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So this is my very first Zelda fic, so I suppose that's something to be pretty proud of. My brother's playing Twilight Princess on the Wii as I type- jes' thought I'd tell you. Anyway, like I do with all my other stories, I'll provide a little summary, just in case the provided summary on the main page isn't enough.

The story is Alternate Universe, just so you know. This is a modern 21st century Hyrule, and in later chapters, I go into detailed description about it. Zelda isn't the princess who needs to be saved every damn time a Zelda game comes up, Link isn't the Hero of Time we've grown to learn, Ganondorf isn't the King of Evil, etc. Also, if you don't like this sort of thing, there is some OOC-ness to be found. Fair warning, so if you're chapter one million- which I'm not saying there will be, don't come crying to me in a review when you find out Ganondorf is cross dressing in a pink minidress, singing "Unbreak My Heart" into a hairbrush- which I'm not saying will happen. But you never know, right? Oh yeah, Ruto takes the role as the dumb blonde, even though she's blue.

Zelda, sixteen, is an ordinary teenage girl in high school; she drives, she shops, and she has her "times of the month." But after her Ancient Hylian History teacher goes on sick leave, it gets harder to focus on her schoolwork after a rather handsome young man takes over the class for a week, and much to Zelda's dismay, she develops some romantic sentiments for this gentleman. But what's wrong with a little schoolgirl crush? There's nothing wrong with a student-to-teacher relationship… right?

I hope that summary will suffice, at least for now. I make very nuanced references to many of the Legend of Zelda manga and games except Twilight Princess for the sake of those who have yet to play it. They're rather well hidden, but you'll know what they are when you find them. I also combine many of the Legend of Zelda worlds together to make one giant universe (Hyrule, Termina, Holodrum, Labrynna, Kohoint Island, Great Sea, etc), and I try to incorporate many of the different characters that have been introduced in the games. Anyway, to get the damn disclaimer out of the way, The Legend if Zelda is the sole property of Nintendo Company, Limited as well as all characters and registered trademarks. Restrictions apply, results may vary.

Sir Joshizzle


Zelda Harkinian dashed down the halls of Hyrule High, trying to make it to her Ancient Hylian History class before the late bell rang. She woke up thirty minutes late again, and had only less than a minute to get to her first period class, and she was only down the main hallway, and had to climb two flights of stairs. Luckily, the classroom was at the front of the school, and was already almost half the way there.

'I'm gonna be late- again! Madame Din absolutely hates tardy students, and everyone knows how loud she gets whenever someone is late.'

Zelda practically sprinted up the staircase. It's a good thing that the class is just at the top.

Just as the bell rang, Zelda made it into the classroom, terribly out of breath and tired looking; she still had a few tangled knots in her hair, and there were some wrinkles in her shirt.

"Zel!" a female voice called.

Zelda looked up and saw her best friend, Malon smiling at her, motioning for her to sit next to her.

Zelda made her way through the kids who were still standing mid-conversation, taking her seat next to the red head.

Malon Adame has been Zelda's friend since third grade, though they've known each other long before then. She has apple red hair, and it is lightly scented with a fresh Roman Apple aroma due to her hobby to pick apples. Her father owns Lon Lon Ranch, a farm in the heart of Hyrule Field, and Malon is the fifth generation in the family ranching business. Once her father, Talon, passes away, she's slated to become the next owner of Lon Lon Ranch.

"So you overslept again?" Malon asked, giggling, handing Zelda a hairbrush.

Zelda nodded in reply, taking the brush from her. "I don't know what happened! I set my alarm last night…"

"What time?" Malon asked again.

"Five forty-five. That should be more than enough time to take a shower, get dressed, eat, and be out the door with at least fifteen minutes before first period… The first bell doesn't ring until seven fifteen, right?" Zelda wondered, smoothing out the knots from her hair.

Malon raised an eyebrow and leaned her elbow on the desk with her hand supporting her head. "Five forty-five AM?"

Zelda stopped brushing momentarily and turned to her. "What?" she asked with the brush still in her hair.

"Did you set it to five forty-five AM?"

Zelda tried to remember back to last night, when she remembered that she forgot to set the time convention to AM.

"Oops…" Zelda mumbled dismally.

Malon chuckled softly. "I thought as much. Just be glad that Madame Din is late as well."

Zelda nodded and ran he brush through her hair one more time and handed it back to Malon. "Thanks."

