Kakashi was standing in the middle of the classroom, with a large box on the table. His Icha Icha book had been pocketed, and it seemed as though his perverted thoughts had decided to surface to his teaching lessons.

"Sex. Education." He said solemnly.

The whole class squealed, despite the fact that they were all ninja's. Most of them started giggling and blushing at the very mention of 'sex.'

"What's in the box Kakashi?!" They questioned him.

Kakashi smiled behind his mask, his eyes glinting. "Well, since you guys aren't very good at showing emotions..." His single eye flickered once at Sasuke. "...I'm going to teach you how to free yourself with sexual therapy."

The whole class, once again, was in a uproar of excitement.

Sasuke Uchiha merely snorted, frowned, stuck his hands in his pocket. His signiture pose for 'as-if-i-need-that'.

Naruto Uzumaki, on the other hand, was ecstastic with curiousity. He kept trying to get at the big box, but Kakashi slapped his hands away. He whined, giving him the bright blue puppy eyes. "Pleeease can I see what's in the box, Kakashi-san?" He pouted.

The room held it's breath, as Kakashi opened the box partially.

His arm went in.

He took out... A chibi.

A very, very cute chibi of himself. He smiled at everyone in the class, who were thoroughly shocked and confused.

"Chibi Therapy," He chirped.

Everyone sweatdropped, half of them fainted.

"CHIBI THERAPY?!?" Naruto yelled, obviously a little confused.

"Yes." Kakashi said calmly. "Now, there's a whole bunch of Chibi's inside this box. "

"I WANT ONE!" Naruto yelled.

"Dobe," Sasuke muttered.

"Later. Let me talk first." Kakashi said. Everyone shut up and listened carefully to their perverted teacher. Finally learning something useful...! Or at least, useful from Kakashi's term of expertise.

"Let's see... Chibi's are often tiny sexual partners, which you can express emotions to in secret. Like in bed." He winked with his single eye. "It's very good for releasing sexual tension, especially if you're too shy to tell the person you like that you like them..."

Everyone blinked.

"Shall I demonstrate?" Kakashi offered. He took another chibi from his pocket.

"KAKASHI-SAN..!" One squealed. "Is that... is that an Iruka chibi?"

"Yes indeed, this is Iruka-kun," He held Iruka-chibi up.

The entire class stared wide eyed at their Kakashi-sensei. Kakashi had begun to strip the Iruka-chibi of it's miniature clothes. He picked up the Kakashi-Chibi.

"See, watch me release my sexual tension," He smiled. He brought the two chibi's together.

Everyone gasped.

Kakashi was making his Chibi hump Iruka-chibi, and he was making little noises. 'Nee.. nee.. faster kakashi-kun!' He made the chibi's go faster, the whole class staring at the two chibi's do their thing. (A tissue box was passed around for those with nosebleed.)

At that precise moment Iruka decided to pop into the class room, noticing that it was unusually quiet. "NEEE??!?!?!" He screamed.

Kakashi paused, looking up at Iruka, then back at the chibi's in his hands. He sweatdropped and smiled. "Hello Iruka-kun, want to join?"

Iruka promptly fainted.

"OR..." Kakashi looked thoughtfully at Iruka. "If your partner is unable to return your affections, then you can always...(cough)... hump your chibi. It proves quite effective."

"Hump... a Chibi..." Sasuke frowned.

Kakashi merely smiled and bounced over to the big box. "You can find a partner in this box!" He picked the large box up and toppled it over. Chibi's fell out.

Sasuke's black eyes widened. Most of them were of him. He groaned.


All the girls dived to grab one, screaming.


"Ah yes well, I figured the girls might like Sasuke alot."

Sasuke choked.

Almost all the girls had a Sasuke-Chibi in their hands.

Apart from Hinata, who had planned to pick up a Naruto-chibi but her favourite colour red caught her eye. She immediately bent down to pick up the red chibi. It had green mascara'd eyes and a tiny gourd on it's back. "G-Gaara...?" She squeaked.

Gaara's green eyes opened up and stared at her, from his dark brooding corner. He gave a small smile. "You... you picked my chibi..." He breathed.

