Me: sigh Why isn't FD getting any reviews? What am I doing wrong?

Lloyd(ToS): Um... maybe you need to advertise?

(pauses and looks at Lloyd in shock)

Me: OMG! Lloyd had an idea! (throws confetti)

Lloyd: why does everyone do that?

Me:(grins) Cause your a complete dumbass.

Lloyd: Hey! i am not!

Me: (rolls eyes) what ever. well since your here, you can be my muse!

Lloyd: and why would i do that?

Me: (holds up a tomato)

Lloyd: Ahhhh! Ok ok I'll do anything as long as you put that thing away!

Me: good boy! Now read the disclaimer!

Lloyd: sigh Jenova Remnant does not own anything from Tales of Symphonia, materia, spells, weapons, etc, etc.

Me: I DO, however, own Tiamatt( pronouced Ti - mat) and her kick ass sword! One more note. MANY things in this chapter are exaggerated. Yes I have a teacher named Keasey and they did assign an essay on Arthurian Legends, and yes I have a teacher named Starek who assidned a Current Event essay. NO my parents are not dead. Yes I have a pet bird named Cloud. Yes 6th ave. runs past my school. No i do not live by myself and pay the bills. and finally Yes I do clean fish tanks for two hours a day and the stupid Wrasse always tries to bite me! Oh and I DO HAVE FRIENDS!!!

Lloyd: All done?

Me: yeppers!

Lloyd: Ok then lets get on with the story!

I sat in Government, watching the hands of the clock slowly, ever so slowly, inch towards two thirty-five. I couldn't wait for school to end even if my life was hectic. It was better then school, at least sometimes. Today hadn't been all that great. Keasey had assigned a five page essay on Arthurian Legends and Starek had just given teh entire class an essay on Current Events. To make matters worse, I had to scrub algae from fish tanks for two hours as to stupid wrasse tried to bite me! sigh At least I didn't have swim pratice tonight.


I was gone! I leaped down the stairs and dasked down the hallway and out the maindoors. I ran down the sidewalk towards 6th ave., towards home. I couldn't wait to get home even though my life utterly sucked.

My parents had died when i was 15, forcing me out on my own. All I had was a small apartment, a computer, the basic furniture, a pied parakeet named Cloud. I have no friends and have always been considered a teacher's pet. I sighed as I remembered that the bill were due the next day and that i was almost out of food. I didn't have money for both. Life is so tough.

I soon arrived at the the apartment complex where I lived and went up to my apartment. Junk was scattered in various places but I ignored them and went to my room. I eyed the computer as I walked past it. I needed to type more of FD but..sigh... I wanted to play Tales so baddly.

As I entered my room, I closed the door and was welcomed by the happy whistles and clucks( yes clucks) of Cloud.

"Hello! Good boy Cloud! Suck up!" He squeaked in his little parakeet voice causing me to laugh. I clicked my tongue and he hopped to the front of his cage, begging to be let out.

"Not right now Cloud." I mummered to the bird who just continued to pleaded with his big baby eyes. "Maybe later." I leaned down and opened a cabniet to reveal my silver gamecube. Grabbing the Wavebird controller and pressing the power button, I sat down in my floor rocker and watched the opening anime. Soon the title screen appeared and I pressed the start button.

The room went dark and Cloud became silent. In fact, I couldn't hear a thing. I looked around the room and was dismayed to see black shadows creeping from my gamecube towards the walls and ceiling.

"What the?" An eerie silence answered me. " I wonder whats going on?" I stood up and looked at the shadows completely cover the walls and then begin to crawl towards me. I looked about nervously for something, anything to use to defend myself but everything had disappeared in my room except my sling backpack. Picking it up, I noticed that several strange items were now in there besides my FD notebooks. I reached in, pulling out the drawing book of FD and it opened automatically to a picture of Tiamatt.

She stood silently, dragon hilted sword in hand. She wore a white tank top with bootcut blue jeans and military issue tan leather boots. The scabbard of the sword was sling across her shoulder and chest. Her lond light brown hair fell to the middle of her back and her bright blue eyes faced forward, a strange glow surrounding them. Tiamatt's most distinguished features were the blood red dragon wings that sprouted from her shoulder blades. Below her picture was a brief description and history.

"Interesting." a voice neither male nor female said from nowhere.

"Whose there?" I asked nervously as the shodows creeped over my shoes and over my legs.

" You see her as your other self, correct?" The voice asked. The shadows were now to my waist.

"Who the hell are you?" I yelled in frustration, "What the fuck is going on?" The voice just laughed as the shadows muffles my screams ans everything went dark.

Lloyd: That was really weird!

Me: I know! but thats just how i am so get use to it!

Lloyd: okay... what was with the clucking bird?

Me: My mom's bird taught mine how to cluck like a chicken and now he does that all the time.

Lloyd: thats sad.

Me: No, whats sad is that I can cluck too! see! Buck buck, buck buck buck , buck, buck buck, buck buck, BUCK! BUCK! buck buck

Lloyd: (inches away) That's scary!

Me: (grins) R and R plz!