"Sure," Malon replied and put it back in her backpack and zipped the pocket back up.

A few moments later, the door opened, and almost instantaneously everyone who was standing took a seat. But instead of being Madame Din to walk into the class, it was Principal Rauru Sayje.

Principal Rauru has been the principal at Hyrule High for more than fifteen years, and has been in the education field for more than twice that length of time. He's a particularly round man in is late fifties, and has a large bald spot on the top of his head. He has a bushy grey moustache, and a deep, booming voice.

"Good morning class," Rauru greeted.

"Good morning, Sir." The class replied in unison.

"Your teacher, Madame Din will be out for this week due to a severe case of laryngitis. Apparently, she has been yelling and shouting due to some constant tardy students…" Rauru explained, quickly glancing at Zelda. Zelda saw him take a quick look at her and blushed sheepishly.

"So, anyway, you'll have a substitute teacher to take her place."

Everyone in the class suddenly began cheering loudly.

"HEY!" Rauru bellowed. The class immediately simmered down to complete silence.

"This substitute was a student at this school, and he knows perfectly well what to do should you begin to act out of turn: he'll send you immediately to my office."

A few students began to sweat nervously; Rauru was infamous for his swift and sometimes cruel and unusual punishments.

Rauru cleared his throat quickly. "Anyway, his name is Link Avalon." Rauru motioned for someone from out in the hall to come in. "Mr. Avalon, you can come in now."

A few seconds later, a man with flaxen blonde hair and a lopsided smile came into the classroom, softly closing the door behind him.

He had ocean blue eyes and sun tanned skin. He had a rather muscular build, with strong arms and legs. He was wearing a green Quiksilver logo shirt, a black strapped Dickies analog watch, brown Billabong plaid board shorts, and brown plaid Vans slip-ons. His blonde hair was unruly but at the same time rather well kept.

A few girls in the class started to giggle and blush as he smiled warmly at them, including Malon, while many of the guys glared at him with disapproval, as if jealous of his good looks and that their girlfriends were practically swooning over him. Zelda had to admit, he did look rather charming, and just by judging from his clothes, you couldn't be able to tell him apart from the other students at the school; she was expecting some old man in this forties.

Rauru bowed slightly to Link. "Mr. Avalon, the floor is yours." Rauru proceeded to leave the classroom.

"Thank you, sir," Link called out to him just before he left the room and closed the door.

Link turned to the class and scanned all the students. He sighed and clapped his hands together and rocked back and forth on his heels and toes. "Well then…" He walked behind the desk and wrote on the white board with a black marker on the bold tip, "Mr. Avalon" in neat writing.

"I should start out by introducing myself." He started. He made his way to the front of the teacher's desk and leaned on it, facing the class. "I'm Link Avalon, but you guys can call me 'Link' if you want, I don't mind. I'm twenty-seven years old, and like Mr. Sayje said, I was a student here at Hyrule High. I graduated Class of 1999, and I attended the University of Hyrule for four years and got my teaching credential in Hylian History. I usually do student teaching at Kakariko Middle School, and since I'm friends with Rauru, he called me in to substitute for Madame Din, and well… here I am…" He raised an eyebrow and looked around. "Any questions?"

A girl in the middle of the room raised her hand.

Link motioned for her to speak. "Miss?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked boldly. All the girls leaned in and started to 'Oooh.'

Link chuckled and shook his head. "No, I don't. I've been single since I graduated college."

One of the guys leaned over to his friend and whispered in his ear. "I bet he's gay…"

"Yeah," his friend whispered back. "He even has his ears pierced."

Link turned to the two boys. "I like girls just fine, thank you." Obviously, Link overheard their conversation, which to the two boys' shock, since they whispered it so quietly that only each other could hear.

"The earrings are part of an ancient Sheikah rite of passage for men." Link added.

Both they two male students blushed and sunk into their chairs, while the rest of the class laughed at them.

"Are you a Sheikah?" A girl asked over the laughing.

Link shook his head. "No, it was my seventeenth birthday present from my friend's parents who are Sheikah."

A male raised his hand as the laughter died down. "Are you gonna give us homework?"

Link sighed and thought about it. "Since Madame Din was my history teacher when I was a Junior, and I know how she piles bus loads of homework on her students, I decided I'd give you guys a break."

The class cheered and smiled.

