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Days went by and every night the prince came to the tower to teach Rapunzel how to fight. Sadly enough it turned out that the young boy was probably the worst at swordfight ever. But the prince came up with an idea: "Since you suck at using a sword why don't you just punch instead? Because you're actually stronger than I am in unarmed combat."

But it was impossible for Rapunzel to train in the little room, and he kept knocking holes in the wall, which made the witch more and more suspicious every time she came. "Have somebody given you funny ideas?" she kept asking, but Rapunzel denied time after time.

One night when the prince came up he noticed the many holes in the walls and asked: "Why don't you escape from this tower and come with me to my home?"

"But I've got plenty of food here," Rapunzel answered.

"I'll make you my knight," the prince offered.


And then they decided that Rapunzel should come with the prince to his town and live there. "Then can I kill the old witch?" the prince asked, since he wanted to test his skills against hers.

"Sure, no problem," Rapunzel answered, and that night the prince stayed in the tower and waited for the witch to come by.

When she came up to the room the prince was waiting with his swords draw and soon afterwards a fierce battle had begun. But due to the lack of space, the prince suddenly got pushed out the window and fell down into the thorns below. The thorns blinded him and about the same time the witch crawled down from the tower and sent him flying by grabbing his shirt and throwing him up into the air. Rapunzel just sat in his room and saw the prince fly off, but then the witch came up to him and she was furious. "What was he doing here?!" she yelled.

"He wanted to make me his knight and bring me to his town," Rapunzel answered without a thought.

"He wanted what?!"

In blind rage the witch grabbed Rapunzel, who had no chance to defend himself before she also sent him flying over the forest. He landed in middle of a desert and when he tried to walk back home, he found that he couldn't find his way.

For month Rapunzel walked and walked and he came out of the desert, through some town he didn't know and back to the desert again, before he finally ran into the blinded prince. "Oi!" he yelled as the prince was walking away from him, "Wait up!"


The prince turned around, but couldn't see Rapunzel. However he could hear his footsteps and waited for the young boy to catch up with him. "Long time no see!" the kid greeted and then noticed that the prince's eyes were gone.

"What's happened to your eyes?!" Rapunzel bellowed.

"Don't worry, I can live without. I'm a swordsman after all," the prince said offhand.

"But aren't you about to starve to death now?" the black-haired boy asked.

"Well yeah, but I've got a feeling that we're close to my town now."



About three days later they arrived at the prince's town and Rapunzel got to live at the castle as a knight and the prince trained hard to become the best fighter in the world and eventually he killed the wicked witch and they all lived happily ever after.

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