Stargate and Supernatural do not belong to me. I severely doubt they ever will. I'm hoping for something original, here… I haven't found any SG-1 Supernatural crossovers yet... although I haven't been actively looking. Maybe references to episodes, but not planning on spoilers... will warn if spoilers appear. Set during indeterminate time during the early seasons of Stargate and first-season Supernatural.

Reviews welcomed, ideas taken into account. Some ideas very helpful...? Pretty please? Second story ever!

A Taste of the Supernatural

Flash. Circle covered in strange symbols and filled with standing water... Something was wrong with that image. Flash. A woman walking down the street with her Commanding Officer, suddenly slammed against the brick on the other side of the road. Flash. Blood. Pain. Death!

"Sam! Sammy! Wake up!"

He distantly felt something shaking him and slowly opened his eyes. Bleary brown blinked up at worried green, "Dean?" he asked faintly, struggling to sit up.

His brother instantly eased a hand beneath his shoulders, helping him up and making sure he was securely braced against the headboard of the bed in yet another run-down motel. "You OK?"

Sam considered the level of headache he was currently running and grimaced slightly, "Yeah. I'm fine."

The elder of the Winchester brothers moved from crouching before his brother to sitting on the edge of his own bed, "Dude, Sam, you've gotta quit doing this to me! You just start thrashing around and groaning… it sounds like someone's killing you. Literally."

A pause during which Sam struggled to think lengthened uncomfortably.

Dean sighed, "What was it?"

His brother just looked up with a pained expression and a heavy breath, "I don't know. It was all… confused. All I know is that there was a big stone circle thing filled with water—and standing on its side with nothing holding the water in it. Then this woman and a colonel get attacked by something while walking down the street and I woke up."

"O...K. Any ideas as to where?"

Sam eyed his brother with mild surprise.

"Dude, we both know we can't ignore your Shining."

Sam grunted, "Colorado... near the old missile silo in Cheyenne Mountain."

"Uh… Sam… that's a military base, now."

"I know."

"Well. This should be interesting."


They'd been driving for several hours when Sam's 'Shining' struck again, a lot harder.

He shook his head slightly and pressed the heel of his hand against his forehead. "Gah," he whimpered, clutching at his skull.

Dean glanced over, "Sammy? You OK?"

He was not given any response as Sam hunched forward, gasping in pain. The gasp turned to a soft groan as Sam collapsed against the dashboard, Dean immediately pulling the Impala over. "Sam!"

Sam cried out shortly and started shaking, long, wracking shudders that looked like they were going to tear him apart.


Flash. The woman getting thrown across the street into a heavy brick wall, the man she was with spinning and finding himself instantly impaled with a thick metal bar that flies off the alley's floor. He looks up for a moment and crumples to the ground, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth.

"Sam! Come on, Sammy, don't do this to me!" Dean's voice, almost frantic.

Sam vaguely realized that he was shaking and huddling against the dashboard, his head pounding as though it were being crushed and his chest still feeling the metal that had been rammed through the stranger's heart.

"Sammy!" He felt Dean's hand shift from his shoulder to his throat, checking his pulse.

Very slowly, Sam looked up.

"Shit, Sam, what happened?" Dean grabbed both Sam's shoulders and turned his brother to face him, noting the blood trickling from his brother's nose. "Sammy?" He used the nickname in hopes of getting some kind of response that would tell him his little brother was OK.

Instead, Sam jerked over and started coughing, a thick, wet sound.

"Damnit, Sam! I'm taking you to a hospital!"

"No--Dean, we have to stop it."

"Stop what, Sam? These visions are killing you!"

"If we don't get to Colorado, those people will die, Dean! Please!" Sam chose to ignore the part about the visions killing him. He was afraid Dean might be right--each one was a bit worse than the last--and this time, it wasn't just his head that was affected.

Dean's head jerked a little, his expression pained. "Fine. But if this happens again..."

I won't be in any shape to stop you.

Dean restarted the car and began to drive, each little jounce sending flashes of white-hot agony through Sam's body and he coughed again, nearly passing out from the pain. He quickly turned his head towards the window when he tasted blood in his mouth. Damn. This is bad... Maybe I should let Dean--he couldn't even finish the thought before a brief flash-scene from the vision invaded his mind. Somehow, Sam knew it was a warning. Or not.


Sam fumbled a tissue from the glove compartment and wiped his mouth and nose before glancing at his brother. "It's Sam."

He caught Dean's small smile, and was glad that had reassured his older brother at least a little. It was going to be hard to keep his condition a secret if another vision hit, though...

"Right, Sammy. Whatever you say."

"Dean--" Sam gave up before even finishing that sentence. "Never mind."

Green eyes flicked in his direction, forehead creased with worry.

"I'll be OK, Dean. It's just a headache."

"Sam. With you, there's no such thing as 'just' a headache."

Sam decided to ignore that, but it was a measure of Dean's concern that he turned off his Metallica and hadn't made one comment about bleeding on the leather. "Thanks," he said after a moment.

"Just try to get some sleep, Sammy. I need you strong."