"But that doesn't mean I'm not giving out any work!" he added quickly. "Maybe just reading from the textbook and some worksheets and that's about it."

Link rubbed his hands together. "I think that's enough for now. Now, everyone take your books out…"

As everyone pulled out their books from their backpacks, Link walked over behind the desk and pulled out a teacher's textbook from a drawer.

"Can someone tell me where you guys left off on Friday?" He asked and as he opened the book and leaned on the desk with his hands supporting him.


Link looked up at the class and raised an eyebrow. "Don't you all fling your arms out at once…" He said sarcastically.

He grabbed a manila folder from his backpack. "Okay then…" He opened it and scanned the paper inside it. "…Zelda, is it? Are you here?"

Zelda looked up in reply with a raised eyebrow. "Hmm?"

Link heard her soft voice and turned to her. Their eyes locked on each other; Link's sky blue to Zelda's sparkling violet.

"Are you Zelda?" Link asked.

Zelda nodded timidly. "Yes, Sir."

"Can you tell me where you all left off last Friday?" He repeated.

"Umm… the history of the Triforce, Sir."

"Thank you, Zelda. Oh, and please don't call me 'Sir.' Call me 'Link,' 'Mr. Avalon,' or whatever- anything but 'Sir.' That makes me feel old."

The class chuckled. Zelda giggled softly. "Okay… Link."

He smiled warmly at her. "That's better. Now, the Triforce is said to be kept in a world that parallels Hyrule known as The Sacred Realm. As we all know, it is comprised of three sub-Triforces. Who knows one of them?"

No one answered. "Aww, come on now," Link sighed. "No one?"

Malon raised her hand. Link's face lit up when he saw her hand go up.

"Yes, err… I'm sorry; I don't know your name." Link spoke.

"Malon," she replied.

"Malon," he repeated. "That's a beautiful name," he complimented, to which Malon blushed slightly. "Can you tell the class the three parts of the Triforce?"

Malon nodded. "The Triforce of Power, Wisdom, and Courage."

Link nodded and grinned exuberantly. "Yes, thank you! The Triforce of Power, the Triforce of Wisdom, and the Triforce of Courage. Each represents one of the three Goddesses: Power representing Din, Courage representing Farore, and Wisdom representing Nayru."

Link set the book on the desk and picked up three markers: one red, one blue, and one green. He drew three triangles arranged in the shape of the Triforce. He colored the top red, the left green, and the right blue.

Link continued with his lecture, but Zelda couldn't focus. She was too preoccupied with Link. She studied his body very closely. She examined every muscle on his arms, every golden lock on his head, the way his torso muscles were outlined through his shirt, his pearl white teeth and carefree smile, his arrestingly masculine voice, and most of all his deep, cerulean eyes.

'No! Don't look at him!' The voice in her head mentally slapped her. 'He's your teacher! TEACHER. You've lost your mind if you even think you have a chance with him!'

Just then, the bell rang.

Link stopped mid-sentence and looked at the clock. "Eight twenty-five already?" He looked back at the class, who was getting their backpacks ready for their next class. "Hold on, everyone! Your homework tonight is to review the section; you have a quiz on the Triforce tomorrow!"

"Bye, Link!" Many of the class called as they exited the room.

"Bye, guys. Have a nice day!" Link called as he erased his Triforce diagram and prepped for the next period.


Zelda and Malon, along with their friends Saria, Ruto, and Nabooru, were sitting at a table together under a tree, talking about their morning classes.

"Have you guys had history, yet?" Ruto asked the other girls. Zelda, Malon, and Saria all nodded.

"Why?" Nabooru asked as she peeled the cover off her ramen cup.

Ruto gasped in surprise. "The substitute there is HOT!"

"For Madame Din?" Nabooru asked again.

Saria nodded. "His name is Link Avalon."

Nabooru ate a spoonful of noodles. "What does he look like?"

"Hi, girls," a manly voice spoke.

The five of them looked up to see Link standing over them, smiling.

"Hi Link," Malon, Saria, and Ruto greeted girlishly.

"Having a good lunch?" he asked.

The five of them all nodded in reply.

"That's nice. Well, make sure you guys study tonight." Link told them, and with that, he walked away towards the teacher's lounge.

Malon turned to Nabooru. "He looks like that."

"Sweet Nayru saves the world!" Nabooru exclaimed in shock.

