Thanks For Giving Chapter One: The Turkey Menace

Sam was in her room which was now full of chairs. Danny, Tucker, her parents, Jazz, and various other people were sitting in said chairs.

Sam: I now call this meeting of the Greatly Obsessed Tree Huggers or G.O.T.H for short to start.

Everyone got up and ran away except for Danny and Tucker.

Tucker: She handcuffed you too?

Danny: Sam told me it was a friendship bracelet!

Sam: Anyway it is now time to discuss a very serious issue. Thanksgiving a terrible day were Turkeys are fattened and then mercilessly slaughtered just so a bunch of lazy humans can eat till they pass out! Oh how I hate today so MUCH! (Starts hyperventilating)

Danny: Sam! Do you need me to get the bag?

Sam: (Gasping) Yes.

Danny handed her a paper bag which she began to inhale and exhale out of. After calming down she turned on a projector.

Sam: I have prepared this slide show to expose the evils of Thanksgiving. (Presses button) Behold!

A picture of her and Danny kissing came up on the screen. Tucker burst out laughing Danny blushed and Sam desperately fumbled to change it.

Sam: He, he, how did that get there?

Tucker: Sam this is nice and all but I hate nature so there is know way I'm going within a hundred miles of a "greatly obsessed tree hugger" club.

Still cuffed to the chair Tucker hopped out of the room leaving her and Danny.

Sam: (In a seductive voice) I though he'd never leave.

Danny: A Sam what's going on?

Sam: (Normal voice) What does it look like I'm doing? I'm seducing you!

Danny gulped.


Next chapter will be posted later today.