My story takes place when Naruto is the age of 18. Sasuke is back in the village, Orochimaru and all of the Akatsuki, with the exception of Sasori who has been replaced by Tobi, are still alive, Naruto is just on his way back from another training mission (lasted 2 years) and nobody knows he's coming back yet. That's about all the important stuff.

On another important, yet later not. Please be aware that this was written before a certain's character's death in the manga, and that he will appear in this fanfiction, since I haven't had the time to find a replacement for him.

Last note : I already uploaded the first couple of chapters of this story a week or so ago, but due to an accident, it was deleted, and I wasn't made aware until today, I apologise for any inconvience.

Disclaimer : I do not own Naruto or any of it's characters, if I did, it would look weirder...

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A yellow haired man was walking over a path surrounded by forest. Walking in front of him was a middle aged man with white hair that went all the way down to his heels. "Are we there yet?" The yellow haired man whined. "For the ninth time, no, Naruto!" The elder snapped at the man known as Naruto. "Sorry Jiraiya, it's just that it's been so long, I wonder if Sakura gave up on Sasuke yet?" Naruto said as he looked up at the sky. "That boy is still after Sakura? Heh, he's still as persistent as ever." The man known as Jiraiya thought. "Say, Naruto. What's the first thing your going to do when you get back?" Jiraiya asked as he came to a halt. Naruto walked past Jiraiya as he pondered his question. "Please don't say ramen..." "Eat ramen!" Naruto yelled as he stopped and turned towards Jiraiya, who sighed under his breath.

"I'm sorry sir, but you'll have to identify yourself." A guard standing in front of the gate into Konoka asked Jiraiya, who became mildly annoyed by the man. For the last fifteen minutes, Jiraiya was trying to explain to the man who he was. Naruto was leaning against the gate wearing his childish grin as his mentor was driving himself crazy. "I told you before, I am one of the three sannin of Konoka, Jiraiya!" Naruto's mentor yelled at the guard. "With all due respect sir, you don't look like a ninja, let alone a sannin. And your to old to be a ninja..." The guard said. At this point Naruto burst out laughing. "Alright, I've had it... Rasengan!" Jiraiya yelled as he cut a hole into the gate using his chakra. The guard's mouth fell open as both Naruto and Jiraiya walked through the gate. "That gate was unlocked, you know..." Naruto said while glaring at Jiraiya.

"You havn't been back for an hour and you already broke one of our gates!?" The Fifth Hokage yelled at the sannin. "blame your incompetent guard for not believing that I was a sannin, Tsunade." the man shot back. Naruto was standing in the back of the room with Shizune. Both were staring at how the sannins argued. "And what did you do?" Tsunade asked as she glared at Naruto. "Nothing worth mentioning... But I do have a request." The man said as he met Tsunade's glare. "A request? You being so polite is unusual, even if you would spend five years of learning manners." Tsunade said. "Well, could I participate in the next chuunin exams?" Naruto asked. Tsunade pondered it for a moment. "Considering all you have achieved, I suppose I can ask the other kage's what to do with you at the next meeting." Tsunade said, lighting a smile on Naruto's face. Shizune grinned from the other side of the room as Naruto hopped out of the room happily. "We both know you don't need the permission of the other kage's to promote Naruto to chuunin." Shizune said, slightly confused. "Who said anything about promoting him to chuunin?" Tsunade answered with an evil glint in her eyes. Shizune thought about it for a moment, then started laughing. A clueless Jiraiya slowly made his way to the door.

Naruto walked up to his old appartment and saw a letter hanging on the door. Naruto plucked the letter of the door and started reading it.

"Dear reader, the owner of this appartment has been moved to his own house in this street, house 7B. This was ordered by the fifth hokage."

Naruto taped the letter back on the door and made his way to said house. The house was not very big, but it was a great improvement from his appartment. Naruto found the door open and walked in. "Is anybody here?" Naruto said as he made his way towards the living room. "Oh, your finally back, Naruto?" a voice asked from behind him. "Yamato-sensei?" Naruto said as he turned towards the source of the voice. "What are you doing here, sensei?" Naruto asked. "I live here, Naruto..." Yamato said in a patient tone. "Whaaaaaaat? But I thought this was my house! Does that mean I have to live with you?" Naruto said as he cursed Tsunade in his mind. "Yes, I have to make sure Kyuubi doesn't try anything fishy..." Yamato said as he gave Naruto a blueprint of the house. "Now, some rules, be home by midnight, no bringing girls here, like you could get any, and most imporantly : keep training." Yamato said with an amused smirk on his face. "So, this is what it feels like to have a father... I'm eighteen and now Tsunade lets somebody take care of me?" Naruto thought as he went to eat.

