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Once upon a time in a little house lived a young, married couple. The young, orange-haired woman was pregnant even though she was only eighteen. This worried her, since she knew they couldn't possibly afford a child, when she had to buy new clothe and all that kind of stuff. But she also knew that her husband would never give up their baby. He was to loving to do that and besides, he had wanted to have one with her for a year. But the woman was clever and she knew the laws in their country: if a woman has a child and no husband she must not keep the child, because she can not provide for it.

"Now, how do I make him not want to be with me?" she asked herself one morning.

That was when she looked out the window of the house and saw their neighbour's garden. It was full of blooming flowers and vegetables. At the farthest end the woman eyed a single rapunzel growing and then she got an idea. "Honney!" she called in her sweetest voice and instantly her husband stood by her side and looked at her with adoring eyes.

"What is it my dear?" he asked.

"I saw this beautiful rapunzel in our neighbour's garden and I want it so much," the woman told, "Can't you please get it to me?"

"For you, my love, I would get even the impossible!" her husband stated and ran out the door.

Now the woman knew her neighbour well, and she knew that her husband could not possibly get her the rapunzel without getting noticed by the enchantress. But nevertheless her husband was back again only one minute later with the rapunzel. "Here my love!" he sang and held it out for her to take it, but she wouldn't.

"It looked much better from far away, but seeing it close I don't want to have it," she stated.

"I know, I'll prepare it for you, and then I'm sure you'll have it, my dear," her husband answered disappearing out in the kitchen.

"Why the hell didn't that wicked witch notice him and toast him or something?!" the woman raged leaping from her chair by the window, "Now I'll have to figure out a new plan!"

Then her husband returned from the kitchen with a bowl of rapunzel-salad and the woman ate it while she thought of a new plan. When she had finished she noticed how good it actually tasted and that gave her a new idea. "Oh my, that was the best salad I've ever tasted!" she cried out, "I must have some more, or I'll die!"

"Of course, my swan!" the husband answered and rushed out the door to find another rapunzel.

But when he got into the garden he couldn't find any more. "Oh no! Now my dear wife will be devastated, and that won't be good!" he said to himself, "I have to find her a rapunzel!"

Then he crossed the garden and stopped in front of the door to the house. As he lifted his hand to knock the door got opened and an older woman stood before him. "So you're then one who stole my one rapunzel," she said and the young man nodded.

"And now you're here to ask if your greedy wife can have another?" the witch asked and once again the young man nodded.

"I'll give you one that I have inside, if you promise me your unborn child," the back-haired enchantress said with a little smile.

The young man thought about this for a moment. He knew that if he didn't come back with a rapunzel his wife would die, as she had said, but he wasn't much for giving up their baby. Then again, they could always have more children. "Okay, you can have our child," he agreed and the witch smiled.

"Then here you go," she said and a row of hands appeared on the wall at her side.

A rapunzel was taken from a table inside the house and passed on from one hand to another until it reached the witch who took it and gave it to the man. Grateful he bowed before her and then ran home to his waiting wife and told her about his agreement with the witch. The woman couldn't help it but smile when she heard that she didn't have to raise the kid after all.

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