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'Go to sleep (Little man being erased)'

'I'm gonna go to sleep

And let this wash all over me

We don't really want a monster taking over

Tip-toe around, tie them down'

- 'Go to sleep (little man being erased) by Radiohead

The green flames roared and blazed, climbing higher and higher. Their green glow reflected off the metallic suit of the ghost huntress lying frozen on the floor beside them.

The only thought running through Val's mind as she watched the flames dance was that…that was almost me.

Aragon laughed, lording over the flames that had apparently devoured Danny with pride, watching them blaze with glee.

"Hahahaha! Burn you wretch!!" He ducked his head down, snarling with pleasure. "Burn until nothing but It remains!"

"Nah…I don't think I will."

The familiar voice had risen suddenly out of the flames, catching the dragon by surprise. As the fire began to calm down a bit, a figure could be seen standing in the center of the inferno, smiling faintly.

A black and white clothed figure, protected by the glowing blue ice shield that encased him.

A cocky grin played across Danny's lips.

"You see, it sounds a bit painful."

Danny flew into motion, crossing his arms close to his body as he tapped once more into his powers. His brow furrowed in concentration as he felt the cold rush through him once more.


He flung his arms out from his body, causing the ice shield to dissemble itself and explode outwards.

Eleven years, but…

With a great blast of teal and blue, the ice radiated out from him, expelling the flames and shooting far out across the floor.

But I still know how to use my powers so easily…

By now Valerie had recovered and gotten to her feet. She approached Danny cautiously, her careful movements showing both shock and a vague relief. The tiniest of fires still crackled across the floor around them.

Danny didn't look at Valerie as she stopped next to him, and she didn't know if he even realized she was there. He simply stood and grinned almost wonderingly into space.

"It's so easy…" He said softly.

Aragon snarled, angry at what he saw as Danny 'taunting' him. The amulet around his neck glowed fiercer. Smoke streamed from his nostrils as his lips came up, baring his enormous fangs.

"You'll regret mocking me!!!" Aragon hissed through his clenched teeth.

As he spoke, something small and dark dropped from his neck, and landed with a faint 'click' on the ground.

Both the white-haired ghost and the ghost huntress now standing besides him dropped their heads to stare incredulously at the 'object'. Valerie raised an eyebrow.

"His scale fell off??" she asked incredulously. It seemed like such a random thing to happen at this moment.

"Alright, I think that's enough."

The voice, heavy with an Irish accent, at first seemed to be echoing from nowhere. However…

Danny blinked. He whipped his head to look at Valerie and pointed at the felled object, which was beginning to shift and 'sprout' a vague dark grey shape.

"The scale's TALKING, Val!!"

"Uh…yeah…" she watched in shock as the substance continued to curl out of the 'scale'. "It is…"

Under the disbelieving stares of the two figures before him, Aragon dropped his great head down to the ground next to the scale.

"Onic! What do you mean by that!?" he growled, sounding rather offended.

Danny's head shot up to stare at Aragon. He'd just said… No, that's couldn't have been right… Or was it? Had the name Aragon'd said really been...


The substance rising from the scale curled up into the air beneath Aragon's scrutiny. Before their eyes, the cloud started to take a form – a strange, humanoid shape, and glassy round, orange eyes started to become visible from where the face would be.

The smoky figure sighed and continued in a heavy Irish accent.

"Really, Aragon…even with Plasmius's little betrayal, if you'd just followed the plan we'd be done by now!" It scolded, sounding exasperated.

The smoke curled around itself and solidified until a strange ghost was left standing before the trio. His ragged grey lab coat was fastened tightly over a black turtleneck – a bright orange ponytail pulled back in the spiky hair that stuck out from beneath the dark grey top hat on his head. In black gloved hands was held a fearsome amputation blade: like a scythe, though its blade was thick and squared. The ghost's face was concealed beneath a mask that resembled both an old-fashioned gas mask and a bird's beak – the orange-lensed goggles glowing brightly over it.