"MOVVVEE!" Kiba yelled, diving into the pile of Sasuke chibi's and searching for another black-haired-sex-pot instead. He re-emerged with a Shino-chibi clasped in his hand, grinning wolfishly with his fanged teeth. "Look Shino! I have you...!" He blushed. "Who did you get?"

Shino slowly held up his chibi.

"TEN TEN?" Kiba screamed, fainting.

"It look's like TenTen, but it's actually you," Shino said calmly, pocketing the chibi. Kiba blushed.

"Shikamaru, pick one!" Kakashi chirped.

The lazy Shikamaru reached out and grabbed the closest chibi to him, not really bothered with who it was. "I-Ino!!?" He gasped. Choked. Collapsed. Out of all the Sasuke-chibi.s... it was only 1 out of a 100 that i would pick INO! ahhhh!!!

Ino giggled and waved at Shikamaru, holding a Shikamaru-chibi AND a Sasuke-chibi. She always had been greedy.


Unfortunately for Naruto, all the girl chibi's were taken and he was left with a Sasuke chibi as well. "KAKASHI...!" He wailed. "I. Don't. Want. Sasuke!"

"We don't have any more for now..." Kakashi apologized. "Sasuke, did you get one yet? Or are you going to have Sasuke x Sasuke?" Kakashi chuckled.

Sasuke walked over to the box, and picked up the last chibi. "I'll have this," He smirked.

Naruto gaped. "Th-that's my chibi!" He blushed.

"Right everyone. I'll be in the next room if you need me," Kakashi smiled, waved. He picked Iruka up and carried him out.

Iruka woke up.

"Yo, Iruka-kun."

"Kakashi!" Iruka choked, trying to get up, but Kakashi was sitting on top of him, looking rather pleased.

"Remember we had the chibi talk?"

"No!" Iruka tried to wriggle away. Kakashi smiled happily and took the two chibi's out his pocket.

"-oooh Kakashi... yes, yes, I love you!-
-Hmmm Iruka, you're so cute-
-harder! harder!-
-Ahh... Iruka-kun, so tight-" Kakashi said in chibi-voice. His hands made the Kakashi chibi screw Iruka senseless.

"Noooo!" Iruka went red, blushing. He turned away, determined not to look at the perverted Kakashi.

Kakashi pouted.

"Everyone else is getting on with it," He tried to persuade.

"No, No, No, No!"

Kakashi grimaced. Iruka was only saying 'no.' If only he started saying 'yes'.

He picked up the chibi's again. "-yes, yes yes yes yes!" He made Iruka-chibi groan.

Sasuke smirked, holding Naruto's chibi. He was actually kind of cute...

"Teme, you're doing that to embarress me," Naruto humphed. "Whatever. I'll just start my sexual-therapy..."

Naruto sat in his seat, playing with his chibi under the table. He giggled, hunched over so that Sasuke couldn't see. He laughed secretly.

Sasuke's eye twitched.

"What are you doing," He hissed, glaring at Naruto who was molesting the Sasuke-chibi.

"Raping you... the Sasuke-chibi," Naruto said with a smirk.

Sasuke's eye twitched. "What makes you think I'M the UKE?!" He yelled. He took his Naruto-chibi and threw it across the room.

It hit the wall and fell onto the floor with a bounce.

Naruto's blue eyes were watery and on the verge of tears. "Teme..." He said under his breathe, turning away.

Sasuke immediately regretted doing that.

He looked at the upset Dobe, feeling like a moron. Said moron he dashed across the room to rescue the Naruto-chibi.

However, just before he reached it, someone else picked it up.

He scowled.


"Sasuke," Neiji replied, with a smug smirk.

"Give it back," Sasuke said under his breath dangerously.

Neiji shrugged. "You didn't seem to want it," He said, smirking and placing Naruto into his pocket.

Lalala I don't care.. Sasuke tried to ignore this, but inside he was literally bursting.

"Ne... Neiji?" Naruto blushed deeply.

Neiji petted his blonde hair. He leaned down and tossed the Sasuke chibi away from Naruto's hands, replacing it with a neiji-chibi.

