Shikamaru Nara dumped her for Temari of the sand.

She was very much upset. She almost got herself raped after getting drunk. She had drowned herself in nothing but the strong stuff. He was there simply out of pure coincidence. But none the less, Kakashi was amazed that the girl could quite possibly out-drink any ol' man that walked in. She just rambled on and on about how the Nara left her for the fan bitch and was probably screwing the girl right now while she wallows in her own self misery. After an hour of this, she quieted and left. He followed her, curious to where exactly she was going in her drunken state. She stumbled into a dark alley, and there, he noticed three horny guys follow her into the dark alley with lecherous grins plastered on their faces. He quickly followed and scared off the guys, warning them that he was a Jonin. They hauled ass as soon as those words left Kakashi's sealed lips and he found the Yamanaka passed out on the ground and there is where he picked her up and carried her back to his apartment.

The next morning she had a hang over.

He helped her get better.

Then they had sex.

He got her when she was most vulnerable.

The mighty mind switching Kunoichi that no man could tame.

Ino Yamanaka.


His next victim…His own student, Sakura.

Just a day after Ino.

He never took such an interest in her before, but she came to him, crying about how she needed to get 'Her Sasuke-kun's' attention. He had absolutely no idea how it happened…but let's just say the girl forced her teacher into something he wasn't entirely sure of. He found himself attracted to the girl, and she made him snap. How? Well, in front of the young Uchiha avenger, she kissed the covered lips of her sensei. She later said that she was just trying to make the avenger jealous, but as time went by, he found himself staring at her ass all the time, and wanting to just…grab it…

After about three days, word about Kakashi and Sakura got to a certain boar. She was pissed, and headed to the copy ninja's place, where she heard noises that she really didn't want to hear.

Sakura and Kakashi…well, actually Sakura who was screaming his name in nothing but pure ecstasy and pleasure. Anyone could here it from across the street.

He got her when she came to him crying about how a certain Uchiha told her she was the ugliest whore that ever lived. That was cold, and Kakashi wanted to heat her up a bit was all…

Ah…poor Sakura Haruno is making a big mistake…


His last, but most defiantly not the least victim…Hinata.

Really…it was a mystery how he got to the shy Hyuuga. She was just…there. He remembered how he found her…crying in the middle of the forest…He had asked her if she was alright, which was a stupid question. She apparently wasn't feeling herself at the moment and began to cry on his shoulder. She choked out stuff about her father…training…Naruto...

Naruto rejected her…he guessed a little too badly...

She cried out how she wanted to be free of the pain…

And he could only come up with one way…

Yes, in her state, Hinata said the unthinkable.

She said yes...

To Kakashi...

Who said that giving herself up was the best way to make Naruto want her...

He told her that a man wants someone with experience...

She had asked why he would want her then.

He simply said it was because he was willing to help her.

So, they did it the same place he did Ino and Sakura.

He did the shy Hinata Hyuuga without a second thought…

Playing his mind games with the weak…

But oh how he loved the tightness of virgins...


End of prologue!!

Thank you for reading!!