Aragon turned away from the figure, narrowing his eyes in something similar to shame.

"It-it is not so simple!! Much happened and, ah…" Aragon stuttered, seemingly searching for excuses

"Ok," Val yelled furiously. "When was that 'Plasmius' guy here, who is this new guy and WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU ALL COMING FROM!?"

She didn't notice that besides her, Danny had broken out into a sweat, the look that indicated his hysteria coming on forming quickly on his face.

"See?" The ghost called Onic pointed a finger at the fuming woman and turned accusingly to Aragon. "She shouldn't be here." He dropped his hand. "And now you've made me reveal myself. So problematic!" His tone sounded as if he was scolding a naughty child, rather then the so-called 'Ghost Dragon Prince'.

He turned slightly away, and a tiny click sounded as the ghost adjusted his hold on his blade.

"And so…"

He seamlessly swung himself around, the blade whipping out in front of him.

"It's been decided that we should end our actions here!"

The blade sliced clean into the glowing green amulet around Aragon's neck. With a deep cracking sound the amulet split in two, and tiny green shards shattered down onto the floor below.

Aragon's eyes flew to the remains of his amulet; his red eyes shooting wide open in horror.

"My-my amulet!!" he roared. "NOOO!!"

Immediately his scales began disappearing, his body shrinking, his voice cracking as he transformed back to his human-like form, crying denial.

"No…this can't be…"

He collapsed to his knees, a man once more, the remains of his amulet scattered on the ground before him. He looked down at them in shock.

"My amulet…my power…I…"

His shaking hand fastened around one of the two halves and brought it up to his face. His teeth gritted in fury.

"How dare you do this, Onic!"

Valerie didn't' know what was really going on here, but she definitely knew that between fighting a ghost-dragon and fighting an ghost-man whose ecto reading on her suit was rather low, she'd prefer to fight the man. If she was going to attack, now was her chance while he was distracted.

She began to lunge forward, the ecto-blasters floating over her shoulders once again sparking with energy, only to be stopped by Danny's arm blocking her way.

"Hey!" She turned to stare incredulously at the ghost beside her. "What are you doing!?"

Danny was trembling; his mouth curved down in…fear?

He murmured to the ground.


Valerie frowned behind her helmet. Why does he look so freaked out?…

"Just wait…"

His voice trembled, and for the first time she noticed the sweat running down his face.

Wait…ghosts didn't–

Valerie's train of thought changed as she noticed the ghost apparently named 'Onic' calmly approach Aragon (who was still mourning the loss of his precious amulet) and crouch down so the two ghosts where eye to eye.

"You're making an awfully big fuss over this." Onic said lightly, as if discussing the weather or something equally mundane.

Aragon immediately turned on Onic in a rage. "I am the Prince Aragon!" the crowned ghost shouted furiously, baring pointed teeth at Onic. "Even if you are the Inquisitor's assistant, you had no right to–"

He froze.


None of them had even seen Onic move, but suddenly his hand had shot up to be even with Aragon's chin. From under his sleeve a syringe protruded into the dragon ghost's throat, a greenish-purple liquid slowly draining into Aragon's neck.

"Well, it's time for a rebellion, I believe."

" Onic said in the same light tone, watching the last of the substance flow into the ghost before him before pulling the syringe out.

"N-no…wait." Aragon's hand flew to his neck as Onic rose. "Onic, you just…"

Suddenly green-brown marks and inflammation started to creep up Aragon's neck from the puncture wound. He shouted in fear as his skin began decaying before him, rotting and falling to the ground. The liquid shot rapidly through his veins, and immediately the flesh around it died.

"NO Onic..!" Aragon yelped, fear pitching his voice higher. "Onic, help me!" desperation began creeping into Aragon's voice as the green flaking reached up across his face and branched down his body.

As his arms turned green, the skin dying, the stench of rotting flesh filled the room. Aragon reached out to the apparently careless ghost before him.

"Onic, please! G-give me an antidote!" the ghostly prince begged, trying in vain to grab Onic's lab coat.

