Hello All! This is my first Advent Children fanfic, so bear with me. It takes place after the movie. The idea for this just popped into my head and I decided to write it down. This first chapter is kind of a teaser of sorts, but I really like where it's heading, so I'm going to try to update pretty regularly. And I've always wondered what would happen if Elena ended up with someone other than Tseng...

Light pierced through the hazy darkness that enveloped Elena. Groaning slightly, she squeezed her eyes shut, begging the gods to make the light go away. The gods must have had it in for her, because of instead of making the light go away, it only further aggravated the pain already throbbing in her head.

"Stupid sun," she muttered quietly, covering her eyes with her hand. Blinking rapidly, she managed to work her eyes open slightly. She laid still on her back in the bed, staring at her palm and allowing her eyes to adjust to the harsh morning light that pierced through the blinds on the window. Vague memories of the night before flinted through her throbbing mind as the alcohol induced haze started to clear up. All she could really remember was being pissed at Tseng, again, and then going to some seedy little bar to drown her sorrows and getting hit on by some ignorant blonde guy. Everything after that was a blur.

Feeling confident enough that she wouldn't be blinded by the light, Elena removed her hand from her eyes and stared up at the ceiling. A ceiling that she quickly realized wasn't hers.

"Oh god," she thought, slightly panicked. She suddenly became acutely aware of everything around her. The softness of the sheets around her naked body, of her right foot which was exposed to the warm sunlight bathing the room, of the body lying next to her, slightly touching her left side. She wanted to turn her head to see who exactly she had made it home with, but part of her felt she already knew. The other part was afraid if she was right. The body stirred. Elena shut her eyes and willed her body to relax and appear asleep. The body turned over and an arm found its way around her waist over the sheet.

"Ew, ew, ew! Unhand me, you foul beast!" Elena screamed in her mind.

"I know you're awake," a very sleepy, but familiar voice said. The bout of mental screaming ceased. Elena felt her body relax as her mind began to wonder exactly how she landed in bed with him. Surprisingly, the expected wave of regret and disappointment didn't kick in. She lay still, knowing full well that he was lying next to her, staring at her and waiting for her to answer him.

"I guess, you're not," he said softly before kissing her shoulder and settling in to sleep a little more. Elena could feel his breath on her neck, and felt oddly comforted by it. She didn't dare open her eyes again, but instead began to wonder.

What on earth happened last night?