"Chibi partners," He said bluntly, white eyes glinting.

"GAAHHHH!" Sasuke screamed, upset that Naruto and disposed his chibi. "Don't you want to keep MY chibi to piss me off?" He tried to persuade Naruto.

Naruto shrugged. "Not bothered," He was clearly too fascinated with the beautiful Neiji-chibi. "I love your hair, Neiji," He whispered, blushing. He stroked neiji-chibi's fine long hair

Sasuke shot a killer glare at Neiji.

Neiji smirked. Smugly. "You can brush my hair anyday," He said.

Sasuke glared, imagining how much Neiji sounded like a fucking barbie doll, although Naruto was actually entranced.

HIS Naruto...

"Right class," Kakashi came back in, Iruka trailing in behind him, blushing. "It's lunch time now. You may pack your stuff and leave. NOT you Iruka, STAY!" He held onto Iruka and nuzzled his neck, making the man blush and wriggle.

Naruto shook his head and bounced out the room with his Neiji-Chibi, happily grinning. "You look even PRETTIER than Sasuke," He said to the chibi, although Sasuke overheard.

"Neiji... you are SO dead..." He muttered under his breath.

First he had to go apologize to Naruto.

"Hey, Dobe," Sasuke ran to catch up with Naruto.

He scowled as he saw the Neiji-chibi still clutched in Naruto's hands.

"What," Naruto pouted, clearly sulking.

"I uh... I didn't mean to throw your chibi across the room..."

"Whatever," Naruto said hastily, brushing Sasuke away.

"Waiiiit..." Sasuke grabbed onto his wrist desperately. "Do you... Do you really think Neiji is prettier?" He asked quietly.

"Hummmm..." Naruto thought about it. "YEP. I like long black hair," Naruto blushed. "I mean, even Itachi has long black hair."

Sasuke's eye twitched. "...You don't like my hair?" He said quietly, hurt.

"Er," Naruto strived not to giggle. "It reminds me of a ducks butt," He snorted, laughing.

Sasuke looked at the ground, furious, sad. "Right. See you then."

Naruto bounced off to the canteen.

Sasuke, on the other hand, went off in search for a certain Sakura...

"Sakura-chan," He mumbled.

Sakura grinned and waved at him. "Heya!"

"Remember the chibi lesson today? By that perverted Kakashi?"

"Yep!" Sakura smiled. "Look who I have."

Sasuke half expected it to be another sasuke-chibi (which he only wanted his Naruto to have), but instead Sakura showed him a Lee-chibi. Lee with his tight green spandex, orange muffles and turtle black hair. Sasuke almost giggled, though Uchiha's did not giggle.

"I need help."

"Help?" Yes you do, Sakura mused.

"Yeah... You do alot of medical jutsu's so... I was wondering... could you make myhairgrowlonger?" He blurted, feeling a blush.

"Longer hair...?" Sakura didn't question him, but gave him a strange look. "Well, it takes a few days for the jutsu... depending on how long you want your hair to be."

"Like my brother, or Neiji," Sasuke said quickly.

"2-3 days. Here," Sakura handed him the scroll.

Sasuke thanked her, then ran to Kakashi's room.

"OH GOD," He glared at Kakashi unemotionally, who was doing naughty things with Iruka on the teacher desk.

"Yes Sasuke? Feel like joining?"

"NO NO NO!" Iruka wailed with embarressment, trying to cover his naked bits.

Sasuke frowned. "No. I want a Naruto-chibi. NOW."

"Over there," Kakashi nodded at the cupboard. "I got spares of everyone."

Sasuke went over and retrieved the spare chibi of Naruto. He grinned with glee to himself. MINE! All mine... my precious dobe...

He fingered Naruto-chibi's tiny orange shirt, pulling it up enough to reveal it's stomach and the kyuubi seal. "Cute," He purred, snuggling Naruto on his chest.

He was still snuggling Naruto-chibi when he was at home, in his room.

"Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine," He mumbled happily.

He took out the scroll and did his hair-growing jutsu. Now, to wait for 2-3 days...

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