Onic ignored him, calmly striking a match against his mask, the match lighting into eerie purple and black flame.


Decayed flesh had started falling from his outreached arm when Aragon made a terrible choking sound. His back crumpled and he collapsed to the ground.

Behind him Valerie's hand shot instinctively to her mouth as she forced back the urge to retch at what she'd just seen. Her eyes and those of the trembling Phantom beside her were wide in horror.

"Oh God…" Valerie whispered.

"Antidote?" Onic raised his head slightly, his back to the silent, rotted body of Prince Aragon. His fingers still clasped the purple flaming match, his amputation blade resting casually in the crook of his shoulder.

"Wherever did you get an idea like that?" the 'doctor' like ghost crowed, casually flicking the match onto the corpse, giving it only the barest glance to make sure he didn't miss. The flames instantly caught the body, and a purple blaze erupted behind him.

"There's no such thing as an antidote for a virus, you pathetic fool. Oh wait…" He turned away once more, and shifted his scythe into his hand. "You can't hear me now, can you? Oh well."

Onic's attention suddenly shifted to the two horrified figures left in the room. In a blink of an eye he rushed up to the two, standing barely a foot from either.

"Since I'm here, Let's have a chat!" he said cheerfully to Danny, ignoring Valerie.

Danny drew back instantly from the ghost, fear etched into every line of his body. Beside him, Valerie jerked away in surprise, before recovering quickly.

"Hey ghost," she shouted through gritted teeth. "Chat about this!"

She threw her hands forwards, the two ecto-blaster cubes once again humming into life, energy crackling around them.

But their red glow suddenly vanished as they were encased in ice. Immediately afterwards a terrible chill raced up Valerie's legs as she too was covered in ice. She jerked her hands angrily, but her whole lower body and her forearms were immobilized, the cold of the ectoplasmic ice seeping through her suit.

"What the hell!?" Valerie yelped for what felt like the hundredth time that day. She blinked and looked up at Danny, whom once more had a hand outstretched, this time from encasing her in the ice.

And once more she was assaulted by his look of fear in his face – but this time there was more written in his expression. Worry? Concern?

"Please Val…" Danny murmured softly as he stared at the floor.

Onic gave her a brief strange look as Danny rolled his head towards her, still shaking.

"Don't!..." Danny stressed, the tension in his voice ordering her to shut up and let him handle… whatever was happening.

Apparently confident Valerie wouldn't make another move, Danny glanced worriedly back over to the ghost before him. Onic cocked his head curiously.

"As I was saying before the lass interrupted…" He looked Danny in the face. "Mr. Phantom. Do you remember me?"

"…Yes." Danny cringed suddenly, his hand coming lightly to his chest. "Yes. I remember you."

Oh God…He almost doubled over as the tiny ever-present twinge in his chest intensified tenfold, an odd nausea forming in its company.

This pressure in my chest….

The familiar pain was dredging up old memories, things that shouldn't have happened, he didn't want to remember them, please don't make him remember…

"I…remem…" His hand came to his mouth as the pain made him retch. "Agh…"

Onic clapped his hands together, letting his scythe fall into the crook of his shoulder once more, apparently oblivious to Danny's distress.

"I see! Excellent. And here my partner kept insisting your mind had surely disintegrated entirely!"

His earlier cheerful tone had returned, but there was something wrong with it, something dangerous…

He jerked forwards suddenly and wrenched Danny's hand away from clutching his chest. He spoke again suddenly, his tone gradually getting darker.

"So now, let me tell you something. What we started all those years ago…"

He jabbed his finger into Danny's chest and leaned up to snarl into his face. All his former lightness was gone, and his tone was deadly.

"…We intend to finish. So stay in one piece, you abomination."

When Danny didn't respond, Onic leaner closer to him and stabbed his finger once more into the ghost's chest. Something flashed green through the fabric of Danny's suit.


