Thanks for Giving Chapter 3: IT LIVES!!!

Danny and Sam were in the cemetery for Turkeys. The Goth held a strange device and had an almost evil grin.

Sam: (Turns on the machine and Turkeys zombies begin to rise from the ground.) Yes! Yes! Rise my minions! This is the best Thanksgiving ever isn't Danny?

Danny: (Clutching Sam for dear life) The Turkeys scare me.

Turkeys everywhere emerged all in horrible states of decomposition. Some worse than others, a few even had worms coming out of various places. Danny shivered in pure fear.

Sam: Now my minions I have resurrected you for two reasons. One so you can live the life you dissevered and two to destroy all people who eat Turkey (grabs Danny) except for him.


Sam: NOW GO!

The Turkeys marched off and Sam laughed insanely.

Danny: (Gulp) Are you sure this is a good idea Sam?

Sam: Well if anything goes wrong I promise to make it up to you, or rather make out.

Danny: Can't argue with that.

Sam: (Thinking) Thank goodness for teenage boy hormones.


Meanwhile in Fenton Works Jack was staring out the window at the army of Turkeys.

Jack: Look Maddie! A Turkey Parade! (The Turkeys enter the house) Ahh stay away! NOOOOOO!

Turkeys: Gobble gobble.


All over town people suffered similar fates. Tucker who had eaten more Turkey than anyone else was their prime target.

Tucker: Do de do. (Sees Turkey) That is one butt ugly Turkey all the more reason to put it out of its misery and in to my stomach.

Before the techno geek could even say anything he was mauled by the undead bird.

Danny couldn't take this anymore he went to the old platform of the now defunct Thanksgiving play where everyone was hiding from the birds. Danny climbed upon the stage and pulled out a microphone.

Danny: People of Amity Park, what are we doing? Hiding from these birds we should fight for whats right! I'm mean yeah maybe its wrong to eat Turkeys. But destroying us doesn't make it right. Whose with me.


Sam then climbed upon the stage with a microphone as well.

Sam: Danny, forgive me! (Pushes Danny off the stage) Who are you going to listen to Danny, or good ol' Sam who has candy! (Throws candy at people)


Danny: Well Sam, forgive me! (Throws a piece of Turkey at Sam it lands in her throat forcing her to swallow.)

Sam: No! I've eaten Turkey.

Every last one of the Turkeys burst in and covered Sam in a mass pecking frenzy her screams of agony rang out for ours until Danny Phantom "appeared out of nowhere" and ecto blasted them away.


A few hours later Sam lay in her bead covered in bandages. Danny was standing beside her with a smug look on his face.

Danny: Now Sammy, what did we learn today.

Sam: I said never call me that!

Danny:(annoyed) What did we learn today?

Sam: That Turkeys know just the right spaces to peck so you can feel the maximum amount of pain.

Danny: What else?

Sam: Never bring something back from the dead for your own twisted desires.

Danny: I was gonna say that seducing me can get me to do whatever you want but your moral is good too.

Sam: Bite me.

Danny: Really?

Sam face palmed.

The End


Well another story ended.

Danny: So Sam what do you want to do now.

Sam: Well maybe you could help "inspect" my tonsils.

Hey! This is a K plus story you two be careful what you say!

D&S: Sorry.