Naruto was walking down a street, looking for some familiar faces. He had already bumped into Shikamaru and Chouji, and he could've sworn hearing Hinata a number of times. When Naruto passed the hospital he heard a familiar voice shouting. Naruto walked into the hospital to see Sakura ordering the doctors and nurses around. When she saw Naruto she almost fainted. "Naruto!!! You come back to Konoka and you didn't even give me call?" Sakura said as she walked towards Naruto looking threatening. Jumping back and holding his hands up in defence, Naruto started sweating heavily. "Hey, take it easy Sakura, I had a lot on my mind, can you forgive me?" Naruto pleaded, fearing Sakura's wrath. Sakura calmed down before dismissing Naruto with her hand. "Fine, fine, just don't let it happen again." She said getting back to work. Naruto sighed and ran home before somebody else tried to kill him.

Naruto was standing in Tsunade's office, still half asleep. A knock on the door brought him to attention as he saw the others from the rookie nine enter together with their teachers. "What's going on, Tsunade-sama?" Ino asked as she saw who was in the room. "Your all being sent to a newly made village called 'Root'. It is located on the other side of 'The Great Naruto Bridge' in the mist village that was under control of Gatou until 6 years ago. You will stay there until the village has gotten strong enough to take S missions. The leaders of the village will be the jounins Asuma, Kakashi and Kurenai." Tsunade said calmly, observing all of the ninja in the room carefully. "Why do we need to make a second village?" Sakura asked. "Because the village where you will be heading is the weakest place in the land, so we have to reinforce it, and in the event that sound attacks, we can evacuate the civilians to Root. And if Konoha would ever be destroyed, we can regroup there and prepare to rebuild Konoha. Any other questions?" "Will Yamato-sensei come with us?" Naruto asked, concerned that the Kyuubi might weaken the seal. Tsunade merely nodded once. "Jiraiya and Shizune will also join you. You will be assigned with jobs when you arrive in Root. You leave tomorrow at dawn, get a good nights rest. Dismissed!" Tsunade said as all the ninja dissapeared.

Naruto rushed into his house and into his room to start packing. "Hey Naruto, getting ready to leave tomorrow?" Yamato asked as he came into Naruto's room with a cup of tea. Naruto merely nodded and didn't notice the wide grin on Yamato's face. "He's just like his father." Yamato thought as he went back to his room.

The day of parting had come and a lot of people had gathered at the gate, most were coming along, like civilians, ninja's, academy students, and more. But some just came to wave them off. Naruto sat down on a stone and watched the people say goodbye to their relatives. After ten minutes both Shikamaru and Chouji joined Naruto. "This whole trip is going to be troublesome..." Shikamaru sighed. "For you, even sleeping is troublesome." Naruto mocked the lazy Nara genius. Chouji opened a bag of chips and grinned slightly at how his friends argued. "Really, all you guys do is argue..." Ino said as she and Sakura sat down with them. Naruto grinned at the comment and gave Shikamaru a gentle push towards Ino. Shino and Kiba jumped out of a nearby tree and sat down with the group, watching the gate. Soon all of the rookie nine were sitting on the grass next to eachother, quietly watching people say goodbye to their friends and family. "Havn't been back for two days and I get sent away again... Does Tsunade have something against me?" Naruto whined making everyone laugh. "Say Naruto, why did you need to know if Yamato was coming?" Chouji asked, making sweat appear on Sakura's, Sasuke's and Naruto's head. Naruto looked over to Sasuke who slowly nodded his head. "Well, you all know the Kyuubi right?" Naruto asked, and when he saw everyone nod he took a deep breath. "Eighteen years ago, on the night I was born, the Kyuubi was locked inside of me." Naruto said, making everyone's eyes widen, except for Sakura's and Sasuke's, who already knew about this. "Yamato's 'bloodline' as you may call it, allows him to keep the Kyuubi under control, in case he gets out." Naruto said, letting the information sink into his friends. There was a minute of silence. "That is sooooo cool!" Ino squeeled, making an end to the silence. Shikamaru patted Naruto on the shoulder once and they started talking about moving once more.


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