A blue ectoplasmic blast suddenly collided with the side of Onic's head, throwing the ghost across the room. He shouted in surprise and landed heavily on the ground before pushing himself up onto his elbow, peering behind him in bewilderment.

"Who did that?" He asked, puzzled.

" As directed on Page 157, article 4, paragraph 8…" the voice belonged to none other then Supervisor Marshall, who was stepping into the room through the remains of the doorway, a large hand-held ecto-cannon aimed straight at the two ghosts in question.

"As an escaped captive ghost and unidentified ectoplasmic intruder, I am entitled to open fire if one of you even twitches! He added voice commanding rather then it's usual monotone.

Onic, on his feet again, brought his hand to his forehead as he muttered about what a problem this was, while from behind a violently trembling Danny, Val shouted angrily at the GIW supervisor. "Hey! Supervisor! Help me get out of this stuff!"

The Supervisor gave her the barest glance before firing a blast at the ice encasing her. Her eyes widened.

"Whoa! Hey, wait–"

The ice shattered and she was thrown into the air, causing her to land on her back with a painful thud.

"–Ow. Yeah," she grimaced. "Thanks a lot." This was NOT her day!

Supervisor Marshall instantly turned his attention to the greatest threat – the unidentified ectoplasmic intruder. He fired a rapid volley of blasts which a shocked Onic only barely dodged.

"This is getting rather out of hand! Goodbye!" Onic huffed, sounding almost offended.

With that he took to the air, soaring straight upwards at the ceiling. Supervisor Marshall and the Valerie both sprinted to the place where he had stood. As they both aimed their weapons, Onic almost appeared to 'jump' into the shadow created in the corner by the junction of the walls and ceiling, vanishing as suddenly as he had appeared.

Marshall gritted his teeth. "Ms. Gray, is your ecto-scanner able to locate the unidentified ghost?"

Valerie quickly brought up the scanner on her arm, but her eyes widened in surprise. "Ah…I-I don't get it. My scanner can't pick his signal up," she looked at her boss. "He's vanished!"

With an annoyed scowl, Supervisor Marshall turned his attention (and his ecto-blaster) to the one quaking ghost remaining in the room.

"Surrender quietly, Phantom," he warned in a low voice. "Or I'll vaporize you."

Danny didn't seem to be paying attention, eyes trained ahead and lips trembling.

"I…this is…ah." He murmured nonsensically. The pressure in the center of his chest was steadily increasing, and with it was something else, like a white noise in the back of his mind.

Danny suddenly slumped onto his knees. Marshall studied him for a moment, the gun trained on his shaking back, before deciding he had heeded his warning.

"Smart choice, ghost. Stay where you are." He added as a precaution (as if it weren't clear already)

Danny gazed blankly at the floor. The 'white noise' in his head was turning into something else, something numbing and threatening. The pressure in his chest felt almost as if it were pulsing, a twisted heartbeat synchronised with the deadly nothingness eating at his mind. The glowing green of his eyes began to fade, his iris slowly turning grey and then black to match the rest of his eyes.

Danny watched Supervisor Marshall turn to Valerie with fading vision, the world going dark as the numbness in his mind became assisted by something else… an 'intention' that didn't belong to him…

"Ms. Gray, use your suit to send a message to Agents 22A and 22B to immediately report to the lecture hall and to put Trooper Units 2 through 5 on stand-by."

Danny heard the Supervisor speak through the black haze. His eyelids began to drop, and the image of Marshall and Val began to fade into the blackness.

"Yeah, alright. Hold on a sec…"

Danny wondered dimly if he would wake up from 'The Effect' this time, or if it would swallow him forever…

"Ok, the message's been sent."

The world was devoured by the black.

Suddenly Danny's hand shot up, his fingers wrapping around the end of the ecto-blaster pointed into his face. Supervisor Marshall straightened in shock, his head whipping around to look at Danny's sudden movement. Danny tightened his grip, the heavy metal crunching beneath his fingers. His expression was blank.

Danny lifted his head slowly.

The entirety of his eyes had turned an empty, empty black.

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