Drabble 2: Tolerance (For the first time)

Warnings: Hmmm….

Dedication: To my muse, Mr. Gil. Nee…

(And oh yes, more Catsby….I'm adore Doha)


Goudai had to learn tolerance. It wasn't only essential to the basic teachings of becoming a Sanzo priest- but a necessity when it came to his long-haired friend.

Koumyou was a…awkward man. More of a boy at that, when he would crouch down on his knees and cup his hands to dip into water. "Goodness, I believe we still have a long way to go, yes?"


"Well the day is young- I'm certain we will make good timing by the afternoon."

(What does he forsake and covet...though it's an improper nickname he himself chose...)

Idiot Koumyou…and his idiot ways. They could have just as easily gone left and taken a small rest at the village. It was a tacky little place but we could have gotten some food and maybe new shirts...

"Ah! There are tadpoles in the water! I hope I didn't drink one…!"

Goudai must sigh and turn towards the dirt road they have chosen instead. It's not a question of faith or trust…but rather endurance.

(If only I could be like him...mere...lingerings like this...)

Do you have to make it harder for me?

"Shall we be off?" Koumyou is suddenly standing, smiling brightly with that young mouth, that youthful face. Water dribbles from the corner of his chin, but he wipes it off quickly with a brush of his thumb. Goudai pauses for a moment and glances ahead. The road is winding, and somewhat…proud of itself. He is weary, but has much tolerance.

"Sure. Let's get out of here."