"Hey Zel, why are you all quiet?" Ruto asked the blonde. With that, the other three turned to her.

Zelda looked up to them from her food. "Huh?" She asked stupidly.

"You barely touched your food," Saria pointed out. Zelda looked at her salad, and it looked exactly the way it did when she bought it.

Ruto gasped. "Are you turning anorexic!?"

Nabooru elbowed her in the side at that.

"Ow!" Ruto yelped and glared at the Gerudo.

Zelda smiled and shook her head. "No, Ruto, I'm not turning anorexic."

"Well what's bothering you?" Nabooru inquired.

"I know," Malon spoke up. They all looked to her. "Looks like little Zelda has a crush on a certain blonde substitute."

Ruto inhaled sharply. "Who!?"

Malon stared at her stupidly. "Link!"


"No, I don't have a crush on Link," Zelda retorted.

Saria and Nabooru eyed Zelda with narrow eyes, smiling slyly. "If you say so…" They both spoke in unison in a sing-song tone.

"I don't!" Zelda defended.

"We believe you!" Malon replied with her hands up in a defensive manner.

Zelda looked down at her salad. 'I don't… right?'


Zelda served the volleyball and hit it straight over the net with a loud grunt.

The two female teams volleyed the ball back and forth over the net, while Zelda tied her blonde hair into a ponytail.

The ball was headed in Zelda's direction. It was about to hit her, but she finished tying her hair just in time to spike it hard over the net.

None of the girls on the other team was fast enough to save the ball so it hit the ground just before Anju, one of Malon's friends could hit it.

"Good job, Zelda!" Their coach, Coach Darunia, encouraged.

Zelda smiled at him. "Thanks coach!"

"Zel, look out!" Saria called from the other side of the net.

Zelda looked back in confusion. "Huh?"

She looked up saw the ball hurling towards her, her eyes widening in terror like a dear caught in headlights. Before she could get out of the way, the ball hit her straight in the face, causing her to falll back, hitting the ground head first. She yelped sharply, and before she could do anything else, she was knocked out.

Yet, she could hear distant voices.

"Quick! Get this girl to the nurse's office!"

And just like that, everything turned pitch black.


Zelda slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was slightly blurred, so she rubbed her eyes to see more clearly. She felt something on her head. She raised her hand to feel what it was, and found out it was an ice pack. She looked around and saw a young man across the room talking to a nurse.

"Can I have 120 copies of this, please?" He asked politely.

"Sure thing, Mr. Avalon." The nurse replied happily and walked over to the copy machine to the left of Zelda.

"Link?" Zelda spoke softly, but loud enough for Link and the nurse to hear.

The two of them looked at Zelda. Link gasped in shock and hurried over to Zelda's bedside. "Zelda? What happened?"

"Volleyball," the nurse spoke up. "That's what happened. Turns out that she was knocked in the head with a volleyball and hit her head on the floor," she explained as she turned the copy machine on.

Link seethed through his teeth quietly. "Will she be alright?"

"She should be," the nurse replied. She walked over to Zelda and felt a bump on her forehead. "It's just a bruise. Nothing to really worry about."

Link smiled at Zelda as their eyes locked again. "That's good."

"What are you doing here?" Zelda asked him, furrowing her brows.

"Oh… Just making copies for the quiz tomorrow."

Zelda nodded and looked at the ceiling.

"Promise me that you'll be more careful next time?" Link asked.

Zelda smiled and nodded. "Okay."

"Wear a helmet… and knee and shin guards… and bubble wrap." Link continued jokingly.

Zelda laughed at the last part. "'Bubble wrap'?" She repeated.

Link rested his hand on her shoulder. "I'm kidding."

"Here you are, Mr. Avalon," the nurse spoke up, handing him a stack of papers. "One hundred twenty copies."

"Thank you very much, miss." Link responded, taking the pile of papers in his hands.

"You're welcome," the nurse replied, smiling at him.

Link made his way out the door, but before he left, he looked back at Zelda. "Get better soon."

Zelda nodded and inhaled deeply. "What time is it, ma'am?" Zelda asked the nurse.

She checked her watch. "A little after one thirty. You should be ready to go in a little bit; six period started a few minutes ago."

Zelda nodded and the nurse walked into her office to write the girl a hall pass. She looked out the window to see Link walking across the quad toward the front of the school to the classroom.

'It's not a crush…

is it?'

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