Jack Frost's Christmas Attack

Chapter 1: A Frosty Villain

It had been only a few months since Danny had revealed his ice powers and defeated Undergrowth who attempted to takeover the world and brainwash Sam into doing his bidding. Danny was coming down with the flu, but it wasn't any ordinary flu and what is even stranger is that Danny took flu shots prior to catching the flu.

"Do we have to be out here?" asked Danny to Jazz as she was buying presents for their parents, "I need bed rest to cure this flu or maybe go to the hospital."

"Danny, remember you told me that you had a strange cold before you got your ice powers?" asked Jazz, "What if you might be getting a new power?"

"Like what exactly?" asked Danny as he sneezed.

"From my point of view" replied Jazz as she was feeling her brother's forehead, "looks like you're heating up pretty fast and even melting the snow around you."

"Really?" asked Danny with astonishment as he never notice a melted snowman as he passed by it.

"Well" replied Jazz as she was finished buying the presents for their parents, "I think I should take these in. Don't want you to get mom and dad sick."

"Fine by me" said Danny, "I just hope there is not going to be any trouble this Christmas year."

But Danny couldn't have spoken too soon as he was walking to meet up with Sam and Tucker, he heard a strange laughter coming out from nowhere. Suddenly a gush of wind went by Danny like lightning speed. As Danny got a closer look as he changed into his ghost mode by heading behind some trash cans and racing toward whatever was the head of the gush of wind. As it turned out, it seemed like it was some sort of frosty man at the head. The frosty man stopped at Amity Park's main Christmas tree that was just about to be finished.

"Time to say good bye to Christmas" said the frosty man as he used his ice powers and froze the large Christmas tree in town center.

"Hey, you can't do that" said a police officer as he got out some handcuffs, "I'm going to have to bring you in."

"I don't think so" said the frosty man as he used his ice powers and placed the officer's feet on ice, "I'm Jack Frost and I'm going to take down Christmas for good along with taking down that Santa Claus."

"Oh no you don't" said a voice behind Jack.

As Jack Frost turned around, he noticed a strange boy in white hair and glowing green eyes along with a fancy jumpsuit coming straight toward him. Danny gave Jack Frost a good punch sending him flying into a pile of garbage nearby.

"Wow, Inviso Bill" said the police officer whose feet were still frozen, "I guess I was wrong about you being a villain after all this time."

"Okay, can you people stop referring me to Inviso Bill, its Danny Phantom" said Danny.

"So, this is who I am up against?" asked Jack as he got himself out of the mess thanks to his own ice powers, "Looks like it's time to put you on ice."

"Your not the only one with ice powers jerk" said Danny as he used his own ice powers against ice.

"You're forgetting boy" said Jack, "I have years and years of experience using these sort of powers. You have just recently acquired these powers as I so have heard."

"How do you know about me?" asked Danny as he began to struggle maintaining balance as Jack's ice blast was coming toward him.

"Let's just say I know you have been quite naughty last year" replied Jack, "and I intend on forming an alliance with you."

"Sorry pal" said Danny as he was eventually getting the upper hand, "but I'm not planning on being naughty this year."

Danny then succeeded in freezing Jack Frost. But Jack Frost broke free shattering all the ice toward all over the place. Jack then dashed right toward Danny and gave him a good punch and another kick sending him flying right into the snow. As Danny was about to continue the fight against this Jack Frost, Danny was heating up inside as his "flu" was getting the upper hand. So much that the snow around him began to melt along with the frozen Christmas tree coming back to a regular Christmas tree.

"That's it kid" said Jack as he notice Danny's little "flu" problem, "you are ruining my fun here in Amity Park."

As Jack Frost was about to come right toward Danny as he was getting quite weak, Sam immediately leaped into the scene using the Fenton Peeler. Sam gave Jack Frost a good punch and another kick. She then kicked Jack right in the stomach and uppercut him right up into the air and Jack fell right into some alleyway.

"You okay?" asked Sam as she turned off the Fenton Peeler to Danny.

"Who the heck is this Jack Frost?" asked Danny as he was getting up.

"I don't know" replied Sam, "but he sure sounds like bad news."

"Wow, that was amazing" said Tucker as he came into the scene, "I can't believe you fought a villain who also had ice powers."

"And we seem to be evenly matched" said Danny as he changed himself back into his human self.

"Hey, you kids didn't see what happen here?" asked a police officer as he along with his fellow officers were trying to chip out the officer whose feet was frozen by Jack Frost, "And how did that snow suspiciously melted so quickly?"

Before the police officer could answer that, Danny's father Jack Fenton along with Maddie came into the scene.

"We got word that this was the scene of a ghost attack" said Jack then he looked down and notice the snow had melted suspiciously quite quickly, "and it seems like this ghost has heat powers to ruin our winter holiday. No ghost is going to ruin the winter holiday as long as Jack Fenton is around."

"Say, I remember you" said the police officer, "you were that crazy ghost hunter who accused a fake Santa of being a ghost and trapping him in the mall one year weren't you?"

"Look, I get confused when old St. Nick calls him the Spirit of Christmas" said Jack, "makes you really think he could be a ghost."

"Not this again" sighed Danny.

"Come on, let's get out of here before things start to get even hairier" said Tucker.

"You just read our mind" said Danny as he and Sam were leaving the scene with Tucker.

While the three were leaving the scene from being embarrassed anymore than even knowing Jack Fenton or hearing his rants, another Jack by the name of Jack Frost was recovering from the attack Sam had surprised him with.

"My arching head" said Jack Frost as he got up from the ground, "that ghost boy seems to have some allies in this town. I know that I can't take down old St. Nick as long as that ghost kid remains. Seems to me like that ghost kid has ice powers just like me, so why not make the entire town think that he's going to ruin Christmas and do my job for me?"

Then he begins to make a malevolent evil laughter hoping that his plans would succeed.